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Suspect named in mother-daughter murders

I turned on the news today when I got home from work and they mentioned the Largo mother daughter murders.  A Prince Georges County grand jury returned a seven count indictment against 27 year old Jason Thomas Scott for the murders of Delores and Ebony Dewitt.

The indictment includes two counts of murder and two counts of burglary.  Even though indictments haven’t been handed down in the murders of Karen and Karissa Lofton , according to the Prince Georges County police Jason Scott is still a suspect in their murders as well as the murder of a woman in Bowie, MD.

The Washington Post didn’t have a lot of info but when I did a Google I found that ABC News.com had alot of information.  At the time I checked out ABC News this was front page news with his picture shown.  Hopefully the Post will have more information later tonight or tomorrow.  The Prince Georges County Gazette also has information about the indictment.  According to the Gazette:

A Prince George’s County grand jury indicted a Largo man in one of two mother-daughter killings that occurred last year in the Largo area, county State’s Attorney Glenn F. Ivey announced today, and county police say the man remains the main suspect in the second mother-daughter killing and several other homicides.

Jason Thomas Scott, 27, of Pritchard Lane was indicted on two counts of first-degree murder in the March 2009 deaths of Delores Dewitt, 42, and her 19-year-old daughter, Ebony Dewitt. Scott is a 2001 graduate of Largo High School who has been in jail since July 2009 on federal gun-trafficking charges. If convicted on the murder charges, he could get up to two life sentences in prison, Ivey said.

During a news conference today outside the county courthouse in Upper Marlboro, Ivey said the state’s attorney’s office is seeking life in prison without parole, adding Scott is not eligible for the death penalty under Maryland law, but declined to elaborate.

When I blog about crime situations I don’t normally post the picture of the criminal.  But this time I will.

Maryland: Suspect Named in Possible Serial Mother-Daughter Killings

Jason Thomas Scott, 27-Year-Old With a Computer Science Degree, Being Investigated for Other Unsolved Killings, Police Say


Authorities are hoping they have the answer to a question that has plagued them since early 2009: Who killed two mother-daughter pairs in a two-month period in suburban Maryland?

Jason Thomas Scott, 27, was charged today in the murder of Delores and Ebony Dewitt, a mother and daughter who were found in a burning car in March 2009. A Prince George’s grand jury returned a seven-count indictment against Scott, including two counts of murder and two counts of burglary.

Law enforcement sources told ABC News that they believe Scott also killed Karen and Karissa Lofton two months prior in their locked home.

Maryland Community Shaken

The horror began Jan. 26, 2009, in Prince Georges County, Maryland, as an intruder neutralized the Loftons’ home alarm system and slipped inside.

Karen Lofton, a 45-year-old nurse, was fatally shot as she tried to hide in a corner. Her daughter Karissa, 16, was repeatedly shot as she frantically dialed 911 from her bed.

Police were perplexed. The doors were locked and there were no signs of forced entry. Neighbors were terrified.

You can read it all here.

I’m so glad to read that this monster is off the streets. And to think that he’s connected to more crimes including more murders and home invasions.  According to the ABC New article Jason Scott worked at UPS and apparently used their database to help select his victims.  That’s some scary mess to read that that’s how he selected his victims.  Unfortunately he’s not eligible for the death penalty in Maryland.

In May 2009, Gov. Martin O’Malley signed a bill that restricts the death penalty to cases in which there is biological or DNA evidence of guilt, a videotaped confession or a videotape that links the defendant to a homicide.

In September 2009 the Prince Georges County Gazette.com did a special feature on the Dewitt and Lofton murders.  It’s called Waiting Room.

You can check it out here.


TGIF!!!  Yes indeed it’s Friday and it feels so good.

I haven’t been here in a while 🙂  Guess I haven’t had that blogging feeling in the past few months.  Anyway I’ve been suffering from the severe summer heat and humidity that we’ve been having around here.  It’s been horrible the past few days.  We’re talking 100 degrees.  This is not my kind of weather 😦  Where is fall when you need it?

Today isn’t as bad compared to the past few days though.   But it’s still too hot for me.  Anything over 80 degrees is too hot for me, lol.  Around here summer started back in late May/early June before the official start date of summer.  That figures.  Add the usual Washington, D.C. area humidity and you might as well fry an egg on the sidewalk.

