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It’s Friday and it’s awfully damn cold outside 😦

We’re suppose to be getting snow tomorrow.  Not alot like they’re getting down South.  I went to the grocery store after work today just in case of snow.  So I will be settling in at home this weekend.

I was listening to my mp3 player on the subway as usual going home from work today.  I decided to play some music by Toto.  They’re a very popular band from the 70’s and 80’s.  Check out one of my favorite Toto songs, Georgy Porgy.   Georgy Porgy is from their debut album/cd Toto.

Here’s another song by Toto.  Africa is from their album/cd Toto IV.

And check out another great song by Toto. Rosanna is also from their album/cd Toto IV.

The O’Jays

I had a very short work week this week and I’m still glad it’s Friday. Livin’ For The Weekend by the O’Jays is a perfect song for today.

Livin’ For the Weekend is from the O’Jays Family Reunion album/cd.



Another week and another Friday is here 🙂

Weather wise it was warm and raining today.  I will be so glad when cooler fall weather gets here.  The humidity is getting on my last nerve.

Anyway, check out this video from Michael Jackson’s Invincible cd.


I mentioned the other day that Break of Dawn is one of my favorite songs on this cd.


Whew, what a long work week!!! All that matters is that it’s Friday.   Finally 🙂  Living It Up (Friday Night) by Bell & James is a very appropriate song for today.

This song was a huge dance hit back in the late 70’s.


For a four day work week, this week sure did seem awfully damn long 😉


What a long hard working week.  I have never looked so forward to a Friday like I did this week.  And this is my 3 day weekend too 🙂


So to get this Friday started off on the right note I gotta post George Clinton’s Atomic Dog video.  It was playing on my gigabeat going home today. 

Happy August & TGIF!!

Can you believe it’s August already?  July went by kind of fast.  I’m not complaining though.  I’m looking forward to cooler weather come September/October.   I’m not a hot weather person.  Around here we get that horrible humidity.  I prefer fall and spring where the temps are in the 60’s and 70’s. 

And TGIF!!!  Despite being off this past Monday, the week still felt long.  I was so happy when I left work today 🙂

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