Jada Pinkett Smith’s new role

Jada Pinkett Smith stars in the upcoming TNT series Hawthorne.


I blogged about this early last month. But before she accepted the role she talked to her husband actor Will Smith and their children about the tv show. Accepting the role meant that Will would become Mr. Mom which I’m sure the kids are enjoying.

Will Smith takes on ‘extra’ duties to support wife’s new TV show

By Alan Duke

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Before Jada Pinkett Smith took the role of producer and star of TNT’s “HawthoRNe,” she made sure her family was fine with her being away from her mother and wife duties during filming.

Pinkett Smith plays a single mom and a hospital’s chief nurse on the medical show, which debuts Tuesday night on cable’s TNT Network, which is owned by the parent company of CNN.

“I sat down with kids and my husband and I really asked their permission,” she said. “I said ‘Listen, there was this show I’d love to do and it will be three months that you might not see Mommy a lot.’ And they’re looking at me like ‘Really? What does that mean?'”

It meant that on weekdays Will would get Willow, 8, and Jaden, 11, out of bed each morning, tuck them in at night and take care of them in-between.

“So they get to eat chocolate for breakfast and go to bed whenever they feel like it for those three months while I’m working,” Pinkett Smith said. “So, it works out, and they know that the rest of the year, I’m off.”

While the show is based on a Richmond, Virginia, hospital, it’s produced in a recently closed Inglewood, California, hospital just a few miles from the Smiths’ home.

The article also mentions that Will will be an extra on Hawthorne so if you blink you might miss him. Check out the entire article here.  While you’re reading check out another article about Jada over at the Los Angeles Times titled Jada Pinkett Smith steps out on Hawthorne.  That article mentions that word of mouth about Hawthorne isn’t that great.  Washington Post critic Tom Shales reviewed both Hawthorne and another new show about a nurse, Nurse Jackie on Showtime last Monday.   Shales had rave reviews for Nurse Jackie and he didn’t like Hawthorne.  I’m still gonna watch Hawthorne since I prefer being my own critic.

Hawthorne premieres on TNT Tuesday, June 16 at 9:00pm ET.

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