My Michael Jackson obsession

I can’t believe I’m still mourning Michael’s death.


It hit me harder than I thought. Maybe it’s because I grew up around the time the Jackson 5 were popular. I was a youngster when they made their Motown music debut back in 1969 with I Want You Back. Then came ABC, The Love You Save and I’ll Be There. The Jackson 5 were the first black teen singing group that young black girls could idolize. When I look back I’m so glad I was around when that happened.  You know, before his Thriller days.

I’ve been checking out different YouTube videos with Michael interviews and various songs. I’ve been googling everything about him. It got worse after the memorial last week.

I found this one song at YouTube that I haven’t heard since the 70’s and early 80’s. The song One Day In Your Life is from Michael’s solo album Forever Michael which was released in 1975. When I found the video at YouTube I screamed like a batshit crazed teenager.  I use to love this song back in the day.   I played it all the time. The song is also available on the One Day in Your Life compilation album which was released in 1981.  Motown released this album to cash in on Michael’s Off The Wall success.  The song didn’t do too well in the United States but it was a big hit in Great Britain, peaking at number 1. I’m not surprised. It’s a beautiful song. I found two different videos for One Day In Your Life. The first video is from his Soul Train performance in 1975.

The second video is a live performance in 1975.

When I headed over to Amazon I noticed that Forever Michael is being re-released on cd and will be available later this month.  Earlier this week I downloaded The Best of Michael Jackson Anthology Series.  It’s a 2 cd set with 44 songs consisting of Michael’s earlier solo songs and a few songs from the Jackson 5.  Of course One Day In Your Life is included in this cd set.


I discovered that I’m not alone in my obsession. Over at Entertainment Weekly Popwatch columnist Missy Schwartz is going through this obsession too. Commenters were glad to know they weren’t alone, lol.

While going through my book collection last weekend I discovered that I have the paperback version of the book Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness by J. Randy Taraborrelli.


I can’t believe I bought this book but hadn’t read it yet.  So I started reading it last weekend and it’s hard to put down.  So far it’s really good. It’s amazing to read about how much was going on in the Jackson family and Michael in particular and fans had no idea. The book was first published in 1991.  A more updated version in hardback, Michael Jackson: The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story, 1958-2009, will be available soon.

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  1. I truly thought I lost it until and began searching for answers. I ran across Sue,karen & icarus postings and to my surprise I found that I Am Not Alone. I am 57yrs old (58 on 8/27) and my kids & grands and sisters think I need to be commited. I think something similar from time to time. I grew up with MJ’s music but did not follow him as I do now. I had a family to raise along with other problems. Well when he passed & I heard so much press I began my own investagation and I haven’t stopped to date. I am truly fascinated by Michael. His death affected me the same as a family menber would. I have all of his videos, dvd’s, cd’s, magazine (i have yet to buy the book his mom wrote),screen-savers, tv recordings…I even have a tee shirt! If I were getting paid for being on the intenet I would be a millionare. He’s on my mind daily. I listen to his music daily and watch his dvd’s way too often. WHAT ARE THESE FEELINGS??? OBSESSION??? I certainly did not expect this fro someone my age. I really admire him~ I wish I had met him or had been to one of his concerts. I do have a therapist (not for this) she thinks I can relate to alot of his past experiences. I will stop now-I am glad to have found people of a certain age to relate to. God Bless Him & his family. May he finally Rest in PEACE. For all the MJ Fans ~ He will always live in our hearts.

  2. @anonymous, why stop? it is definatly strange that most of us are shocked by our own selves in how we feel. Me, I always liked MJ, just liked, I knew he never did the horrible things they said he did, I strongly feel he did not.
    But it wasn’t until after he passed, I started doing like you guys, I have over 3000 pictures on my phone of him, I have 6 different MJ decals on
    my car(I usually HATE decals) it’s such a different kind of love, strangly deeper than any man I’ve ever known and loved, it hurts worse too, I can get over anything pretty quick, but this, totally differnt. I too have friends that say I need “help”…well Facebook friends, because I am constantly posting videos and things, I want everyone to know who he was, he was the biggest giver, and of course the KING of POP! I don’t want this to be too long, so….for you guys on Facebook, check out my page, it’s called Michael Jackson is simply the best.
    L.O.V.E to you all 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I think I’m in trouble. I’m 25 years old and I think I’m obsessed to MJ!
    Before his death I never really knew him, I mean I liked his songs (those I knew) but I never got to make researches about him or anything. I even believed all the allegations and stuff… But since his death, I’ve been looking for all the videos about him, I read his book and all the articles about him. I stay very late at night just watching his videos and listening to his music…
    Mee too, I’ve never cared about any celebrity before. And now I really feel as sad as if I lost a close person. Very sad and wierd feeling. I want it to stop what can I do?? yes it is unexplainable…

  4. I’m 50 years old and listened to MJ my whole life. I’ve always like him alot and thought he was innocent of all accusations against him. But, that was it. Like others, I’ve been really surprised how much I’ve mourned and loved him since his death. Crying many times. I’ve never cared about any celebrity before, at all. I’m posting this to let anyone else out there with this weird, unexplainable, post-death obsession know you aren’t alone.

