Kim Fields has an interesting interview with actress Kim Fields.

She talks about her Facts of Life days, going to college and working with Tyler Perry.   Kim played Tootie on The Facts of Life.   I was a huge fan of this show back in the day.

Kim Fields: I Would Never Divorce Myself from ‘Facts of Life’

by Tim Hayne

As an actress, Kim Fields spent most of her formative years in front of the camera. Now, she’s spending a lot of time on the other side of the lens.

The 41-year-old showbiz vet, wife to actor Christopher Morgan and mother to son Sebastian, 3, has been busy directing episodes of Tyler Perry’s hit sitcoms “Meet the Browns” and “House of Payne,” and offering advice to aspiring filmmakers as a panelist at this summer’s “Lens on Talent: Get Focused” film symposium and as a guest on the upcoming season of BET’s “Lens on Talent: A Johnson & Johnson Filmmaker’s Challenge,” which premieres September 12.

Fields sat down with to talk about her child-star past, the underwhelming feat of turning 40, what it’s like to work with Tyler Perry, and why she has (almost) no regrets from her “Facts of Life” days.

Getting the acting bug at an early age.

“I was never pushed into the industry. I was a very shy child. I was not one to perform for friends and family at every get-together. When my mom [actress Chip Fields] started going to acting classes out here in New York, we couldn’t afford a baby sitter. And so she took me to the acting classes just because, well, what else was she going to do with me? And there were other kids there whose parents couldn’t afford sitters either. We would keep ourselves entertained by imitating what we saw them doing, and that kind of birthed acting classes for the younger kids. In that crop was Danielle Spencer, who played Dee on ‘What’s Happening.’ Her father was a ridiculously tremendous actor named Tim Pelt who we lost some time ago in a horrible car crash.”

I also remember Kim from her few appearances on Good Times.  Kim’s real life mom, Chip Fields appeared in Good Times as Janet Jackson’s birth mom.   Kim also starred in one of my all time favorite shows, Living Single.  I still watch the reruns on TV One.  Back in the late 70’s Kim starred in the short lived series Baby I’m Back.

It’s nice to read about a former child star who’s all grown up and doing very well in life.

You can read the entire interview here.

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