President Obama’s ice cream conspiracy

President Obama spent some time in Bar Harbor, Maine last weekend with his family.  Well apparently the Obamas choice of where to get some ice cream caused quite a stir amongst the right wing blogosphere. The name of the ice cream shop is Mount Desert Island Ice Cream. The logo outside the shop features a upright black fist clenching a spoon.

To some this logo resembles the black power symbol from the 1960’s.  Mount Desert is owned by a white woman named Linda Parker.  With a state that has a black population of 1%, I doubt that this white woman is trying to overthrow the white race and the state of Maine.

Blogosphere goes bananas over ‘black power’ sundaes

‘It’s just ice cream,’ says Mount Desert Island business owner

By Bill Trotter
BDN Staff

BAR HARBOR, Maine — Black Power Ice Cream?

Linda Parker never contemplated this name for her business, opting instead for the less provocative “Mount Desert Island Ice Cream” when she started making her cold confections in 2005.

The company boasts “fearless flavor” as its motto, but with varieties such as Mexican chocolate, blueberry basil and stout, her customers are more likely to encounter a Fig Newton at her business than they are Huey Newton.

Never mind that the former Black Panther leader died more than 20 years ago. The reason all this has come up is that Parker’s customers this past weekend included President Barack Obama and his family, who stopped in for some cones one afternoon during a whirlwind two-day family vacation on MDI. Photos of the impromptu visit were taken and posted online, where several bloggers noticed that the shop’s logo of an upright black fist clenching a spoon resembles the clenched black fist that was adopted as a black power symbol in the 1960s.

Even Linda Parker thought the outrage over President Obama’s visit was crazy.

Parker said she and her husband first saw the blog posts on Saturday, the day after Obama’s visit to her shop.  She said the notion that the president, who ordered coconut ice cream, used her small-town ice cream shop to demonstrate allegiance to the black power movement is absurd.

“It just seemed really hilarious to us,” Parker said. “All I’m doing is getting up, making ice cream, and going to bed. That’s all I do all summer. No time for radical insurgency.”

Read it all here.

President Obama ordered a coconut flavored ice cream.  Can you imagine the outrage if he had ordered black walnut or even chocolate?  Fox News, Andrew Breitbart, Rush and the rest of the right-wing lunatic fringe would be hyperventilating.

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