Metro’s Monday Morning Meltdown

I saw on the news this morning that metro had problems (as usual) on the blue, orange and silver lines right in the middle of rush hour. The problem was smoke in the tunnel between Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom.  Back in January Carol Glover died on the metro yellow line after she and numerous other riders were stuck on the subway due to a similar problem.




Thousands of Metro riders suffered crowded stations and hours-long commutes Monday morning after an arcing insulator near Foggy Bottom caused firefighters to evacuate one station and the transit agency to suspend service on three busy rail lines.

No one was injured, officials said. The incident began about 8:30 a.m. with a report of the arcing insulator, followed by smoke in the tunnel at the Rosslyn Metro station. Firefighters said smoke was likely being pulled into the tunnel from the insulator at Foggy Bottom.

By early afternoon — more than six hours after the incident began — Metro said normal service had resumed on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines, which had — at times — been suspended while authorities dealt with the problem.

Even though I would have been at work earlier and this situation wouldn’t have affected me time wise, I’m still glad I was off from work today. My commute to work is in that direction. I feel for the folks who had to deal with this mess. Metro is always having problems.

As of 2:00pm service was back to normal. For now.

Looks like Uber took advantage of the metro meltdown.  Overcharging folks who just wanted to get to work.

Sandy Link said he got off Metro at Virginia Square after an hour of confusion and congestion in his commute from the Wiehle Avenue station and took Uber. From the back seat of an Uber car, Link — who works at LexisNexis — guessed his fare to Foggy Bottom area would be about $35.

Wrong, the Uber driver informed him.

Try $50 at least.

Link said that by the time he got to his office, the total bill for his Uber ride was $83.40 — typically that fare would be in the high 20s to low 30s. Total distance traveled: Four miles. Plus the Metro fare of $5.80.

Link’s response: “What a day.”

Talk about price gouging.  Damn Uber.

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