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I read earlier today that Michael Jackson’s autobiography Moonwalk will be republished.  According to Entertainment Tonight:

Harmony Books has acquired the rights to Moonwalk, Jackson’s only autobiography that was originally published in 1988. The book became an instant No. 1 New York Times bestseller, selling nearly 500,000 copies, according to a release from Harmony Books.

The new edition will include a new introduction by a “well known figure.”

Moonwalk chronicles Jackson’s life growing up, his time as one member of the Jackson 5, and his mega-success as a solo pop artist. It also unveils his writing process behind his classic pop hits, “Beat It,” “Billie Jean” and “We Are the World.”

The book will also delve into Jackson’s personal relationships, including with his sister Janet Jackson, and celebs friends, like Diana Ross.

You can grab the new edition of Moonwalk, selling for $25, on October 13.

I don’t own this book but I do plan on buying it this fall.

Tomorrow is the start of Michael Jackson week on TV One.  They’ll start with The Michael Jackson Story at 8:00pm EST. That show repeats at 11:00pm. On Monday, July 27 Part 1 of the miniseries The Jacksons: An American Dream starts at 9:00pm. Part 2 airs on Tuesday July 28 and also starts at 9:00pm. On Wednesday TV One repeats The Michael Jackson Story starting at 8:00pm. On Thursday July 30 TV One airs Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration, The Solo Years which starts at 9:00pm. On Friday, July 31 Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration, The Solo Years airs again starting at 9:00pm followed by The Michael Jackson Story at 11:00pm.  Check out TV One for more details.

TV One aired the Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration, the Solo Years right after his death. The first hour consisted of various music artists including Destiny’s Child, Marc Anthony, Whitney Houston and Mya. But it was the 2nd hour where Michael and his brothers show off and their performance was great. I didn’t watch the show when it was first televised back in 2001. According to TV One, the special which was filmed at Madison Square Garden in September 2001, was the first time in eleven years that Michael performed live in the US and the first reunion with his brothers in 20 years.  Check out Michael, Chris Tucker and Usher at the end of the show.

On Tuesday, July 28 QVC will have a special, Michael Jackson & Memories. For one hour they will be selling music and collectibles.  Check out QVC’s program guide for July 28.

Ebony Magazine has a special tribute book dedicated to Michael titled Michael:  In His Own Words and Notes from Those Who Loved Him.


Over at EbonyJet.com Hariette Coles talks about how the staff put the book together.

The leadership assembled our small team to talk MJ in the context of Johnson Publishing Company. While many publishing companies and others can lay claim to MJ, few can lay as broad a claim as our company. Some 40 covers over the years between Ebony and Jet, Michael Jackson solo and with his family has long been a friend to us. Indeed, he considered founder John H. Johnson a personal mentor and spoke often of their relationship over the years.

As we talked about how to honor this cultural icon’s memory, the news media had already started beating the drum of controversy. The man had only been dead for a few minutes when the rumor and innuendo, the oddity and absurdity of the MJ story took over the airwaves.

We wanted to tell the triumphant story of MJ’s life and career. And we had the ammo to do so. Our research department started looking in old files of dusty magazines an dour digital records and unearthed many treasures, including articles sharing Michael Jackson’s views about just about everything—from the creative process, to prejudice, family, children and spirituality.

According to the article it looks like Ebony’s September issue will feature Michael on the cover. Check out the entire EbonyJet article here.

Of course just about everyone has heard about Michael and the mystery 4th child. There was a young man sitting in the front row with the Jackson family during the memorial that took place a couple of weeks ago.


Speculation that a Norwegian dancer is Michael Jackson’s love child is swirling after photos showed him sitting in the front row with family at the pop idol’s memorial service.

Omer Bhatti, 25, sat between Jackson’s father, Joe, and the singer’s sisters and brothers at the star-studded July 7 farewell at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Bhatti, who performs under the stage name O-Bee, is rumored to be the result of a one-night stand Jackson had with his mother, Pia Bhatti, in 1984.

I don’t believe he’s Michael’s love child yet some folks swear they see a resemblance.  Some folks seem to forget how Michael looked before he had his first rhinoplasty.


Many are going by how Michael looked recently, you know after all of the surgeries. Michael got started on the road to numerous surgeries after his first two rhinoplasties in 1979 and 1980.  Omer would have been conceived in 1983, a year before Michael’s third rhinoplasty.  Here’s a picture of Michael and Omer together.


Here’s a picture of Michael wearing his fro in 70’s, wearing his infamous jheri curl in 1983 and his straight hair/wig in 2004.


If Omer is Michael’s child then why isn’t he mentioned in Michael’s will?

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  1. i honestly think you people should be ashamed of yourself.Michael Jackson was the most hardworking man in music history.The people who say that he’s this and that are really ignorant.Were any of you there?!NO!so i say shut the hell up and mind your business he had to take care of his whoe family as a child and continued to until the day he died.Michael Jackson was the best!!I love Michael Jackson and nothing is ever going to change that..Why?Because his fathert pushed him and kept pushing so his mentality isn’t like a stable grown man..it’s like someone who wants to live forever because he didn;t get to as a child.So he lived threw his mini-movies and dance moves he vame up with.I love Michael Joseph Jackson

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