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Congrats to Senator Barack Obama


The headline and picture says it all. Congrats to Senator Barack Obama on being elected the 44th president of the United States. I’m gonna say what many others have been saying:  I never thought I would see a black person elected president in my lifetime.  I always thought a white woman or latino male would be elected before a black person would be elected president.

I stayed up all night last night watching the election coverage. I was too excited to get any sleep.  And today I continued to watch the post election coverage on CNN and MSNBC.

I stood in line for about an hour and fifteen minutes so I could vote yesterday.   I got to the school about 12:45pm and finally got to vote at 2:00pm.  The line I was in was outside at first but then eventually it didn’t take long for us to get inside the school.  From what I was told the line and wait was much longer earlier yesterday morning.

Anyway I’m glad this whole election process is over.  The nastiness gets on my nerves.  But you know, 2012 will be here before you know it 😉

Obama’s too elitist for Lady de Rothschild

Have you heard the latest?  This very wealthy woman named Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild who was a Senator Hillary Clinton supporter and fundraiser has publicly announced that she’s supporting Senator John McCain instead of Senator Barack Obama.

Apparently Lady de Rothschild doesn’t like Obama and thinks he’s elitist!!!!

Insanely Wealthy, Titled Aristocrat Thinks Barack Obama Is ‘Elitist’

Remember Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the fantastically wealthy wife of an heir to England’s most influential and storied banking dynasty? About a year ago, she was a Hillary Clinton supporter, and had this to say:

“I think if history is our guide, we’ve had stronger economies, more wealth creation, under Democratic presidents than we have under Republican presidents.”

Now she’s announcing her support for John McCain for president. Why not Obama? “Because frankly I don’t like him,” she told CNN. And why would Forester (who is a voting American but lives at Ascott House, her husband Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild’s country estate in Britain) not like the Illinois senator? “I feel like he has not given me reason to trust him,” she said. “I feel like he is an elitist.”

Lord have mercy!!!

Here’s some info on Lady de Rothschild:

A corporate lawyer and telecommunications entrepreneur, the sparkly blond ex-wife of former New York politician Andrew Stein had made more than $100 million from the sale of cleverly acquired wireless broadband licenses. She was also sexy, charming, and dazzlingly well connected. Two years later, after the smitten Sir Evelyn divorced his second wife, Victoria Schott, the mother of his three children, Forester became the third Lady Rothschild. After marrying in November 2000 at a London synagogue, they honeymooned at the White House, guests of Lynn’s good friends Bill and Hillary Clinton.

And here:

Today the New Jersey-born Lady de Rothschild—the flashiest hostess in London—is mates with Tony and Cherie Blair, among other topflight Britons. She’s also mistress of the former John Singer Sargent home in Chelsea and of Ascott House, the 3,200-acre Rothschild family estate in Buckinghamshire, and the chief executive of E.L. Rothschild, the holding company that she owns with her third husband to manage investments in the Economist and various enterprises in India.

You can read the entire interview here.

I really don’t care who she supports.  But here you have a woman who has the title of Lady and is the mistress of her country estate in England where she lives with her very wealthy husband Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild who is a member of England’s banking dynasty calling Obama an elitist?  Give me a damn break!!!!! I’m surprised she didn’t call Obama uppity.

Pot meet kettle indeed.

The Democratic National Convention

The Democratic National Convention started in Denver on Monday.  On Monday I watched it on our local PBS station.  I then read that the coverage on C-Span was great if you didn’t want to listen to the usual talking heads that you see on CNN, MSNBC and FoxNews.  So since yesterday I’ve been watching the convention on C-SPAN.  They’ve been showing gavel to gavel coverage including the roll call today.  As of this evening Senator Barack Obama has been declared the official presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. 

In Historic Vote, Obama Officially Claims Democratic Nomination
By Jonathan Weisman
Washington Post Staff Writer

DENVER — With the weight of history hanging over them, Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democratic Party formally chose Sen. Barack Obama as the nominee for the White House, elevating the first African American to that exalted post and putting a black man a step from the presidency.

Several hours later, former President Bill Clinton declared to a cheering convention: “Barack Obama is ready to lead America and restore American leadership in the world. Ready to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Barack Obama is ready to be president of the United States.”

With a theatrical flourish, the roll call vote was rushed to allow Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to suspend the vote and “in the spirit of unity, with the goal of victory,” declare Obama the nominee by aclaimation.

