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Segregated proms are still the norm in certain part of the South. The New York Times as an article titled In Georgia, Segregation Endures on Prom Night.  It’s sad that despite this being the 21st century, senior proms are still segregated.

A growing number of single black women in Alameda County, California are adopting according to this article, More Single Black Women Adopting, County Says.  It’s because of this positive move the county is seeing a drop in the number of children in the foster care system.

National Journal Magazine has an interesting article about GOP dominance in the South, but how they’re losing everywhere else in the country.  The article, For GOP, A Southern Exposure, gives some history about the  Republican Party from the 1800’s to the present.

According to a survey of federal employees, a strong manager is more important than money.  In the article, Money’s Nice, But a Good Boss is Better, the survey states that federal employees prefer strong leadership and straight answers from management more than higher pay and benefits.  Also according to the survey the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ranks as the best place to work in the federal government.  You can check out the results of the best places to work at the Best Places to Work website.

Job prospects aren’t going so well for Stanford University seniors.  According to a Time Magazine article, Even Stanford Grads Are Hurting in the Downturn, the bad economy has hit even the best and brightest students at Stanford University.

Some men just can’t take rejection.  According to the AJC (Atlanta Constitution Journal), an Atlanta man was so enraged when two women rejected him, so he decided to go on a shooting spree injuring the two women. According to the article, Rejected man shot two women, the assailant didn’t know the two women but apparently he refused to take no for an answer.

The CW Network cancelled the last remaining black centered shows on it’s network.  According to The Feed, Everybody Hates Chris and The Game have been cancelled and the CW is gearing the network more towards young women.  From the WB and UPN to the CW, it’s amazing how black centered tv shows have pretty much disappeared from network television after having a pretty good run starting in the 70’s on to the 80’s through early 2000’s.  Black folks are pretty much relegated to secondary roles now on network tv.

Darrell Gilyard the former pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida has pleaded guilty to molesting a 15-year-old girl and sending lewd text messages to another girl at his former church.  According to the article, Former rising star preacher pleads guility to molestation, Darrell Gilyard was arrested in January after a church  member found lewd text messages on her daughters cell phone.  Gilyard rose to fame during the 1980’s with the support of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Students at HBCU Kentucky State University elected their first white Miss Kentucky State University. reports in the article, First White Miss KSU is proud to be a Thorobred, Elisabeth Joy Martin, a fifth year senior, received over 300 votes last month to win the title.  Even though the school is an HBCU, KSU desegregated in 1954.

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