Interesting stuff going on while I’ve been on my blogging break.  Congrats to Serena and Rafa on winning their Wimbledon tennis titles last weekend.  Back in June it was the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.  Still can’t believe he’s gone.  I noticed the media is trying to turn one of the ten Russian spies into a media celebrity.  Why am I not surprised?  Even though she along with the others are being sent back to Russia don’t be surprised if Anna Chapman shows up on the cover of some American fashion magazine 😦

Of course the usual crime stories continue in the D.C. metro area.  One of the saddest was the murder of Maryland State Trooper Wesley Brown.  Back in June Trooper Brown, who was off duty and working part-time as a security guard, was gunned down in front of Applebee’s Restaurant after he escorted an unruly and nonpaying customer. The unruly patron left the restaurant and returned about 30 minutes later and gunned down Trooper Brown in the Applebee’s parking lot.  The thug, Cyril Cornelius Williams, along with a friend of his who gave him the gun were later arrested and charged with first degree murder. The murdering thug Williams has a long history of drug convictions and was on parole at the time of the murder.  I hope they go for the death penalty in this case but knowing the state of Maryland they will probably get life without parole.  If this had happened in neighboring Virginia those two fools would be kissing their lives goodbye.

You can read more about the late Trooper Wesley Brown and those who knew him here at the Washington Post.

Steve McNair found shot to death in Nashville

It’s been a cruel couple of weeks when it comes to deaths. The latest news is the murder of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair.  Steve’s body was found in a Nashville condo along with the body of an unidentified woman.



Former NFL MVP Steve McNair killed in apparent double homicide

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, whose most noted drive was the final one of the 2000 Super Bowl, was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head Saturday afternoon in a downtown condominium. Police said a woman was also shot dead.

McNair was 36 and played 13 seasons before retiring in April 2008. Police spokesman Don Aaron said officials tentatively identified the woman, but did not release her name. He confirmed she wasn’t McNair’s wife, Mechelle.

He said authorities were still investigating the shootings and that no suspects were in custody.

“I don’t have any answers for you now as to what’s happened, who’s responsible,” Aaron said.

“There are persons who were around the complex today, visitors, who have been taken to headquarters for questioning, just to see what they know, what they may have seen,” he said.

Aaron said officers went to the scene after receiving a call about injured persons inside the condo.

“When police officers arrived in response to that call, they found two individuals who had been shot to death inside the residence,” he said.

The condominium is one that McNair was known to frequent, but police spokeswoman Kristin Mumford said she didn’t know if he was the owner.

Even though he was never a Washington Redskin I still followed Steve McNair’s career including rooting for the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV against the St. Louis Rams.

Steve McNair graduated from Alcorn State in 1995 and he was drafted by the Houston Oilers who would later move to Tennessee.  They would become the Tennessee Titans.  He led the Titans to the Super Bowl in January 2000 where they lost to the  St. Louis Rams.  In 2006 McNair was traded to the Baltimore Ravens and retired in 2008.

Steve is survived by his wife Mechelle and four sons.

RIP Steve McNair.

Are you better off paying by cash in a restaurant?

Something to think about after reading that eight people plead guilty to a credit card skimming scheme in the Washington, D.C. area. The criminals involved netted more than $700,000 from restaurant customers credit cards.

Eight plead guilty in credit card-skimming scheme
More than $700,000 in fraudulent charges made

by Andrea Noble
Staff Writer

Eight people involved in a credit card-skimming scheme which netted more than $700,000 from customers of area restaurants pleaded guilty Monday to charges including bank fraud, access device fraud and aggravated identity theft, according to the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Joseph Artemus Bush III, 28, of Fort Washington; Aaron D. Gilbert, 25, of Bowie; and Erick V. Burton, 38, of District Heights pleaded guilty to paying servers at Washington, D.C. restaurants to steal the credit card numbers of customers between November 2007 and March 2009, according to documents from the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The credit card numbers were re-encoded onto existing cards and used by Bush, Gilbert and Burton to purchase merchandise at area retail stores ranging from a Gucci in Chevy Chase to a Wal-Mart in Alexandria, Va.

The scheme resulted in thousands of transactions with an estimated loss of $736,393 that affected more than 50 financial institutions, said Dana J. Boente, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Three of the guilty parties plead guilty to paying restaurant servers twenty dollars per skimmed card. The restaurants involved include Clyde’s Restaurant, 701 Restaurant and M&S Grill in Washington, D.C.