“With eyes firmly fixed on the future, and in the spirit of unity with the goal of victory,” Clinton said, “with faith in our party and our country, let’s declare together with one voice right here, right now that Barack Obama is our candidate and he will be our president.”

I’ve also been recording the convention since I do have a certain bedtime to meet.  I just got around to watching the speech given by Michelle Obama and it was great.

Articulate, bright & clean

I know I’m late on this.  The Senator who described presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama as articulate, bright and clean  earlier this year, Senator Joe Biden, has been chosen as Senator Obama’s vice presidential running mate.

Running While Black

New York Times columnist Bob Herbert has an interesting column titled Running While Black.  Now I see why earlier this year Senator John McCain’s senior campaign advisor Mark McKinnon stated that he will stay on the sidelines if Senator Barack Obama won the Democratic presidential nomination.  He didn’t want to go Lee Atwater on Obama.  Apparently McKinnon left McCain’s campaign in May. 

Running While Black

Gee, I wonder why, if you have a black man running for high public office — say, Barack Obama or Harold Ford — the opposition feels compelled to run low-life political ads featuring tacky, sexually provocative white women who have no connection whatsoever to the black male candidates.

Spare me any more drivel about the high-mindedness of John McCain. You knew something was up back in March when, in his first ad of the general campaign, Mr. McCain had himself touted as “the American president Americans have been waiting for.”

There was nothing subtle about that attempt to position Senator Obama as the Other, a candidate who might technically be American but who remained in some sense foreign, not sufficiently patriotic and certainly not one of us — the “us” being the genuine red-white-and-blue Americans who the ad was aimed at.

Since then, Senator McCain has only upped the ante, smearing Mr. Obama every which way from sundown. On Wednesday, The Washington Post ran an extraordinary front-page article that began:

“For four days, Senator John McCain and his allies have accused Senator Barack Obama of snubbing wounded soldiers by canceling a visit to a military hospital because he could not take reporters with him, despite no evidence that the charge is true.”

Evidence? John McCain needs no evidence. His campaign is about trashing the opposition, Karl Rove-style. Not satisfied with calling his opponent’s patriotism into question, Mr. McCain added what amounted to a charge of treason, insisting that Senator Obama would actually prefer that the United States lose a war if that would mean that he — Senator Obama — would not have to lose an election.

Now, from the hapless but increasingly venomous McCain campaign, comes the slimy Britney Spears and Paris Hilton ad. The two highly sexualized women (both notorious for displaying themselves to the paparazzi while not wearing underwear) are shown briefly and incongruously at the beginning of a commercial critical of Mr. Obama.

The Republican National Committee targeted Harold Ford with a similarly disgusting ad in 2006 when Mr. Ford, then a congressman, was running a strong race for a U.S. Senate seat in Tennessee. The ad, which the committee described as a parody, showed a scantily clad woman whispering, “Harold, call me.”

Both ads were foul, poisonous and emanated from the upper reaches of the Republican Party. (What a surprise.) Both were designed to exploit the hostility, anxiety and resentment of the many white Americans who are still freakishly hung up on the idea of black men rising above their station and becoming sexually involved with white women.

The racial fantasy factor in this presidential campaign is out of control. It was at work in that New Yorker cover that caused such a stir. (Mr. Obama in Muslim garb with the American flag burning in the fireplace.) It’s driving the idea that Barack Obama is somehow presumptuous, too arrogant, too big for his britches — a man who obviously does not know his place.

Mr. Obama has to endure these grotesque insults with a smile and heroic levels of equanimity. The reason he has to do this — the sole reason — is that he is black.

So there he was this week speaking evenly, and with a touch of humor, to a nearly all-white audience in Missouri. His goal was to reassure his listeners, to let them know he’s not some kind of unpatriotic ogre.

Mr. Obama told them: “What they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me. You know, he’s not patriotic enough. He’s got a funny name. You know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills, you know. He’s risky.”

The audience seemed to appreciate his comments. Mr. Obama was well-received.

But John McCain didn’t appreciate them. RACE CARD! RACE CARD! The McCain camp started bellowing, and it hasn’t stopped since. With great glee bursting through their feigned outrage, the campaign’s operatives and the candidate himself accused Senator Obama of introducing race into the campaign — playing the race card, as they put it, from the very bottom of the deck.

Whatever you think about Barack Obama, he does not want the race issue to be front and center in this campaign. Every day that the campaign is about race is a good day for John McCain. So I guess we understand Mr. McCain’s motivation.

