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Can’t Wait Another Minute by Five Star

Can’t Wait Another Minute is by the British group Five Star. Can’t Wait Another Minute is from the Silk and Steel cd and was released in 1986.



Five Star was very popular in Great Britain during the 1980’s and they had a few big hits here in the United States. Five Star consisted of siblings Stedman, Lorraine, Denise, Doris and Delroy Pearson.


Check out the video for Can’t Wait Another Minute.

Hangin’ on a String by Loose Ends

Here’s the song that introduced me to Loose Ends.  Hangin’ On A String is from their A Little Spice cd.  I have the cd and I still own the album.

And check out the extended twelve inch version on vinyl.

Choose Me by Loose Ends

Check out the Choose Me video by Loose Ends.  Choose Me is from their A Little Spice cd.

Slow Down by Loose Ends

80’s flashback!! 80’s flashback!! I just love this song Slow Down by Loose EndsSlow Down is from their cd Zagora.


Loose Ends was a very popular British soul band who made their debut back in the 80’s. They came around during what I call the 2nd British Invasion.   The group included Carl McIntosh, Jane Eugene and Steve Nichol. They first caught my attention with their song Hangin’ On A String from their album A Little SpiceHangin’ On A String is one of my favorite Loose Ends songs.  Anyway check out Slow Down.

All of the music I own by Loose Ends is great but if you’re just interested in their greatest hits check out The Best of Loose Ends at Amazon.com.  But I do highly recommend their Zagora cd.  It’s fantastic.

Unruly Brits

Who knew?  According to this New York Times article a certain segment of the British population is giving Great Britain a bad name with their unruly behavior in European resort areas.

Some Britons Too Unruly for Resorts in Europe

MALIA, Greece — Even in a sea of tourists, it is easy to spot the Britons here on the northeast coast of Crete, and not just from the telltale pallor of their sun-deprived northern skin.

They are the ones, the locals say, who are carousing, brawling and getting violently sick. They are the ones crowding into health clinics seeking morning-after pills and help for sexually transmitted diseases. They are the ones who seem to have one vacation plan: drinking themselves into oblivion.

“They scream, they sing, they fall down, they take their clothes off, they cross-dress, they vomit,” Malia’s mayor, Konstantinos Lagoudakis, said in an interview. “It is only the British people — not the Germans or the French.”

Malia is the latest and currently most notorious in a long list of European resorts full of young British tourists on packaged tours offering cheap alcohol and a license to behave badly. In Magaluf and Ibiza, Spain; in Ayia Napa, Cyprus; and in the Greek resorts of Faliraki, Kavos and Laganas as well as Malia, the story is the same: They come, they drink, they wreak havoc.

“The government of Britain has to do something,” Mr. Lagoudakis said. “These people are giving a bad name to their country.”

They are also hurting themselves in the process. A recent report published by the British Foreign Office, “British Behavior Abroad,” noted that in a 12-month period in 2006 and 2007, 602 Britons were hospitalized and 28 raped in Greece, and that 1,591 died in Spain and 2,032 were arrested there.

I hope these young hooligans are on their best behavior when the 2012 Summer Olympics comes to London.

Living in the past

When you hear people talk about how they wish we could go back to the good ole days, this article pretty much talks about some of the life they wish we could go back to. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. 


Time Warp Wives: Meet the women who really do live in the past

By Diana Appleyard

The credit crunch, a knife crime epidemic – no wonder so many of us are sick of the 21st century. Most of us just grumble, but some women have taken radical action to escape what they see as the soulless grind of modern life. Meet the ‘Time Warp Wives’, who believe that life, especially marriage, was far more straightforward in the Thirties, Forties and Fifties.

The 1950’s

Joanne Massey, 35, lives in a recreation of a 1950s home in Stafford with her husband Kevin, 42, who works as a graphics application designer. Joanne is a housewife. She says:

I love nothing better than fastening my pinny round my waist and baking a cake for Kevin in my 1950s kitchen.

I put on some lovely Frank Sinatra music and am completely lost in my own little fantasy world. In our marriage, I am very much a lady and Kevin is the breadwinner and my protector.

Neither of us drinks and our social life revolves around visiting like-minded friends for tea and cakes.

I try not to interact with the modern world too much at all. Shopping in supermarkets is an ordeal, and I only recently realised that Tony Blair is no longer Prime Minister as I don’t read newspapers – they are just too distressing.

You can read the entire article here.

I know folks have the right to live the life they want. But what will these women do if their husbands get bored with them, leave them or die? And not keeping up with what’s going on in the world? I know today’s news can get depressing but I still wanna know what’s going on in the world.

While some folks think that life was much simpler back in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s it wasn’t easy for all.  Especially if you were a person of color.  And who’s to say all women were happy back in the day. 

Oh well, to each his/her own.

$9.00 a gallon?????

Yes folks, that’s the going rate for gas prices in Great Britain. I was shocked when I read this. And we complain about $4.00 a gallon gas here in the States.

At $9 per gallon, British driving habits change

As more people opt for fewer car trips, carpooling, and public transportation, environmentalists point out that high fuel prices are also leading to reduced carbon emissions.

By Mark Rice-Oxley
Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

LONDON – Pump nozzle in hand, Lisa Atkins keeps a close eye on the digital display rapidly adding up the pounds. Gone are the days when she’d routinely fill the gas tank to the brim. She now has to be more cautious.

Ms. Atkins says the surging cost of fuel is discouraging her from taking to the wheel each time she needs to travel. “I’m driving less and less,” she says. “Me and my nan [grandmother] go shopping together…. Weekends we try to just leave the car outside and walk everywhere local.”

She’s not the only one reacting to the $9 per gallon gas prices. Britons are driving less, opting instead for public transportation, car pools, and a reduced number of overall car trips. Recent surveys show that Britain is leading the way with the change in driving habits, probably because pump prices here are higher than the global average. British demand for gasoline fell by around 8 percent year-on-year in January and February.

Across the globe, governments are dealing with a string of protests by truckers, fishermen, and others stung by price hikes. The movement will escalate in Britain on Wednesday when thousands of truckers descend on London to demand urgent financial relief, with the threat of blockades and civil disobedience. Their protest follows Operation Escargot in France, during which truck drivers drove at a snail’s pace to protest the high price of fuel, causing major traffic jams through June.

I’ll probably start screaming like a crazy woman when prices hit $5.00 a gallon.

You can read the entire article here.

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