Why I Love Wegmans

The Washington Post has an article about why Wegmans is the best supermarket in the United States. Wegmans is opening a new store in Brooklyn in 2017 and some folks are wondering what is the big deal with Wegmans.

Wegmans, the Rochester-based supermarket known for its fresh produce, reasonable prices, and happy employees, is moving to Brooklyn. And people are thrilled. News of the new store, which will open in 2017, and, in line with Wegmans’ strategy, will be enormous, has fired off all sorts of excitement.

But it has also raised questions, particularly from those unfamiliar with the brand and its allure. What is the deal with Wegmans? Why do people who know it seem to love it so? And is it really this grocery oasis in what increasingly feels like a desert of mediocre or at least interchangeable supermarket options?

I poked around a bit, because I was one of those people who knew little about the chain and why it’s so beloved. And you know what? I am now convinced. Wegmans really does seem to be a step ahead of, well, everyone else in the business. There are good reasons why year after year, Consumer Reports rates it as the number one grocery store in the country. Really good reasons.

We got a new Wegmans in my neck of the woods (Prince Georges County, Maryland) back in 2010.


I’ve been a regular Wegmans shopper ever since.  I use to do my grocery shopping at Giant Food before Wegmans came along.  I still go to Giant once in a while but when I go there I’m reminded of why I love Wegmans better. I’m always stuck in a very long line at Giant. They only have 2 lines open if you’re not in the express lane. At Wegmans there are plenty of non-express lines available. My wait isn’t as long as it is in Giant.

The Wegmans in my neighborhood is huge. Call me crazy but I love large size grocery stores. It’s like you’re going on a sight-seeing tour. I know, I’m strange 😉


Let’s talk about the produce area. It’s huge. A produce wonderland. Apples, spinach, onions, greens, pears, grapes, pomegranates, etc. You name it, they have it.


Then there is the seafood section. Love it. There fish isn’t cheap but it’s good. There’s the weight gaining bakery area. You can gain a few pounds just by looking at all the muffins, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, pies, etc.



There’s also the hot food bars including Indian food, Chinese food, all kinds of chicken wings and a vegetarian hot bar.

I find the prices at Wegmans a little cheaper than Giant and much cheaper than Safeway. Safeway is more expensive than Giant. Overall I just love shopping at Wegmans. Especially on Monday mornings. Hardly anyone in there so it’s like you have the store to yourself. I find it too crowded on Sunday afternoon. It’s a madhouse during that time.


Hope the folks in Brooklyn enjoy their new Wegmans when it opens in a couple of years. Shopping at Wegmans is definitely an adventure.

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