Opening day at Wegmans

The new Wegmans at the Woodmore Towne Centre in Glenarden/Lanham/Largo/Mitchellville/Upper Marlboro (did I forget one?) finally opened yesterday morning.

I wasn’t one of the 1,500 people who were there by the 7:00am opening. I got there around 9:15am. Getting there wasn’t a problem. The police were directing traffic at the intersection of St. Joseph’s Drive and Route 202 (Landover Road). But once you got into the shopping center there were plenty of cars and the Wegmans parking lot is huge. Thankfully they had the police and other folks directing traffic within the shopping center as well. While driving I noticed that the Costco gas station was open. Costco opens tomorrow.

The first chore was trying to find a parking space. After driving around I finally found one. The second chore was trying to find a big shopping cart cause I had some serious grocery shopping to do 🙂 They had several types of shopping carts and the one I was looking for was difficult to find. That’s how busy they were. I finally followed an employee who was putting a cart back.

I usually do my grocery shopping at Giant on Saturdays but since Wegmans was opening I decided to wait until yesterday. Once I got in, OMG I was in awe. Wegmans is huge. And of course it was so crowded you really had to maneuver your shopping cart around so you wouldn’t run into other shoppers. I was a very patient person since I got there early and took my time getting around the store. I tried to go down as many aisles as I could but that was somewhat difficult due to the crowds. I did notice that the produce area was one of the most crowded. But I made my way through so I could buy my greens 😉 They had regular and organic greens.

The Food Bar areas were even more crowded than the grocery area. The Food Bar areas include the Asian Bar, Vegetarian Bar, Fresh Food Bar, Veggie Bar, places that sell pizza, subs, sushi and coffee, the prepared food area and the Market Café. I did try out the Asian food bar and the food was very good.

There were quite a number of grocery items I bought that were cheaper than the prices at Giant. Uh oh!!! I was glad to see that they had a variety of brands including name brands and Wegmans brand. Overall I really enjoyed my shopping adventure even if it was extremely crowded. I was there for over an hour. I’m hoping that next time I go there which will probably be this Saturday it won’t be as crowded as opening day. That way I can really take my time, go down every single aisle and check out the areas that I missed out on yesterday including the Seafood area. I’m gonna try my best to stay away from the bakery area but that might be a difficult task 😉

The Woodmore Wegmans is located at 9001 McHugh Drive in Lanham, Maryland. If you’re taking the Beltway take Exit 17A to Landover Road (Route 202 East). You will make a left at the first light which is St. Josephs Drive.

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