Another Metro Meltdown

This morning I got caught in a metro meltdown. There was a non-passenger derailment early this morning between the Smithsonian and Federal Triangle metro stations. Of course this affected the orange, silver and blue lines. I was pissed.


When I left for work this morning I’m thinking I will actually get to work early for a change. Damn if metro messed up my plans. It took me 2 ½ hours to get to work when it normally takes 45 minutes. I was one mad sista. We were told that shuttle buses would be available for folks at the Federal Center station where everyone coming from Maryland were offloaded. Were the buses there? No. We had to wait awhile for the shuttle buses. And of course when one bus after another arrived you had to fight the crowds trying to get on the bus. I was not in the mood. Thank God it wasn’t raining. After getting off the bus at McPherson Square I was able to catch the Orange line to work. By the time I got to work I was too tired and hungry.




The country’s second-largest rail system had been open for barely 20 minutes Thursday morning when Metro experienced yet another breakdown in a seemingly endless series of breakdowns. This time, a train preparing to begin service at the Smithsonian station derailed, forcing Metro officials to halt operations on portions of three lines and to shut down two stations.

The move left thousands of angry, frustrated commuters on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines scrambling for alternate ways to navigate the region — and howling over the latest incident to plague the troubled system.

Going home I decided to leave early. It’s a good thing. Trains were slow as hell. My train sat at each station for at least 5-10 minutes due to single tracking. Things finally got going after we left L’Enfant Plaza. Damn. My afternoon commute took about 1½ hours. That is one hell of a commute from Virginia to Maryland. One good thing was that I didn’t have to take a shuttle bus.

Folks who left later than I did encountered worse commutes. Checking out Twitter folks were complaining about the long lines to reach the McPherson Square platform. Trains were breaking down everywhere on metro this afternoon. I read that one of the new 7000 series trains were having door problems. What the hell is up with metro? Nothing but problems today.  Next time this mess happens I might be tempted to get off the train going to work and catch the train on the opposite side to go back home.

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