Amazon’s new Kindles

Well Amazon has done it.  They’re lowered the price on their Kindles to under $200.00.  I stated a while ago that I would buy a Kindle if it was priced under $150.00.

In Price War, New Kindle Sells for $139

SEATTLE — will introduce two new versions of the Kindle e-reader on Thursday, one for $139, the lowest price yet for the device.

Amazon is hoping to convince even casual readers that they need a digital reading device. By firing another shot in an e-reader price war leading up to the year-end holiday shopping season, the e-commerce giant turned consumer electronics manufacturer is also signaling it intends to do battle with Apple and its iPad as well as the other makers of e-readers like Sony and Barnes & Noble.

Unlike previous Kindles, the $139 “Kindle Wi-Fi” will connect to the Internet using only Wi-Fi instead of a cellphone network as other Kindles do. Amazon is also introducing a model to replace the Kindle 2, which it will sell for the same price as that model, $189. Both new Kindles are smaller and lighter, with higher contrast screens and crisper text.

“The hardware business for us has been so successful that we’re going to continue,” Jeffrey P. Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive, said in an interview at the company’s headquarters. “I predict there will be a 10th-generation and a 20th-generation Kindle. We’re well-situated to be experts in purpose-built reading devices.”

The new versions are priced at $139.00 and $189.00 and they will be available August 27.

The $189.00 version features free 3G wireless which works globally, Wi-Fi, a six inch display and comes in graphite and white.

The $139.00 version features Wi-Fi only, a six inch display and comes in graphite.

Both versions hold up to 3,500 books and are smaller and lighter than the previous Kindles.

The $189.00 version looks very tempting.  I’m definitely gonna treat myself sometime this fall or maybe a Christmas gift from me to me 🙂

Kindle has come along way from it’s original price of $399.00 back in 2007. I knew the price would continue to drop.  Just took a while.

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