Nevertheless, it’s frustrating to watch John McCain calling out Barack Obama on race. Senator Obama has spoken more honestly and thoughtfully about race than any other politician in many years. Senator McCain is the head of a party that has viciously exploited race for political gain for decades.

He’s obviously more than willing to continue that nauseating tradition.

What an idiot!!!!

Who am I talking about?  Ludacris, that’s who. What in the hell was rapper Ludacris thinking? Have you seen the lyrics to his latest song? Check it out here at the Daily Voice.  The track is titled Politics:  Obama Is Here.

Thanks to Ludacris, Senator Barack Obama had to denounce the lyrics to this song. Calling Senator Hillary Clinton the b word and his comments about Senator John McCain were totally uncalled for. Why do black folks do this? We are our own worst enemies.

Unfortunately Obama has been photographed with Ludacris and has mentioned that the rapper’s music is in his ipod.

Check out Najee Ali’s open letter to Ludacris. Ali is right. With friends like Ludacris, Obama doesn’t need enemies. Talk about giving ammunition to the Republicans and Hillary supporters who are on the fence. I guess now we’ll see a Republican attack ad using a picture of Ludacris and Obama together talking about this song. When will we learn? I doubt very seriously if an asian or hispanic person was running for president you would see a singer or rapper of that race doing something this stupid.

Desperately seeking Obama’s senior thesis

Some folks are really getting desperate.  Over at MSNBC I read an investigative report about former congressional investigator and conservative activist David Bossie desperately seeking a copy of Senator Barack Obama’s senior thesis from Columbia University.

According to Deep Background at MSNBC:

Journalists began hounding Columbia University for copies of the musty document. Conservative bloggers began wondering if the young Obama had written a no-nukes screed that he might come to regret. And David Bossie, the former congressional investigator and “right-wing hit man,” as one newspaper described him, took out classified newspaper ads in Columbia University’s newspaper and the Chicago Tribune in March searching for the term paper.

According to a New York Times article last year Obama majored in political science at Columbia and had spent his time writing his thesis on Soviet nuclear disarmament.

Plenty of folks have already railed against Michelle Obama for her Princeton thesis Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.  Some folks called her an ungrateful black radical who should be thankful she got into Princeton. It’s obvious that these folks don’t have a clue about the history of Princeton University.   I learned quite a bit after reading about the history of Princeton in Lawrence Otis Graham’s book Member of the Club.  Lawrence and Michelle attended Princeton during the early 80’s.   

Anyway you can read the entire investigative article Obama and the case of the missing thesis here.

People Magazine interviews the Obamas

While checking out The Daily Voice I noticed a link that mentioned the Obama family opening up to People Magazine.  The Obamas talk about raising their daughters Malia and Sasha.

Barack Obama Gives Daughter $1 Allowance a Week

The Democratic presidential candidate and wife Michelle tell PEOPLE how they raise their girls in the public eye

By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

Squeezing some family fun between campaign stops, Sen. Barack Obama kicks a soccer ball to his 10-year-old daughter Malia and, with a wink to a reporter on the sidelines, confides one of his wife Michelle’s secret talents: “She is the best Hula-Hooper I know. Once she gets the rhythm going, she can drop to her knees!”

And what about the Democratic presidential nominee? “That is one thing you will never see – me Hula-Hooping. I think that’s clear.”

Also clear: That even on the campaign trail, this is a brood almost like any other, with set routines (chores!), boundaries ($1 allowance!) and playtimes (movie nights!). The Obamas opened up to PEOPLE – first, at the family’s three-story home in Chicago in June, and again on July 4, at a park in Butte, Mont., where the family campaigned and celebrated Malia’s birthday – about the task of raising two girls, including 7-year-old Sasha, under the public eye.

PEOPLE: Someone told me today that you don’t do birthday presents.
Michelle: No, because we spend hundreds of dollars on a birthday party and movie tickets and pizza and popcorn …
Barack: That sleepover is enough. We want to teach some limits to them. And their friends bring over presents.
Michelle: They get so much stuff that it just becomes numbing. Malia believes there is still a Santa Claus even though she’s a little wary because some of her friends are non-believers. But Malia says, “Ma, I know there is a Santa because there’s no way you’d buy me all that stuff.” [Laughing]

So what does a slumber party at the Obama house look like?
Barack: They’re pretty noisy.
Michelle: The older they get, they just talk a lot. But they’re at the age where they’re pretty self-sufficient. [For Malia’s birthday] we’re going to go swimming, see Wall-E, make pizzas, have sundaes.
Barack: I usually go for the swim but this time I want to go to the movie just because Wall-E has gotten great reviews. I find actually that children’s movies are the best movies these days. But I’ll probably, after that, peel off until the cake.
Michelle: [Laughs] “Peel off.”