In an affidavit filed in April by investigating Secret Service Agent Philip Soto, a server at Carrabbas Italian Restaurant in Bowie and hotel staff at Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor were also implicated in the scheme. United States Department of Justice spokesman Peter Carr said those employees were not charged in the scheme.

I know that carrying around a boat load of cash isn’t the safest thing the do, but is that restaurant worker you’re handing your credit card to trustworthy?  Do restaurant customers need to stand over the servers as they swipe your credit card? I’m sure the majority of restaurant employees are honest but a certain few can taint all.

What about the folks involved in this crime?  Was it worth it?  They put themselves in a sad and pathetic situation.  But this is the life they wanted to live and they will all pay the price.

Check out the entire article here.

Special Police Officer murdered by white supremacist

As most folks know by now eighty eight year old James Wenneker von Brunn, a well known white supremacist, murdered 39 year old Stephen T. Johns, a special police officer at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

Holocaust Museum Shooting

James Von Brunn has a long history of hate offline and on the internet. His hate was geared specifically towards Jews and African Americans.

Stephen Johns, seeing an elderly man approaching the museum, was kind enough to open the door for von Brunn but lost his life in the process. Von Brunn pulled out a rifle and shot Stephen Johns in the chest. He later died at George Washington University Hospital. After von Brunn shot Mr. Johns two officers immediately returned gunfire shooting von Brunn in the face.

At a Monument of Sorrow, A Burst of Deadly Violence
Guard Killed, Suspect Injured Amid Scene Of Fear, Chaos

By Michael E. Ruane, Paul Duggan and Clarence Williams
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, June 11, 2009

At 12:40 p.m. yesterday a man stepped through the doors of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. He took two paces, lowered his rifle at a security guard and, before anyone could react, opened fire in a popular national landmark.

The guard, who did not have time to draw his gun, fell bleeding and fatally wounded to the polished floor. Other guards fired back, cutting down the assailant. Terrified patrons, many of them children, dived for safety. And what moments before had been a bright weekday in June became a tableau of violence.

As described by bystanders and authorities, the attack inside the famed Holocaust museum turned the crowded building and Washington’s nearby tourist-thronged Mall into a scene of fear and chaos, with black-clad SWAT teams, hovering helicopters and racing emergency vehicles. Stunned witnesses described a fusillade of gunfire — five shots or more — the blood-streaked floor and the screams of frightened visitors inside the museum and on the street.

“It’s like a scene from a movie,” said Edward Bhopa, 54.

“A horror movie,” added his son Andy, 28.

The suspect, identified by law enforcement sources as James W. von Brunn, 88, of Annapolis, was said to be a longtime, “hard-core” supremacist whose Internet writings contain extensive, poisonous ravings against Jews and African Americans.

The slain guard, Stephen T. Johns, 39, of Temple Hills, worked for the Wackenhut security company and had been employed at the museum for six years, the museum said.

Officials at George Washington University Hospital, where von Brunn, Johns and an unidentified victim with less serious injuries were taken, said Johns suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and died there. Von Brunn was shot in the face, and the bullet exited his neck, according to a high-ranking police source. He underwent surgery and was in critical condition last night.

The Washington Post has several articles about von Brunn:

A Suspect’s Long History of Hate and Signs of Strain

Was He Capable of This? Yes.

Slain Museum Guard’s Kindness Repaid With Bullet

Museum Suspect’s Writings Had Not Triggered a Probe

Bonnie Sweeten blames black men for her ignorance

Sigh!!! It’s blame a black man time folks. Every so often a white person will murder a spouse or child or will claim they were assaulted by some mysterious black man.   I know there are other lessor known cases as well.  A mysterious latino man was blamed for kidnapping a white woman from Georgia a few years ago.  Alot of folks might not remember the infamous Scottsboro Boys case in 1931.

The latest blame a black man episode happened in a Philadelphia suburb a couple of days ago.  Bonnie Sweeten called 911 claiming that she and her daughter were abducted by two black men.  Well the real story is that she and her daughter hopped on a plane to Orlanda, FL so she could take her daughter to Disney World.


‘Abducted’ Mom Charged With ID Theft, False Reports
Woman, 9-Year-Old Girl Flew From Philadelphia to Orlando, Visited Disney World, Cops Say


A Pennsylvania woman who vanished after calling 911 to say she had been abducted and stuffed in the trunk of a car along with her young daughter apparently faked the abduction, booked a flight to Orlando, where she checked into a hotel under an alias and then took her daughter to visit a Disney theme park, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

Bonnie Sweeten, 38, was taken into custody in Orlando after being apprehended by the FBI and Orange County police at the Grand Floridian resort and is being charged with false reports and identity theft, Bucks County, Pa., District Attorney Michelle Henry said this evening.

