Devin Allen’s Time Magazine Cover

The May 11, 2015 issue of Time Magazine features a front page photo taken by Baltimore native Devin Allen.


An aspiring amateur photographer, Devin has been taking photos of the protests in Baltimore and sharing his photos on his Instagram account.

Devin Allen, a 26-year-old amateur photographer with aspirations to make a career out of his work, has become a viral sensation. This week, his images of protests in Baltimore have amassed thousands of likes and have been shared by international media organizations around the world.

Allen grew up in West Baltimore, just five minutes away from where Freddie Gray’s encounter with the police left him with a fatal spinal injury. The police have denied using force against the 25-year-old, but one of the family’s attorneys said Gray’s spine was 80% “severed at the neck.”

“When I first saw the news of what happened to [Freddie Gray], I knew I was going to cover it,” says Allen, who usually shares his street photography on Instagram. “But I never thought it would get this big. My city kind of has a bad rap, but I thought if we can come together peacefully, it [would] be epic for this city, and it was my goal to capture that.”


His photographs of the demonstrations — peaceful at first, then more violent — grabbed the headlines: they were featured on the BBC and CNN, and shared by thousands of Twitter and Instagram users, including Rihanna.

Congrats to Devin Allen on his Time Magazine cover photo.

Read more about Devin Allen at Time Magazine.  And check out the Time Magazine cover story The Roots of Baltimore’s Riot.

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