McKinney police officer resigns

McKinney Police Cpl. Eric Casebolt, aka Barney Fife, has resigned from his job according to McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley.


Casebolt, a 10 year veteran of the McKinney Police Department was on administrative leave after the video of him manhandling a 14 year old girl went viral.

The Texas police officer at the center of a controversial video that showed him forcefully handcuffing and drawing his gun on a group of black teenagers at a pool party last weekend has resigned, the city’s police chief announced Tuesday.

McKinney Police Cpl. Eric Casebolt, who was under investigation, “resigned on his own will,” police Chief Greg Conley said at a news conference. He called Casebolt’s actions “indefensible.”

“As the video shows, he was out of control during the incident,” Conley said, “I had 12 officers on the scene and 11 of them performed according to their training.”

He said the internal investigation into Casebolt’s actions is now over.

“I do not condone the actions of those individuals who violated the rules of the community and showed disrespect to the security personnel on the scene and officers,” he added.

Interesting how he gets to resign. He should have been fired.  I think he’s getting off too easy.  According to the Daily Beast he gets to keep his pension.

Also according to the Daily Beast:

Casebolt, who had previously been put on administrative leave pending an investigation, was sued in 2008 for racial profiling during a roadside search. At the time, Casebolt had claimed he saw two marijuana seeds and an open container in a black man’s vehicle (no such items were ever found in the car). A judge dismissed that case in 2009.

Another situation in this video is bugging me.  What about the beefy white dude who was seen hovering over the 14 year old black girl?


Who the hell is he? Why was he participating in this nonsense? Is he an off duty cop? When Casebolt was telling everyone to leave why was he still standing around like he’s been deputized?  At one point he actually has the girl’s head between his legs.  If he’s not a cop he shouldn’t be touching her.

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