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Straight outta patience with metro

Last week I blogged about my nightmare commute on metro.  A track defect caused a non-passenger train to derail last Thursday morning.


Well yesterday they announced that the defect was found last month but nothing was done about it.  Folks around here are pissed.

The track defect that caused last week’s Metro derailment was detected more than a month ago, but it was not repaired, the agency’s top executive said Wednesday.

In addition, the flaw’s detection should have triggered the immediate shutdown of the section of rail involved, but the agency continued to run trains through it until the derailment.

“Let me not mince words: This is unacceptable,” Metro’s interim general manager, Jack Requa, said at a news conference. “It is unacceptable to me, and it should be unacceptable to everyone within the chain of command all the way down to the track laborers and track inspectors who are out on the front lines. We found this and should have addressed it earlier.”

Metro is trying to kill folks. They already did earlier this year. And let’s not forget the train collision in 2009 that killed nine people.

Last Friday it took me 2 hours to get to work on metro and 2 hours going home.  Didn’t have to worry about transferring on a shuttle bus like I did last Thursday but delays were caused by single tracking.  I was pissed for a second day in a row.


This week my metro commute has been running smoothly for a change.  But you never know with metro.  The WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) is one dysfunctional organization.

Another Metro Meltdown

This morning I got caught in a metro meltdown. There was a non-passenger derailment early this morning between the Smithsonian and Federal Triangle metro stations. Of course this affected the orange, silver and blue lines. I was pissed.


When I left for work this morning I’m thinking I will actually get to work early for a change. Damn if metro messed up my plans. It took me 2 ½ hours to get to work when it normally takes 45 minutes. I was one mad sista. We were told that shuttle buses would be available for folks at the Federal Center station where everyone coming from Maryland were offloaded. Were the buses there? No. We had to wait awhile for the shuttle buses. And of course when one bus after another arrived you had to fight the crowds trying to get on the bus. I was not in the mood. Thank God it wasn’t raining. After getting off the bus at McPherson Square I was able to catch the Orange line to work. By the time I got to work I was too tired and hungry.




The country’s second-largest rail system had been open for barely 20 minutes Thursday morning when Metro experienced yet another breakdown in a seemingly endless series of breakdowns. This time, a train preparing to begin service at the Smithsonian station derailed, forcing Metro officials to halt operations on portions of three lines and to shut down two stations.

The move left thousands of angry, frustrated commuters on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines scrambling for alternate ways to navigate the region — and howling over the latest incident to plague the troubled system.

Going home I decided to leave early. It’s a good thing. Trains were slow as hell. My train sat at each station for at least 5-10 minutes due to single tracking. Things finally got going after we left L’Enfant Plaza. Damn. My afternoon commute took about 1½ hours. That is one hell of a commute from Virginia to Maryland. One good thing was that I didn’t have to take a shuttle bus.

Folks who left later than I did encountered worse commutes. Checking out Twitter folks were complaining about the long lines to reach the McPherson Square platform. Trains were breaking down everywhere on metro this afternoon. I read that one of the new 7000 series trains were having door problems. What the hell is up with metro? Nothing but problems today.  Next time this mess happens I might be tempted to get off the train going to work and catch the train on the opposite side to go back home.

Donnie Simpson is back on the radio

For the past couple of weeks radio station Majic 102.3 has been talking about a big surprise announcement coming up on August 3.  Well the big announcement was Donnie Simpson coming back to radio.  Yessssssssss!!!  The #DMV is happy.



(Silver Spring, MD…August 3, 2015) – When Donnie Simpson left the Washington D.C. radio airways in 2010 culminating a 41 year media career in radio, television and movies, the biggest question asked was, “What’s next for Donnie?” It is five years later and Donnie is returning to his first love, radio and television.

Media conglomerate, Radio One, Inc., the only African-American owned and targeted diversified media company in the country, tapped its radio broadcast company and its cable network, TV One, to bring Donnie Simpson out of retirement and back on-air in DC on WMMJ MAJIC 102.3 FM and as the newest TV One talent.

The multi-year agreement for both radio and television include Donnie hosting The Donnie Simpson Show afternoons (3p – 7p) on MAJIC 102.3 as of Monday, August 17th, and a collaboration between TV One and Donnie Simpson Productions to create programs that will have Donnie back on TV by the fourth quarter of this year.