Sweeten will not face any federal charges at this time, the prosecutor said.

Her 9-year-old daughter, Julia Rakoczy, was with authorities in Orlando and was to be picked up by her father, Henry said.

While Sweeten’s motive for fleeing was unclear, Henry indicated that domestic and financial problems were likely at the root of it.

She said Sweeten used a a co-worker’s driver’s license when she bought airline tickets and flew to Orlando after reporting the abduction.

Sweeten and her daughter disappeared Tuesday. She was last heard from about 1:45 p.m. when she called 911 to say she had been in a minor car accident in Bucks County, a Philadelphia suburb. She called a second time moments later to say she had been tossed in the trunk of a Cadillac by two black men, according to police.

“This was a total fabrication on her part,” Henry said this evening.

As the investigation developed, investigators became increasingly skeptical of her abduction tale, which was told against the backdrop of a probe into Sweeten’s alleged involvement in the theft of about $300,000 from her former employer, an attorney in Upper Makefield Township, sources close to the investigation told ABC News.

Yes we all know that a certain segment of the black community commits a disproportionate share of crimes in this country. But to falsely accuse black men of committing a crime cause you’re feeling suicidal and having domestic and financial problems is seriously f**ked up.

I will be thrilled when the mainstream media starts focusing on all types of victims of real crimes (not strange accusations) and give the white women in peril headlines a rest.   Maybe, just maybe one day the mainstream media like CNN, FOX News or MSNBC will do a major story on a missing black child.  Ya think???

Check out more about this case:

Black men didn’t do it

Julia Rakoczy reunited with her father

Investigators try to unravel abduction hoax case

RIP Baby Emanuel

I first heard about this case on the radio early this morning at work.  So of course I had to google it. I nearly blew a fuse after reading about the death of 3 month old Emanuel Wesley Murray.

Early Tuesday morning twenty one year old Richard Anthony McTear, Jr. beat his seventeen year old ex-girlfriend, Jasmine Bedwell, threw Emanuel on the concrete floor of her apartment, kidnapped Emanuel and threw him out of the driver’s side window onto the shoulder of southbound Interstate 275 in Tampa, FL.  Richard McTear has been charged with first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, kidnapping, felony battery and burglary with battery. He needs to burn in hell too. How in the hell can you throw an innocent baby out the window?

The mother of a 3-month-old thrown from a car onto the side of Interstate 275 early Tuesday morning had been frightened for months of the man charged today with murdering the boy.

Jasmine Bedwell, 17, started dating Richard Anthony McTear Jr. about 10 months ago, when she was pregnant with the child of another man, a man in prison.

From the beginning, McTear did not warm up to the boy, said the infant’s great aunt Roberta Thomas. Bedwell told Thomas she was frightened of McTear and feared for her boy’s safety.

“She was always scared of him,” Thomas said. “He didn’t care for the child.”

Last month, Bedwell sought an injunction against McTear for domestic violence. She didn’t appear in court Monday, and the case was dropped. Thomas was trying to help Bedwell navigate that legal system to keep her and her son Emanuel Wesley Murray safe, she said.

But before any of that happened, Bedwell’s fears came true.

Early Tuesday, Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies say, McTear battered Bedwell and threw Emanuel on concrete, kidnapped the infant and threw him out of the driver’s side window onto the shoulder of southbound Interstate 275, just south of Fowler Avenue.

Thousand of people drove by the crime scene that snarled the morning commute.

McTear was charged with first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, kidnapping, felony battery and burglary with battery. It was the second time this week that an infant was killed. Sunday night, deputies say a Lakeland man killed his wife, two of his sons, aged 8 and almost 5 months, before turning the rifle on himself. A 13-year-old son managed to escape to a neighbor’s house.

Horrific Find

Sometime early Tuesday morning, Bedwell, who had been out, returned to her apartment with her baby, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

There, she found McTear. He had broken in, said HCSO spokeswoman Debbie Carter.

According to a report:

When Bedwell closed the door, McTear began to beat her with his fists. He choked her, leaving abrasions on her neck. He bit her on the right arm and shoulder.

