My pain in the neck co-worker

I don’t normally blog about my job but I gotta vent today 😦

Have you ever had a co-worker who feels that even though you’re both attending a training class and the class doesn’t start until two hours after you start work, she feels as though you’re committing some sort of crime for coming to work on time and doing your job? I start work early in the morning. Our training class, which is in our building, doesn’t start until around 8:30am, but I come to work at my regular time anyway cause I have work that has to be completed every morning. Since she’s my backup I can’t let the work slide for the next two weeks. In her eyes I’m some sort of goody two shoes freak for wanting to get my work done while she just heads straight to the training class without going to her office first even though she has time to go to her office before the class starts.

I wanted to choke the mess out of her today cause she kept bringing it up but I kept my cool. She’s the type that likes to socialize with everyone or gab on the phone while at work yet gets upset and wonders why the supervisor nitpicks at her or is always looking for her when she’s away from her office. This woman is a mother and grandmother. You would think she would have some grown up sense but I do wonder about her. I’ve known her for years on the job but only started working with her a few years ago and lord have mercy she plucks my nerves sometimes.

Not only does she bug me about doing my job that I’m paid to do, apparently I’m some sort of perfectionist for coming to work on time. Huh, you say? Yes, coming to work on time is something strange to her since she always comes in late. So since she comes in late I guess everybody else is suppose to do the same thing. When I mentioned that I came into work fifteen minutes late one day a couple of months ago cause I got up late, well she was thrilled. She had this “welcome to the coming into work late club” attitude.  I looked at her like she was a fool.

The next time she makes a comment about me doing something that I’m paid to do I’m gonna tell her to put a sock in it and let it go. She may not like it but that’s too damn bad.

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