  5. omg now i really believe it is not just me…there is really something about him that makes u to think more and more about him..i think no one in this world has that power…it is now almost seven months and i m so much loving him more each day…

  6. To all:
    I am going to turn 50 this year — I never get obsessed by movie stars or rock stars, not all… At first MJ’s death was a yea ok — and then it hit me with the televised ceremony — and then here I am reading books,searching on internet and saw the movie This Is It. I have begun to journal about what drew me into this figure, this character, realized that he was also the King of Pop Culture, not just the King of pop music .. and I was not a fan just collected a few of his songs by record (if people even know what those are)… I’ve said prayers, I’ve thought about it his energy..alot… watched TV specials and I did not personally know him at all. So people I feel some kind of unified group therapy to let go and move on is required — I also feel intruded upon by this energy and don’t think that is what MJ wanted… he has a right to his privacy like all of us, not everything he thought, felt or did was understood or should have been because like public figures of all kinds they get their privacy– even if we learn “answers” to MJ’s story we still must move on in our questions about humanity, the arts, pop culture and the commerce machine making of characters, like the King of Pop — he was just a guy like any one else — when I think of him that simple it all makes sense I want to say thank you my friend for your blessings and please have your peace.

  7. Im the same except im only 17. My mum is starting to get worried because i cannot go through the day without watching/listening/reading about him. I was a fan all through my childhood and it was my dream to see him live and even had tickets for the concerts in London. I always feel bitter that i wasnt born in time to see him live. I dont understand why i feel this way because although i am a big fan i didnt expect to react this way and it seems to be getting worse. Oh well hopefully i grow out of it but ill never forget the king. 🙂

  8. I love the first picture here! It shows Michael as a very handsome young man. I just saw “This is It” and it started my mourning all over again… May you rest in peace MJ…

  9. I am too obsessed to Michael Jackson, since his death.Sometimes I feel a bit guilty because I spend a lot of time to watch his videos, search his news, read articles about him (I don’t read negative thing about him, I don’t read haters’ stuff). I don’t know everything about him. Some things probably we will never know the truth, but my instinct and honest human nature tell me he is a good person with kind heart. He’s extremely talented. He gave everything to his music. I am still feel very upset on his death. May him rest in peace.

  10. I’m a mature woman of 53 and am quite surprised, too, at my personal reaction to MJ’s death. I always appreciated his talent and knew he was innocent of any charges against him, but what I admit as an obsession over him has taken me a bit by surprise. I am buying DVDs, CD’s—watching & listening every opportunity. I agree with Anne–I think many of us are realizing what a gift to humanity we have lost, probably did not appreciate like we should have while he was with us, even if we did support. I am just so unbelievably sad he is gone. At least we have his gift of music and entertainment that will never be replicated.

  11. Thanks everyone for responding to this post. It is weird cause it’s not like we knew the man. But when it’s someone you grew up listening to I guess it’s like losing a close friend.

    I will be buying Moonwalk when it comes out in October.

    Anne, after reading the 1991 version of Michael Jackson – The Magic and the Madness I learned that Michael really needed a real friend. He never really had anyone he could confide in or talk to.

  12. I’m right there with you, Lady Rayne. I am so deeply saddened by his death, which is just WEIRD. I mean, yeah, I’m a fan of his music, but I’m a fan of many deceased artists and I didn’t feel this when they died.

    I think it’s because Michael is more than just a great artist. I think he represents a pure, tortured soul who was vastly misunderstood, villified and taken advantage of. It’s a little akin to the prophet story that we all are drawn to, and when you consider all of his charitable work, it makes it even more similar to the prophet story. Not that I am implying that we should deify Michael Jackson — I’m just saying that elements of his life touch people in the same way that elements of the lives of prophets do.

    I wish I had known him personally. I’m sorry I never will.

  13. You aren’t alone. Although I am younger than you, growing up in the 1970s is when my Michael Jackson fascination started. The local radio station played him all the time. Michael was on the cover of Black Beat and Right On magazines constantly when I was a kid. I think I bought everyone he was on during the early 1980s!

    We were so blessed to have his music during our lifetime. I also feel blessed that I was able to see him in concert during The Victory Tour and Bad Tour. I always though wanted him to return to the states to tour again. I was hopeful when talks started about him doing a residence in Las Vegas but I was thinking of going to London to see him! : X

    I have J. Randy’s book too and I never read it. Looks like I will be reading this weekend!

    Enjoy Moonwalker. I bought it when it first came out and read it in a day! It’s a quick read! A few pictures included. He goes into discussing his strained relationship with his father.

    ((michael love!!)

  14. Wow – I can so relate to ladyrayne. Here it is 7/25/09 a month later and not one day has gone by without me crying. It hurts when I think about MJ being gone because he was like the kid that grew up next door. I too have been searching every day to see any pictures of him online or to find any videos of him talking and seeing that beautiful smiling face. MJ was such a pure gift – a true diamond in the rough. I think that the reason the mourning keeps going on is because the world lost something more than a great musician and humanitarian. We lost one of the purest hearts never to be likend to again. And after giving so much of his life and time to all of us he was finally finding a joy with his children. I am glad he had some time to enjoy a childhood with them and I hope and pray that they are able to hold onto those memories throughout their life. I will always love you MJ. RIP

  15. I agree with you that it’s hard to believe he is dead. I was so sad when he died. It made me want to buy all of his albums so I could mourn appropriately. I’m glad you are remembering his Motown years, because they are my favorite. Whoever reads this, I want to let you know that you can get Michael’s Motown songs as your ringtone if you follow this link to my Photobucket and look at the flyer! Enjoy!

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