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Amazon Prime Day

Amazon turns 20 years old next week so they’re celebrating in a big way.  Next Wednesday July 15 is Amazon Prime Day.


According to Amazon if you’re a Prime member your shopping experience will be better than Black Friday.  Sounds like Christmas in July.

Amazon is turning 20 next week, and to celebrate the online retail site is launching Prime Day, a global shopping extravaganza for Prime members.

The company has whet the appetite of shoppers around the world by announcing that on July 15 there will be “a global shopping event, with more deals than Black Friday” — the biggest shopping day of the year that happens after Thanksgiving. Much like Black Friday, deals will start at midnight, and new discounts will be offered as often as every 10 minutes, Amazon said in a statement. The event will be open to Prime members in the U.S., the U.K., Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, and Austria.

If you’re not a Prime member you can sign up for their 30 day free trial.

I’ve been shopping at Amazon since 2000. I’ve been a Prime member for a few years and I love it. Amazon is my go to online store. I definitely get my money’s worth with the Prime membership since I can order one item and still not have to pay for shipping.  I love the fact that I can get my item(s) in 1 or 2 days depending on what I’m ordering.  I’m looking forward to next Monday.

Opening day at Wegmans

The new Wegmans at the Woodmore Towne Centre in Glenarden/Lanham/Largo/Mitchellville/Upper Marlboro (did I forget one?) finally opened yesterday morning.

I wasn’t one of the 1,500 people who were there by the 7:00am opening. I got there around 9:15am. Getting there wasn’t a problem. The police were directing traffic at the intersection of St. Joseph’s Drive and Route 202 (Landover Road). But once you got into the shopping center there were plenty of cars and the Wegmans parking lot is huge. Thankfully they had the police and other folks directing traffic within the shopping center as well. While driving I noticed that the Costco gas station was open. Costco opens tomorrow.

The first chore was trying to find a parking space. After driving around I finally found one. The second chore was trying to find a big shopping cart cause I had some serious grocery shopping to do 🙂 They had several types of shopping carts and the one I was looking for was difficult to find. That’s how busy they were. I finally followed an employee who was putting a cart back.

I usually do my grocery shopping at Giant on Saturdays but since Wegmans was opening I decided to wait until yesterday. Once I got in, OMG I was in awe. Wegmans is huge. And of course it was so crowded you really had to maneuver your shopping cart around so you wouldn’t run into other shoppers. I was a very patient person since I got there early and took my time getting around the store. I tried to go down as many aisles as I could but that was somewhat difficult due to the crowds. I did notice that the produce area was one of the most crowded. But I made my way through so I could buy my greens 😉 They had regular and organic greens.

The Food Bar areas were even more crowded than the grocery area. The Food Bar areas include the Asian Bar, Vegetarian Bar, Fresh Food Bar, Veggie Bar, places that sell pizza, subs, sushi and coffee, the prepared food area and the Market Café. I did try out the Asian food bar and the food was very good.

There were quite a number of grocery items I bought that were cheaper than the prices at Giant. Uh oh!!! I was glad to see that they had a variety of brands including name brands and Wegmans brand. Overall I really enjoyed my shopping adventure even if it was extremely crowded. I was there for over an hour. I’m hoping that next time I go there which will probably be this Saturday it won’t be as crowded as opening day. That way I can really take my time, go down every single aisle and check out the areas that I missed out on yesterday including the Seafood area. I’m gonna try my best to stay away from the bakery area but that might be a difficult task 😉

The Woodmore Wegmans is located at 9001 McHugh Drive in Lanham, Maryland. If you’re taking the Beltway take Exit 17A to Landover Road (Route 202 East). You will make a left at the first light which is St. Josephs Drive.

Woodmore Towne Centre Part 2

I opened up my Washington Post this morning and saw a flyer for the grand opening of the Woodmore Towne Centre at Glenarden. The flyer mentioned the grand opening on Friday October 22, 2010.  Besides Wegmans, Costco, Best Buy and Petco there will also be a Sleepy’s, Hour Eyes, Noodles and Company, PNC, Subway, T-Mobile and many others.  J.C. Penney is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2011.  This ad was also on the back page of today’s Washington Post Express newspaper.

