TGIF!!!  Yes indeed it’s Friday and it feels so good.

I haven’t been here in a while 🙂  Guess I haven’t had that blogging feeling in the past few months.  Anyway I’ve been suffering from the severe summer heat and humidity that we’ve been having around here.  It’s been horrible the past few days.  We’re talking 100 degrees.  This is not my kind of weather 😦  Where is fall when you need it?

Today isn’t as bad compared to the past few days though.   But it’s still too hot for me.  Anything over 80 degrees is too hot for me, lol.  Around here summer started back in late May/early June before the official start date of summer.  That figures.  Add the usual Washington, D.C. area humidity and you might as well fry an egg on the sidewalk.

Interesting stuff going on while I’ve been on my blogging break.  Congrats to Serena and Rafa on winning their Wimbledon tennis titles last weekend.  Back in June it was the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.  Still can’t believe he’s gone.  I noticed the media is trying to turn one of the ten Russian spies into a media celebrity.  Why am I not surprised?  Even though she along with the others are being sent back to Russia don’t be surprised if Anna Chapman shows up on the cover of some American fashion magazine 😦

Of course the usual crime stories continue in the D.C. metro area.  One of the saddest was the murder of Maryland State Trooper Wesley Brown.  Back in June Trooper Brown, who was off duty and working part-time as a security guard, was gunned down in front of Applebee’s Restaurant after he escorted an unruly and nonpaying customer. The unruly patron left the restaurant and returned about 30 minutes later and gunned down Trooper Brown in the Applebee’s parking lot.  The thug, Cyril Cornelius Williams, along with a friend of his who gave him the gun were later arrested and charged with first degree murder. The murdering thug Williams has a long history of drug convictions and was on parole at the time of the murder.  I hope they go for the death penalty in this case but knowing the state of Maryland they will probably get life without parole.  If this had happened in neighboring Virginia those two fools would be kissing their lives goodbye.

You can read more about the late Trooper Wesley Brown and those who knew him here at the Washington Post.

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