Then he threatened her and the baby. “I’m gonna kill the both of ya’ll,” he said.

Emanuel was in a car seat. McTear picked it up and threw it across the apartment.

He picked it up and threw it again. Emanuel fell out, onto the concrete floor.

Bedwell then ran out of the apartment, leaving her baby behind, to call for help. Deputies received a call from her shortly after 3 a.m.

When she left, McTear grabbed the child, put him in his Chevrolet Impala and drove off, eventually heading southbound on I275, where he tossed the baby out of the driver’s side window onto the shoulder.

Apparently McTear has a rap sheet a mile long. And according to the Hillsborough Circuit Judge Walter Heinrich:

the case might involve the death penalty.

He’s right, the case should involve the death penalty. This monster should be thrown off the tallest building you can find. Let him get a taste of this own medicine.

Heinrich recounted McTear’s criminal history, which police said includes dozens of arrests, several of which accuse McTear of domestic violence.

McTear’s criminal history includes dozens of arrests, several of which involved domestic violence, Tampa police spokeswoman Andrea Davis said. His first arrest on domestic violence charges came when he was 14, Davis said. Details on that case are unavailable because he was a juvenile.

In 2007, McTear avoided prosecution on felony criminal domestic battery by strangulation charges when the victim waived prosecution. That case didn’t involve Bedwell. In that incident, police said, he beat his girlfriend up, stole her car with their 3-year-old child in the back seat, gave the child back and burned the car.

McTear should have been in jail a long time ago.

I hate to criticize the mother cause she’s going through hell right now but what is it with young women like Jasmine Bedwell who continue to hook up with men like McTear? Her home life growing up wasn’t the greatest but is she only attracted to thugs?

Bedwell had been a child of abuse, said Jeff Rainey, chief operating officer of Hillsborough Kids Inc., the umbrella agency that oversees the county’s child services providers. He said Bedwell came into his system “through abuse and neglect by her caretaker.”

She has several prior arrests for battery, including a June 2008 arrests in Pasco County. She was a juvenile, and details on those arrests weren’t immediately available.

She has been with Hillsborough Kids for about three years and is receiving independent living service, which helps teenagers transition out of foster care and into adulthood. Now, she will be offered grief and crisis counseling, Rainey said.

She was doing well through the program, Rainey said.

Jasmine started dating McTear 10 months ago while she was pregnant with Emanuel.  The father of her child is in prison right now.

The child’s father, also named Emanuel Wesley Murray, is in a Florida prison. His release date is slated for July 5, 2011. He is serving a three-year sentence for being a felon in possession of a firearm and possession of an illegal weapon, Plessinger said.

Murray would not be eligible for a furlough to attend his child’s funeral because his custody level is too high, but he could ask for local law enforcement to take him, Plessinger said.

Check out these articles to read more about this case:

Mom of baby found dead on I-275 feared suspect, her mom says

Authorities:  Suspect in baby’s slaying threatened harm before

Offenders like McTear can sliip through system

RIP Emanuel.

Murder-suicide in Frederick County, Maryland

Earlier this month I blogged about the number of mass murders going on lately.  Well last Saturday the bodies of a mother, father and three children were found in their home in Middletown, Maryland which is located in Frederick County, Maryland.



According to the Frederick County police the father, Christopher A. Wood murdered his wife and three children and then killed himself.


It came out today that Mr. Wood was struggling with mental illness and was $450,000 in debt.

According to the police:

At a news conference this afternoon, authorities released a raft of new details about the slayings, describing a scene more ghastly than what had been known since the bodies were discovered Saturday morning.

According to investigators, Francie Billotti-Wood, 33, and the couple’s 5-year-old son, Chandler, were each shot twice in the head. Chandler’s younger brother, 4-year-old Gavin, was shot three times; daughter Fiona, 2, was shot once.

After they were shot, the children’s throats were slashed nearly to the point of decapitation, officials said.

Wood left six separate notes — one to each of his children, one to his wife, one to his parents and sister, and one that described his daily frustrations and the family’s financial trouble.

This is so sad.  After shooting his children he slashes their throats.  Damn that’s cold and heartless.

Wood, a youth soccer coach, was paid $97,000 as a sales accountant for CSX Corp. His wife, who taught liturgy to children at their church, stopped working several years ago to be a stay-at-home mother.