I also checked out the Petrie Ross Ventures website where you can see a site map of the new shopping center. Check it out here. You need Adobe Acrobat to see the site map. Just go to Detailed Information in the right column, scroll down and you will see Complete Media Package. Click on the link and you’ll see a sixteen page marketing package including the site map. I enlarged it to about 400% so I could read the names of some of the stores and restaurants since the lettering is very small for some of the retail stores. There are alot of nameless restaurant spots.  Some of the eating establishments listed include Sam Louie (a pizzeria), Noodles & Company (I love that place), Irie Cafe, a Vietnamese restaurant and Subway. Other stores listed include Beauty Mart, Party City, Woodmore Wine Store, Super Spa and Nails, Old Navy, Centre Cleaners, Capri (never heard of this place), Ultimo (never heard of this place) and plenty of other nameless retail spots. There’s also a police/security area (thank goodness) and several banks.  And lets not forget that there is plenty of parking.

On the bottom left of the site map under site data I saw Fitness mentioned that’s over 45,000 square feet (almost the same size as Best Buy). I’m wondering if a fitness center like Bally’s or some other fitness place will be there.

Woodmore Towne Centre looks like what many folks thought The Boulevard was gonna be.  A really nice shopping center.  Well we all know how The Boulevard turned out.  The riff raff took over that shopping center.  The Boulevard is located next to the Largo Town Center metro which many folks say is part of the problem.  Woodmore Towne Centre is located a few miles from the Largo Town Center metro.  That would be one serious walk on Lottsford Road, Route 202 and then St. Josephs Drive.  Hopefully the riff raff will stay put at The Boulevard and Woodmore Towne Centre will be a nice, safe shopping center for the rest of us.

Woodmore Towne Centre

Last Saturday I decided to drive over to Woodmore Towne Centre to see what’s going on.  I read that the new Best Buy is open. That’s the only store that’s open right now. When I got over to the Woodmore Towne Centre it looked like construction city. They’re still doing alot of work over there.  I did see that there’s gonna be a Petco store there. Other than that there’s not much driving around you could do.  They’ve got construction workers blocking most of the driving area with the exception of getting into the Best Buy parking lot.

I did go into the Best Buy and looked around. It’s nice, spacious and it’s huge. I also bought a new pair of ear plugs for my mp3 player since my old pair died on me last Friday.

I saw a one page ad in the Prince Georges Gazette that the new Costco will be opening on Tuesday October 26. Two days after the Wegmans grand opening which takes place next Sunday October 24.

Speaking of Wegmans I received this flyer in the mail.

I received my shoppers club card in the mail a few weeks ago. I applied as soon as I saw the first Wegmans ad in the back of the Washington Post Sunday Arts section last month. Check out the Wegmans Woodmore Grand Opening page at the Wegmans website here.

And there’s more news.  According to the site Citybizlist, the grand opening of the Woodmore Towne Centre is Friday, October 22.

Woodmore Towne Centre Grand Opening Set for Friday, Oct. 22

Petrie Ross Ventures will host “Leading the Way” on October 22 at the new Woodmore Towne Centre. The event will mark the Grand Opening of Prince George’s County’s first Wegmans and support The Prince George’s Community Foundation and Hospice of the Chesapeake.

The Centre is located just off I-495 and Landover Road,/Rte. 202 and is situated on 245 acres. The project will include 800,000 square feet of retail space, 1 million square feet of office space, two hotels, and 1,100 residential units. The retail complex will be anchored by a 140,000 square foot Wegmans grocery store – the county’s first – as well as a 148,663 square foot Costco and a 96,446 square foot JC Penney.  Best Buy and Petco are also tenants at the new center.

You can read it all here.

The Boulevard at the Capital Centre

Today’s Washington Post has a front page article about The Boulevard at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland.


This was suppose to be the shopping center in the area to take the place of Landover Mall. Landover Mall went downhill during the mid to late 80’s. Will the same thing happen to The Boulevard? The article mentions the loss of several anchor stores (two of the stores have gone out of business), crime and the types of stores that remain at the shopping center.

Violence, Vacancies Trouble Md. Mall
Boulevard Struggles With Image Issues

By Ovetta Wiggins
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 29, 2009; A01

The Boulevard at the Capital Centre in Landover was envisioned as a solidly middle-class, Main Street-style mall: a lure to help Prince George’s County keep its residents from fleeing to Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County and Northern Virginia to find anything more than T-shirts and tennis shoes.

The site used to rock a few nights each week as crowds flocked to the old Capital Centre to cheer on sports teams. And local leaders thought the wealthiest majority-black county in the nation deserved at least mid-range stores to go with the fancy neighborhoods nearby.

But six years later, amid the economic downturn, anchors such as Linens ‘n Things, Circuit City and Office Depot are shuttered. Many of the Boulevard’s retailers that remain sell T-shirts, jeans and cellphones, stores that resemble those found in run-down retail strips. Crime is a problem. Five people have been killed there in four years, the latest this month outside the Sideline, the restaurant owned by former Washington Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington. Residents wanted what Landover Mall had been in its early years: classy, safe and worthy of acclaim.

