While checking out my google alerts I saw an item about a new website aimed at African Americans called  But as one of the Grio team members states: the site is for anyone and everyone who has an interest in its content.


NBC Universal launched TheGrio which focuses on news and video. The site will gather content from NBC News, its own NBC affiliates and MSNBC.   According to the site: is the first video-centric news community site devoted to providing African Americans with stories and perspectives that appeal to them but are underrepresented in existing national news outlets. TheGrio features aggregated and original video packages, news articles, and blogs on topics from breaking news, politics, health, business, and entertainment, which concern its niche audience.

TheGrio is brought to you through the cooperation of NBC News and the production team that brought you the documentary film, Meeting David Wilson.

The goal of TheGrio is to be the news portal that satisfies the desire of African Americans to stay informed and connected with their community. TheGrio’s editorial mandate is to focus on news and events that have a unique interest and/or pronounced impact within the national African Americans audience.

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  1. Hello! I recently sent severel emails to Pres. Obama his wife,his office Eugene Robinson Wash.Post Gov of Calif .Ted Kennedy his neice Maria the Govs.wife, who I have conacted so many times by email,letter and fax and stlll no reponce .My Brother Patrick Fletcher who has been behind bars for 23 years finaly came up for release from Vacaville in C alif.and was denied he has many degrees, a job waiting and home and support from his family even our cousin former NBA Player Jamall Wilkes has written with his support and no release!!N0t only him but thousands of African American Men are held in prison as if institutional Slavery. Attorney General Eric Holder tried to comment on this point, but was quickly mussled, why is evety one so afraid to discuss this issue ? The Gov is cutting every service for the poor in Calif.allowing the state to go bankruct but still wont release any inmates so much money is being made on these people its terrible. The Indians received casinos as reprerations the Jewish community are stii receiving copensation for losses after the Holocost!! We will never see our 40 aceres and a mule !! So how about time served!!!! Help!!! Please !!! Someone!!!!

  2. Gloria,

    You should be able to listen to the videos. There’s a button you can click on the video.

  3. gloriagoodall

    Are there any sound to the videos I veiwing? I heard about you on wolam radio. thanks.

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