America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12

I may bitch and moan about the glut of reality shows taking over network and cable tv, but I do have a few guilty pleasures. I use to watch American Idol but after season 3 that was enough for me.  It’s not because Fantasia won, even though I wasn’t rooting for her.  I was rooting for LaToya London.  It’s because I got sick and tired of voters booting off good singers and letting the mediocre singers stick around cause they remind them of their nephews, sons, grandsons, etc.

Anyway I do watch America’s Next Top Model.   I wasn’t too thrilled about last season’s contestants but they did have a good winner in McKey Sullivan and I was happy for her.  Well for the first time ever someone I liked and wanted to win won ANTM for cycle 12.


The winner was 20 year-old Teyona Anderson from Woodstown, New Jersey.




Woodstown native named America’s Next Top Model
Thursday, May 14, 2009
By Jennifer Dailey

After weeks of photo shoots and challenges, Woodstown native Teyona Anderson is America’s next top model.

She battled it out with 12 other finalists over the last couple months on the CW Network’s “America’s Next Top Model” to win the title Wednesday night. While considered a quiet hometown girl in the beginning, her looks and fierce attitude helped put her on top.

As the winner of “America’s Next Top Model” Anderson will receive a contract with Elite Model Management. She will also receive a $100,000 contract with cosmetics company CoverGirl.

She will also appear on the cover and in a six-page spread in “Seventeen” magazine.

Teyona competed against Allison Harvard from New Orleans.  I’m surprised Allison made it that far.  Her bug-eyed look got on my nerves.  I would have preferred Celia or even Fo in the final instead of Allison.

When the season first started and I saw Teyona I thought I’m rooting for her.  I was also liking Sandra Nyanchoka from Rockville, Maryland after seeing her in the first episode but as soon as she opened her mouth and the arrogance started spewing out left and right, that was it for me. I couldn’t wait for Sandra to get booted off. During her farewell segment she was still acting like she was all that and better than everyone else.  I was like good riddance!!

Congrats to Teyona!!

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  1. i like allison harvard d most coz she’s not so bitchy,she’s a shy n cute girl….sexy too!!!

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