What they have now, residents including Arthur Turner contend, is a shopping center struggling to maintain its anchors and the support from residents it needs to survive.

“We thought it would be the next frontier in economic development and retail in Prince George’s County,” said Turner, president of the Coalition of Central Prince George’s Community Organizations. “But that center has fallen woefully short of what we would have hoped for.”

I remember years ago when they were just about finished building the shopping center, some residents in the surrounding area were a little concerned about the type of stores in the shopping center. Looks like their worst fears have come true.

In addition to the slaying outside the Sideline, three men were gunned down at an Uno Chicago Grill after a fight in the restaurant during the 2008 Super Bowl. In 2005, a 21-year-old man was beaten to death outside Borders. A teenager was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Let’s not forget the off-duty Secret Service agent who a group of thugs tried to carjack at the Boulevard last year.  Luckily he was armed and shot at one of the thugs.

I remember when the Boulevard first opened and I decided to check the place out. While walking around I had a bad feeling. Having too many cellphone stores, shoe stores and not having a major anchor store was not going to attract the clientele that the shopping center was looking for. The only store I really consider any good is Borders Books and to be honest I’ve been in nicer Borders Book stores in other shopping areas. With the exception of a couple of eating places I like, I don’t go to the Boulevard that often. And it’s obvious that others feel the same way.

As he ate lunch recently in the Boulevard’s food court, Greg Perry said the mall is just “not his environment.” He patronizes the restaurants during the day but not at night because of the number of teenagers who hang around.

“And the problem is, teenagers will be teenagers,” he said.

Gregory Holmes, who lives about five miles from the Boulevard, said he takes his 8- and 12-year-old sons to the restaurants and the movie theater at the mall but doesn’t shop there. “We still have to travel outside of the county to spend our disposable income,” he said. “The income is here, the rooftops are here, and yet we don’t get the retail that we can support.”

If I want to keep my shopping dollars in Prince Georges County I shop at Bowie Town Center which is much nicer and has a better variety of stores. Otherwise the better shopping centers and malls are still outside Prince Georges County.

Everytime I visit a shopping center like Bowie Town Center or Annapolis Harbour Center, I think this could have been The Boulevard. Yes, even Annapolis Harbour Center is nicer than the Boulevard.

Parks said that he understands concerns about the number of stores that accommodate younger crowds but that Inland is meeting customer demand.

“There is a large market for teenagers and tweens that can not be ignored,” Parks said. “Studies have shown about $4 billion, and that’s with a B, in sales from this age group.”

He said the mall instituted a parental escort program last year to decrease loitering at night. Under the policy, security guards start asking teenagers unaccompanied by a parent or guardian for identification after 9 p.m. If the youth has no adult escort, he or she is asked to leave.

I understand the idea of attracting the large teen and tween demographic. But catering to that market alone will not attract those who work full time and have a higher disposable income. Some grown folks just don’t feel safe in a shopping environment filled with loud, out of control teenagers.

Amazon.com’s not hurting

I wasn’t surprised to read this:

Earnings: Higher fuel prices help drive more consumers to Amazon

With profit doubling in its second quarter, Amazon.com trounced the notion that declining consumer confidence would hurt the online retail giant.

The Seattle company beat Wall Street expectations, and its stock climbed more than 8 percent, to surpass $76 in after-hours trading on Wednesday.

“We don’t think we’re a good barometer for the economy — we’re focused on doing what’s right for customers,” Chief Financial Officer Tom Szkutak told reporters on a conference call.

Rather than hurting Amazon, higher fuel prices have driven consumers to their computers for online shopping, Amazon founder and Chief Executive Jeff Bezos speculated.

“We suspect that higher fuel prices may be a relative advantage for us,” Bezos said in a conference call with analysts.

For the quarter ended June 30, Amazon reported profit of $158 million, or 37 cents per share, compared with $78 million, or 19 cents, in the same period last year. Wall Street analysts had predicted average earnings of 26 cents per share.

While brick and mortar stores are closing up shop all over the country or filing for bankruptcy protection, Amazon.com just keeps chugging along. And I’m one of those customers too. Lord have mercy that place is addictive. They sell everything. Yesterday I blogged about buying a food product from them.  Not only are they selling groceries, but they also sell magazine subscriptions, home & garden products and health and beauty products.  A friend of mine mentioned to me a while ago that Amazon.com is like a great big department store. 🙂

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