Majic 102.3 and the TJMS

I’ve been a long time listener of the TJMS (Tom Joyner Morning Show).  And like I’ve stated before if they get on my nerves I turn off the radio (since there’s nothing else on radio to listen to) and pop in a cd, listen to Pandora or listen to my music on my mp3 player.  Anyway a couple of weeks ago Majic 102.3 fired all of their on air staff including Olivia Fox who I finally got use to. From late June until last Friday morning they just played music with commercials. No dj, nobody talking, nothing. Last Friday after the TJMS, Majic decided to have 102.3 hours of music without commercial interruption. During the times I’ve been listening to the station, it’s been pretty nice to have just music with no commercials. But I do miss listening to the local news announcements.

When I listened to the radio this morning at work (yesterday was my day off from work) I noticed that the TJMS was MIA.  Talk about a strange situation. I’ve gotten so use to hearing Tom, Sybil and Jay. I was wondering if not having the TJMS on Majic is a permanent thing (did they lose their D.C. market) or just a temporary situation while Majic makes changes at the station. I did read the following:

The recent firing of the airstaff and the temporary suspension this week of the Tom Joyner Morning Show are part of the new imaging for Majic 102.3 WMMJ-FM DC. The shift is to a younger Urban AC and the theme is “The 80s, 90s and today.” Majic 102.3 (“My Majic DC”) is now running 102 straight hours of music through Wednesday, ad-free.

Radio One had fired all of its on-air staffers at Urban AC WMMJ-FM (Majic 102.3) DC the morning of 6/28 (with the exception of Tom Joyner). Those fired include Olivia Fox for middays, afternoon driver Alvin John Waples, and nighttimer Mike Chase. They have all likely been replaced by now, as Radio One previously posted job openings on their corporate website for three air talent jobs and a MD for WMMJ.

[ Editor’s note: Since this was published, industry vet John Monds has reportedly scored afternoon drive at Majic. Monds’ first day was 7/13. No other staff has been named yet that we know of. ]

So the TJMS is just suspended for this week.  Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

Anyway since I didn’t have Tom Joyner and company to listen to today I listened to my cd’s including Janelle Monae of course 🙂

Check out Janelle’s Dance or Die

and Locked Inside

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    While I understand you wanting to capture the Young Urbanites, they already have several stations that play the music that they like to listen to. Unless we have XM or Sirius radio, us baby boomers are SOL when it comes to our listening pleasures. After you let Ron V. go, I decided that I wouldn’t listen to your station anymore. Since reading the comments above, I think I’ve not been missing anything. To the old school DJ’s that you let go, I say, there’s a place out there for you and when you find it let me know. I’ll gladly tune back in.

  2. they need to bring olivia back. i enjoyed her show

  3. I have been a listner of Majic 102.3 for over twenty years. I liked the format,oldies and R&B. This recent change to all music is quite boring. I can not begin to tell you how much I miss hearing Alvin John Waples, Olivia Fox, Mike Chase & the Sunday oldies and goodies. The one wise thing you did do was bring back the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Please retire your former DJ’s your new format has very little appear to many of us including myself.

    Miss V

  4. yes TJMS is back. Thank God now my mornings are back to normal.

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