Annoying habits on public transportation especially in the DMV

The Washington Post has an interesting article about what folks are tired of when it comes to taking public transportation. This can be by bus, train or subway. Cell phone conversations are the worst.

The poll of 1,000 Americans found commuters also are annoyed by people who don’t offer their seat to people with disabilities, the elderly or pregnant women, and the messy eater who leaves crumbs behind, and the passenger who gets too comfortable and uses the spare seat for their luggage.

The writer of this column also includes some annoying habits that can be seen on the metro here in the DMV.

If I may, I’d like to add to the list a few annoying habits that we hear about often in our Metro system: Leftscalators – the people who stand on the left side of the escalator as you are hustling down to the platform; the passengers who won’t move to the middle of the car when people are trying to board; the riders who don’t let disembarking passengers off the bus or train before they try to board.

I find it’s usually tourists who stand on the left side of the escalator. The rule is stand on the right so folks can walk up or down the escalators on the left.


Folks, we have a train to catch. I don’t usually have the problem with passengers moving to the middle of the car since my work hours don’t have me dealing with trains that are too crowded.

Transit agencies know that some of these habits can ruin a passenger’s experience. In response, some have implemented policies to deter habits such as eating and drinking aboard buses and trains. They also have run campaigns to encourage common courtesy toward fellow commuters and regularly offer tips for how to keep the peace on the commute, including keeping quiet while on board.

Some folks still eat and drink on the subway. Just a few days ago a woman sitting in front of me was eating and drinking. Of course transit police are never around when the eaters and drinkers are doing their thing.

“This is not a diner,” says a poster in some stations showing an image of a Metro train made to look like a 1950’s-style diner. “Please don’t treat it like one. Be considerate of others by not eating or drinking on Metro.”

As for peace on the train, well I’m always listening to my ipod.  I use to encounter the loud school kids on metro.  You know the ones who are so loud that it pierces your eardrums.  Screaming and hollering like there is to tomorrow.  In the past couple of years I haven’t had that problem.  They must have changed the school hours thank goodness.

MTA adds another one to the list: the passenger who showered in perfume and cologne.

“An issue many passengers do not consider is the effect of perfumes and colognes in an enclosed environment such as a rail car,” the agency said. “Passengers are asked to be considerate of those with allergies by not using any aromatic sprays while riding and to use perfumes and colognes in moderation.”

Ah yes, the person who bathes in perfume. This happened to me last week. On my way to work a woman sat in front of me and you would have thought she took a bath in perfume. That mess was strong. It’s a good thing I don’t have allergies.

Another annoyance is the backpacker.  You know those folks who have backpacks on, sit sideways and proceed to jab you with their backpack.  I’ve had that happen quite a few times.  Sometimes its a young school age student.  They just keep jabbing you with that annoying backpack even after you’ve asked them to please move that damn thing.  Jesus people either sit forward or just take that backpack off.

One thing I’m guilty of is placing my tote bag in the empty seat next to me. When I’m on the train it’s usually not that crowded going to work or going home. When the train does start to get more crowded I move my bag and place it on my lap. But then the worst happens. When I do have someone sit next to me I always encounter the commuter from hell. Like the person who dozes off and keeps leaning against me. I have to keep pushing them off of me. Do not lean on me!!!


Then there is big mama. I’m in my own space on the train. But for some reason when big mama sits next to me she takes up  her side of the seat and spills onto my side as well trying to take up half of my side. That is not the most comfortable feeling. And lets not the forget the men who sit spread eagle on the train. It’s called manspreading.


manspreading2Fellas you are not at home sitting on your sofa.

Isn’t public transportation a wonderful experience?

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