Down home with the Neelys

USA Today has an interesting article about the Food Network’s Gina and Pat Neely.


Down Home With the Neelys appears on the Food Network at 11:00am Saturdays and repeated throughout the week.  The Neelys are currently on a book tour promoting their new book Down Home with the Neelys:  A Southern Family Cookbook, which you can find at


Family is a key ingredient in the Neelys’ BBQ success

By Dennis Moore, USA TODAY

Grandma Jean’s potato salad. Grandma Rena’s deep-fried pork chops and quick vegetable soup. Aunt Faye’s chicken with scallion dumplings. Momma Daisy’s peach and blackberry cobbler. Mamma Neely’s Sock-It-to-Me Cake. And Memphis-style barbecue ribs.

Those family recipes have been passed down to the Food Network’s saucy stars Patrick and Gina Neely and are included in a new book they’re touring the country to promote, Down Home With the Neelys (Knopf, $27.95). More than 120 recipes, leading off with their famous barbecue seasoning and sauce, are introduced with a bit of family history, photos and humor.

“We’re no different from the typical family from the South,” says Pat, 44. “There, everybody can tell you about a dish that their grandmother, mother and aunt made.

“We were home-schooled in cooking,” he says.

The Neelys are best known for their barbecue, prepared “dry,” with a mixture of spices rubbed onto the meat, or “wet,” basted with a sweet and tangy sauce — and sometimes both — in their three restaurants in Memphis and Nashville.

Tony Neely, Pat’s brother, offers tips in the book for backyard barbecuing this summer. Most important: Go low and slow, cooking away from the fire using indirect heat. When seasoning meat, earlier is better, he says, even the night before. And if you throw a slab of ribs on the grill, cook them curl-side up to allow juices to gather in the center of the curl. Flip once, halfway or three-quarters of the way through cooking.

Pat and Tony’s ribs won a contest for the best in Memphis in 1997, which led to their appearance on the Today show. But the Neelys’ barbecuing isn’t limited to traditional ribs, chicken and another Memphis favorite, pulled-pork sandwiches. Pat and Gina have shared recipes for barbecue spaghetti on CBS’ The Early Show and barbecue nachos on ABC’s Good Morning America.

The article also mentions their family including their two children, how they got into the barbecue business and how they landed their Food Network series. You can click here to read the entire USA Today article and check out their Neelys Bar_B_Que website.

I got a serious craving for barbecue after reading this article. 🙂

3 responses

  1. The show is great with fantastic recipes, and whole new look at cooking. I only wish she could or would be nicer to Pat, she Definitely runs the kitchen, the house, everything, but it changes every season, where Gina becomes more and more demanding.

  2. hey, you guys are the best me and my grandmother watch your cooking show all the time. we like your show the best because you guys are happy and working as a family. well, please send me some of your guys recipes my grandmother would love them. thankyou bye.

  3. I am so glad to know that there are people on the Food Network like Gina and Pat to show America that there is a such thing as married couples enjoying one another like they do. My husband and I look at ya’ll every Saturday morning here in Baltimore. We are also high school sweethearts from the 1980’s and we went apart and reunited in 2002, and now we are happily married for going on 5 years. We would love to meet you and get to know you as friends. I know that you guys receive alot of email messages, some negative and some positive. We love the energy that you guys give off to the world and to one another. Keep up the good work

    Peace and Blessings
    Sonya Bailey from Baltimore

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