I was on my way home on the subway this afternoon checking out Twitter when I saw a news item that Donnie was coming back to radio. But the announcement wasn’t officially made on 102.3 until 5:00pm.  I got home just in time to hear it and listen to Donnie for about an hour.  Man I love hearing his voice.  I use to listen to Donnie on WKYS during the 1980’s where he worked with Tony Perkins who’s now on D.C.’s Fox5 News.

I eventually followed him to WPGC and I watched him on BET’s Video Soul. I stopped listening to WPGC after a while, switched to Smooth Jazz 105.9, WHUR and now Majic 102.3.  I’ll admit that I don’t listen to radio as much as I use to.  I listen to SiriusXM The Groove along with a few other channels in my car and at home (I have a tabletop satellite radio).  At work I switch back and forth between listening to Majic 102.3 and my ipod. Since Donnie is back I will be listening to 102.3 more often.  He starts on Monday August 17 and he’ll be on the air from 3:00pm to 7:00pm along with Huggy Lowdown.

Not only will Donnie be back on radio.  He will also be on TVOne by the end of the year.  Alright now 🙂

Like I mentioned he stayed on the air for about an hour today after the announcement and played some really good music.  If what I heard in that one hour is any indication of what he will be playing well I’m looking forward to it.  The last song he played before he went off the air was one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs, The Lady In My Life.  Love that song.  Donnie dedicated the song to his wife Pam.  When Donnie was on WKYS the last song he would play before his show was over was The Commodores’s Jesus Is Love.

Check out this article from the Washington Post when Donnie left WPGC back in 2010.

Welcome back to radio and tv Donnie Simpson 🙂

Metro’s Monday Morning Meltdown

I saw on the news this morning that metro had problems (as usual) on the blue, orange and silver lines right in the middle of rush hour. The problem was smoke in the tunnel between Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom.  Back in January Carol Glover died on the metro yellow line after she and numerous other riders were stuck on the subway due to a similar problem.




Thousands of Metro riders suffered crowded stations and hours-long commutes Monday morning after an arcing insulator near Foggy Bottom caused firefighters to evacuate one station and the transit agency to suspend service on three busy rail lines.

No one was injured, officials said. The incident began about 8:30 a.m. with a report of the arcing insulator, followed by smoke in the tunnel at the Rosslyn Metro station. Firefighters said smoke was likely being pulled into the tunnel from the insulator at Foggy Bottom.

By early afternoon — more than six hours after the incident began — Metro said normal service had resumed on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines, which had — at times — been suspended while authorities dealt with the problem.

Even though I would have been at work earlier and this situation wouldn’t have affected me time wise, I’m still glad I was off from work today. My commute to work is in that direction. I feel for the folks who had to deal with this mess. Metro is always having problems.

As of 2:00pm service was back to normal. For now.

Looks like Uber took advantage of the metro meltdown.  Overcharging folks who just wanted to get to work.

Sandy Link said he got off Metro at Virginia Square after an hour of confusion and congestion in his commute from the Wiehle Avenue station and took Uber. From the back seat of an Uber car, Link — who works at LexisNexis — guessed his fare to Foggy Bottom area would be about $35.

Wrong, the Uber driver informed him.

Try $50 at least.

Link said that by the time he got to his office, the total bill for his Uber ride was $83.40 — typically that fare would be in the high 20s to low 30s. Total distance traveled: Four miles. Plus the Metro fare of $5.80.

Link’s response: “What a day.”

Talk about price gouging.  Damn Uber.

The Washington Sports Trifecta

Last night Washington, D.C. hit the trifecta in sports. The Washington Wizards basketball team, Washington Capitals hockey team and Washington Nationals baseball all won their games. Can I get an amen!!! For DMV area fans this is a big deal. The Wizards and Capitals are in the playoffs. For the Nationals it’s their regular season game. Check out the Washington Post Sports front page. A blowout, a boost and a blast.



The Capitals, Wizards and Nationals had pulled off the D.C. Sports Trifecta before — heck, they did it earlier this month — but not like this. Not anything close to this.