Several experts said slayings of entire families by fathers and husbands are often associated with economic hardship. Some men get to the point where it becomes impossible to tell family members that they’re going to lose the house or that the kids can’t go to college, said Richard J. Gelles, dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice and an expert on family violence.

“If you have built your identity around that you’re the breadwinner, you’re the backbone, and that becomes unglued, it undermines your sense of self,” Gelles said.

My prayers go out to the Wood family.

You can read the following articles for additional information:

Staggered by Family’s Destruction

In Notes Left in Family’s Killings, Md. Man Details Debts, Depression

Slain mother had blogged that husband under stress

The Frederick NewsPost has complete coverage of this murder-suicide:

Tragedy in Middletown

New details in slain Middletown family case

Agencies teach warning signs, causes of domestic violence (A must read)

Murder-suicide in Michigan

Last week a male student fatally shot a female classmate and then killed himself. The murder-suicide took place at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan. More info is coming out about twenty eight year old Anthony Powell who murdered twenty year old Asia McGowan.  Asia was an aspiring actress and dancer.   You can check out her YouTube page.



Check out the YouTube video.

2 students dead in Mich. apparent murder-suicide


DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) — A student fatally shot a female classmate before turning the gun on himself Friday in an apparent murder-suicide that prompted a lockdown at a community college west of Detroit, police said.

The bodies of Asia McGowan, 20, of Ecorse, and Anthony Powell, 28, of Detroit, were discovered inside a classroom at a Henry Ford Community College building after police responded to an emergency call of an assault and shortly afterward reports of a shot being fired on campus, said Dearborn Deputy Police Chief Gregg Brighton.

As officers entered the MacKenzie Fine Arts Center, they heard another gunshot, Brighton said.

Powell apparently used a shotgun to kill McGowan and himself, police said.

They took at least one class together — a theater course that had met earlier in the day, Brighton said. Police did not believe anyone else was in the room at the time of the shooting.

According to Powell’s parents, Anthony had mental issues but they didn’t think he would hurt anyone.  Oh really!!  According to the Detroit News Anthony Powell had posted YouTube videos raging against black women and folks who believe in evolution.

Powell’s videos feature him sitting in his bedroom talking, and sometimes shouting, directly into a camera.

In one Powell video, titled “Black Women Don’t Deserve Respect,” Powell denounces black women as sexually promiscuous and says they “murder 1,500 babies a day” as a result of abortions. In another profanity-laced video, Powell attacks those who believe in evolution.

It’s sad that Asia lost her life to this crazy lunatic.  After watching the YouTube video what black woman or woman of any other race would have wanted to be near him in the first place?  Sometimes black folks tend to ignore mental health issues.  We think it’s something that’s taboo to talk about and you just deal with it or read a bible verse.  But sometimes there are folks who need professional help.

Check out the following links to read more info about this case.

Mother met her daughter’s killer before campus attack

Shots of campus end big dreams

Dearborn murder-suicide suspect had hate videos on YouTube

Police seek details in murder-suicide at Dearborn campus

YouTube user’s e-mails on Powell sent to Detroit police

Sparky’s back home

This is the day to talk about dogs. Last Tuesday in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, D.C., a poodle-shitzu mix named Sparky who’s owned by 92 year old Charles Boyd was stolen by two teens. A friend of Mr. Boyd had been watching Sparky. Sparky means the world to Mr. Boyd.


Check out the link here about Mr. Boyd and Sparky.

92-Year-Old Can Sleep, Sparky’s Back!

Thieves swipe and elderly man’s beloved dog; four days later Sparky is back.


Sparky is home and that means Charles Boyd, 92, can sleep and smile again.

Boyd’s beloved dog was stolen on Tuesday and it was about the worst thing that could happen to the Columbia Heights man.

“Sparky means my life to me,” Boyd said. “He’s like a child to me. I don’t have any children, so he’s my son.”

Boyd said two teens took 5-year-old Sparky, a poodle-shitzu mix, while a friend who had been watching the dog outside turned away for just one second.

Aging and nursing a broken leg, life without Sparky left Boyd in such a state he said he couldn’t sleep and family members said he was deeply depressed.

DC Police plastered the neighborhood with flyers to help Boyd find his dog. A $1,000 reward was offered and after four very long days and nights, a stranger brought Sparky home Saturday night.

The man did not tell Boyd who he was, but said he’d seen two kids playing with Sparky and decided he needed to get the dog back to its owner.

It’s good to see that Sparky is back home with his dad 😉

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