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Is this letter for real?

I was reading the Prince Georges Gazette yesterday and I got to the letters section.  One letter relating to Prince Georges County officials trying to have a soccer stadium built for the D.C. professional soccer team caught my eye. The letter was from a Bowie resident and I had to read it twice to see if I was reading it correctly.

‘Insensitive’ actions

How insensitive of [Prince George’s] County citizens to protest taxpayer financing of a stadium for D.C. United’s soccer team. A bankrupt hospital system and a severe budget shortfall should not stop [Prince George’s] County from doing the right thing.

E-mails in support from around the world to state legislators should not be ignored. Our growing population of illegal immigrants loves soccer, and we have a moral obligation to build that stadium for them. Furthermore, according to many of our Central American friends living among us, including those who are delegates in Maryland’s state Legislature, America created the problems in their home countries, so we owe them.

Who cares about rule of law, sovereignty or exploitation of human beings for cheap labor and votes? Who cares that only the team owners stand to benefit? Maryland and our county government are just not doing enough.

Yes, it’s true illegal immigrants get Maryland driver’s licenses and register to vote when doing so but they do the jobs Americans won’t, and the politicians need those votes. Sure, taxpayers fund CASA [Center American Solidarity and Assistance] free public education and medical care, in-state college tuition and unemployment benefits, but that’s still not enough. These are our fellow human beings; we must do more.

I’m like, is she for real or is this letter just being sarcastic?  While reading the letter for a second time, I started laughing cause of the fact that this letter even got published.  Did the editors of the paper publish it as joke to send a message to P.G. County officials?  Inquiring minds wanna know 🙂

Anyway we don’t need no damn soccer stadium in Prince Georges County.  With the economy in the toilet and budget cuts and layoffs in the county why in the hell is our most beloved county executive Jack Johnson even thinking about building a soccer stadium in the county 😦  Fed Ex Field for the Washington Redskins is enough.

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