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New music from Sade

Last week over at Booker Rising, Shay posted about Sade’s upcoming cd.


It was announced that her latest cd would be released on November 24 and of course I was thrilled.  The info came from the site Sade2009.com.  I wanted to post about this today but did a google and found out that the site is not her official site and according to Billboard and Sade’s label Sony there is no set date but they hope to have a cd released by the end of the year.

Exclusive: New Sade On The Way, 2009 Release Possible

Monica Herrera and David J. Prince, N.Y.

Sade Adu, the reclusive “quiet storm” soul signer who takes notoriously long breaks between releases, has regrouped with the band that bears her name and is recording her first album of new material since 2000’s “Lovers Rock,” Billboard.com sources confirm. The group is in the studio through June and Sony hopes to put the record out by the end of 2009 though, despite rumors, there is no set release date on the calendar.

“She is in the studio and the album will come when it is ready,” a source at Sony tells Billboard. “You don’t wait for years for one and then rush it.”

Sade’s longtime bandmate Stuart Matthewman, a.k.a. Cottonbelly, also confirms that new material is in progress, though he says the project is still in its “early days” and won’t be close to finished until “later in the year.”

The Billboard article also mentions the rumor that surfaced on sade2009.com and that Sony denies any connection to that site. Billboard contacted the site owner who was adamant about his information but the site owner later updated the information. According to Sony the release date for Sade’s new cd is unknown.


Damn, and I was so excited.   I’ve been a huge fan of Sade since the mid 80’s after seeing her Smooth Operator video and buying her debut album Diamond Life.  I own all of her music and I still have the Diamond Life video which contains videos to all her hits from her Diamond Life cd.  I’m so ole skool 😉


Sade was on a roll with her first 3 albums during the 80’s.  Diamond Life, Promise and Stronger Than Pride were released within a four year time span.   After Stronger Than Pride, which was released in 1988, Love Deluxe wasn’t released until 1992.  Sade fans had to wait 8 years for her fifth cd Lovers Rock to be released in 2000.  Why does she do this to us, lol?

Anyway I’m still waiting for new music from you Ms. Adu!!

Check out the new official Sade website.

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