In the span of about 12 exhilarating minutes Tuesday, Nicklas Backstrom scored an overtime goal on Long Island to even the Capitals-Islanders series at two games apiece, the Wizards polished off the Raptors in Toronto to bring a 2-0 lead back to D.C. and Yunel Escobar hit a walk-off home run at Nationals Park.

It marked the first time in six tries that the Capitals and Wizards won playoff games on the same day, and for a fan base so used to disappointment, it was almost too much to comprehend.

I watched the Wizards play last night. Bradley Beal and John Wall had a fantastic night. They ran all over the Toronto Raptors after the 1st quarter. Right now they have a 2-0 lead in the playoffs. I just hope they can get rid of that losing on the home court feeling during the playoffs.

I don’t really follow hockey and I will watch baseball once in a while. But I was happy that the Caps and Nationals won last night.

I hate to say this but if the Washington Redskins were playing last night this type of excitement wouldn’t have happened. Just saying, lol.

The DMV Part 2

Back in 2010 I blogged about the growing use of the term DMV.  I wasn’t feeling it back then.  Well 5 years later it’s grown on me.  I’ve gotten use to using that term instead of the D.C. metro area.  Some folks can change.


The DMV?

Yesterday’s Washington Post had an interesting article about a new way to describe the Washington, D.C. area.  Some folks are now using the nickname ‘The DMV‘ (District, Maryland and Virginia).

After initial obscurity, ‘The DMV’ nickname for Washington area picks up speed

By Paul Farhi
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, July 30, 2010; C01

New York is “the Big Apple” and Chicago “the Windy City,” but unless the earnest and obvious “Nation’s Capital” is your idea of a cool handle, Washington and its environs have never gotten very far in the civic nickname game.

We are pleased to report, however, that this could be changing. A nickname has recently emerged that could put the Washington area on the regional nickname map: the DMV. As in, D for the District, M for Maryland, and V for Virginia.

Sleek, succinct and inclusive, the name has been in common use for several years among the area’s — ahem, the DMV’s — hip-hop and go-go music crowd. It’s familiar to listeners of black-oriented radio stations such as WKYS-FM and WPGC-FM, whose DJs decorate their patter with mentions of it. It also pops up as geographical shorthand (“DMV man seeks woman”) on Craigslist, the classified-ad Web site.

It’s safe to say, however, that most of the rest of the DMV’s populace is unaware that the DMV refers to anything other than a certain sluggish city bureaucracy. Although the phrase has appeared irregularly in The Washington Post, most mainstream news sources haven’t picked up on it.

When I think of the phrase DMV I’m thinking the Department of Motor Vehicles. Though in Maryland it’s the MVA (Motor Vehicle Administration).  I have noticed that The DMV is used while listening to the radio when they do news bits but I don’t listen to WKYS and WPGC.  I tend to use the D.C. Metro area.

As hip locutions go, “the DMV” might even be displacing “Chocolate City,” the olde tyme designation for black Washington. For all its racial echoes and connotations, “Chocolate City” is increasingly limited; Washington’s suburbs have grown exponentially since the term was in vogue and are now home to more African Americans than the District itself.

I definitely remember the phrase Chocolate City when describing Washington, D.C.   D.C. use to be Chocolate City back in the day when the black population was hovering around 70%.  The group Parliament had an album back in 1975 titled Chocolate City.

According to Wikipedia:

The album takes its name from the term “Chocolate City,” which had been used to describe Washington, D.C. where blacks had been becoming a majority through migration (as explained in the cover notes included with one recent CD release of the album). The term had been used by Washington’s black AM radio stations WOL-AM and WOOK-AM since the early 1970s to refer to the city. Bobby “The Mighty Burner” Bennett, a DJ on WOL, told the Washington Post in 1998 “Chocolate City for me was the expression of D.C.’s classy funk and confident blackness.

But like yesterday’s Post article stated black folks have spread out to the Maryland and Virginia suburbs.  D.C. is more diverse now.

I guess with other cities using various nicknames like Atlanta (the ATL or the 404), Houston (H-Town), San Francisco (the Bay area), Los Angeles (Southland), Chicago (Chi-town or the Windy City), Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love), New York City (the Big Apple) some folks in the D.C. Metro area are looking for a similar type of nickname.  But The DMV?  Sorry but I’m not feeling this one.  Folks looking for a nickname need to go back to the drawing board.

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