Michelle Fenty cries for her husband

The Washington Post has an interesting article about Mayor Adrian Fenty’s wife Michelle.   Michelle Fenty was raised in London and met her husband while they were students at Howard University Law School.

Michelle Fenty’s battle cry in D.C. mayoral campaign that brought her to tears

By Manuel Roig-Franzia
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, September 11, 2010; C01

Michelle Cross Fenty doesn’t look at the Internet much anymore.

She’s had enough. She’ll only find more of the same about her husband, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, she says: “He’s arrogant, disconnected or, even worse, that he doesn’t care.”

In her ideal cyberworld, “if you Google something, it shouldn’t pick up blogs,” the District’s first lady reasons from the corner booth at Oya, the stylishy mod Penn Quarter restaurant that has become her lunchtime favorite. Even in this quiet refuge, she’s working it for her husband, emoting as fast as she can — reluctant one moment, voluble the next.

Her manifesto includes her provocative thoughts concerning online meddling — and muddling of truths. She thinks the Internet is leading us all “down a dangerous spiral,” a spiel that even her friends sometimes consider a bit overwrought when she rolls it out at parties. “Everybody stares at me. ‘My God. It’s the doom of the world,’ ” she says they’re always telling her.

“I’m sooo dramatic,” she says at one point in the two-hour meal. “I know.”

The article mentions how she responded after the mayoral debate last week.  You can check out the video here at the Reliable Source.  Michelle has kept a mostly low profile since her husband was elected mayor in 2006.

That Michelle Fenty is saying anything at all is something of a revelation. She kept the lowest of profiles until last week, when she teared up during an emotional defense of her husband after his debate with challenger Vincent C. Gray, chairman of the D.C. Council. Michelle Fenty quietly headed an advisory board for a breast cancer screening organization and attended charity functions, but mostly she stayed away from the glare, focusing on her law career and her three children.

The debate aftermath changed all that. It only took 48 words — a mere two sentences that occupied only 19 seconds amid the white noise of 24-7 political combat — to draw her out. Suddenly, with videos of her remarks going viral in political circles, the reticent first lady transformed into a kind of local celebrity, humanizing a husband perceived by some as ice-cold. In the showdown between Adrian Fenty and Vincent Gray, her husband’s campaign is acting like there’s now a Michelle factor juicing the sprint to Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

Many folks in D.C. aren’t falling for Michelle’s tears. They’ve had enough of her husband as mayor.  I’ve been amazed at the comments coming from folks when it comes to this upcoming primary. I blogged about the mayoral race last month and mentioned how many black folks especially find Mayor Fenty arrogant and aloof.  From what I’ve been reading it’s mostly coming down to race. Majority of black voters are supporting D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray and Mayor Fenty’s supporters are mostly white.

Since D.C. has early voting some folks have already voted for the candidate of their choice and from what I’ve been reading and hearing Mayor Fenty can forget about a second term.

Check out the entire article here at the Washington Post.  While you’re there you can also check out another article, Fenty-Gray mayoral race centers on style & likeability as much as issues.

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