You can read the entire interview with the Obamas here.

Obama’s blackness. Not again!!!

Check out Robin Givhan’s column, Plunging Back Into Blackness. Robin talks about John McLaughlin’s comment about Senator Barack Obama being an oreo.

Plunging Back Into ‘Blackness’

By Robin Givhan
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, July 20, 2008

Last week on “The McLaughlin Group,” a show so fusty that plumes of dust waft from the television screen upon the first note of its brassy theme song, a curiously retro word floated into the Sunday morning blathersphere: Oreo.

Host John McLaughlin was not speaking of cookies. He used it while interrogating his guests about presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s blackness. To be exact, McLaughlin bellowed: Does it bother Jesse Jackson that “someone like Obama, who fits the stereotype blacks once labeled as an Oreo — a black on the outside, a white on the inside — that an Oreo should be the beneficiary of the long civil rights struggle?”

McLaughlin’s decision to dredge up a race-baiting slur, which historically was intended to suggest someone was self-hating and inauthentic, had the feel of a 1,000-year-old blowhard trying to be provocative and clever. It was delivered in a tone that spoke of anthropological curiosity — as if he had been chauffeured past a crowd of black people 50 years ago, overheard them talking, and picked up a bit of their odd patois.

The term oreo has been used as an insult by some blacks to describe a black person as black on the outside and white on the inside if that black person is successful, does well in school, etc. (Check out the term in the Urban Dictionary) Robin pretty much discusses how Senator Obama isn’t black enough for some (being Harvard educated) and too black for others (being a member of Trinity United Church of Christ).

Despite McLaughlin’s stilted tone, it was yet another reminder that the question of Obama’s blackness — too much or not enough — refuses to be put to rest. Obama has ping-ponged between not being black enough when he was mostly known as the Harvard-educated lawyer who gave rousing speeches, to being too black when his now former minister Jeremiah Wright was on the loose preaching about a racist America. Now he’s back to not being black enough because he’s been talking about personal responsibility among black Americans.

The debate has become absurd. When he plays basketball, is he blacker? Or, as the comedian Bill Maher joked: “He bowled a 37. . . . Is he black enough for you now?” And how about when he tucked in his polo shirt and went for a family bike ride? Was he only kinda-sorta black then?

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

It would be splendid if the man could simply just be in the same way as presumptive Republican nominee John McCain. (No one’s asking if he’s too white or not white enough.) But we have not arrived at that mountaintop yet and so, in the meantime, Obama must serve as symbol and trope. He must represent his multiethnic constituency and he must represent.

This is not a matter of skin tone. It’s about culture, sensibility and perception. While Obama’s ascendancy has brought many issues into the spotlight, one of the most confounding — at least for far too many pundits — is the notion of blackness, what defines it and who gets to determine whether the prevailing definition is correct.

You can read the entire article here.

What’s on Obama’s ipod?

The July 10-24, 2008 issue of Rolling Stone magazine features presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama on the cover with an exclusive interview.

His music tastes range from Bob Dylan, Miles Davis and Jay-Z to Sheryl Crow, Stevie Wonder and Charlie Parker.


Bob Dylan. Yo-Yo Ma. Sheryl Crow. Jay-Z. These aren’t musical acts in a summer concert series: They’re artists featured on Barack Obama’s iPod.

“I have pretty eclectic tastes,” the Democratic presidential contender said in an interview to be published in Friday’s issue of Rolling Stone.

Growing up in the ‘70s, Obama said, he listened to the Rolling Stones, Elton John and Earth, Wind & Fire. Stevie Wonder is his musical hero from the era. The Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” tops his favorites from the band.

The Illinois senator’s playlist contains these musicians, along with about 30 songs from Dylan and the singer’s “Blood on the Tracks” album. Jazz legends Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Charlie Parker are also in the mix.

“Actually, one of my favorites during the political season is ‘Maggie’s Farm,”’ Obama said of one of Dylan’s tracks. “It speaks to me as I listen to some of the political rhetoric.”

In the song, Dylan sings about trying be himself, “but everybody wants you to be just like them.”

You can check out A Conversation with Barack Obama here at Rolling Stone.com or you can buy the magazine at your nearest bookstore, newstand or grocery store.

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