Introducing Laura Izibor

Speaking of music artists have you heard of Laura Izibor?


I first heard her single From My Heart To Yours on the TJMS. I love this song.

And check out her song Shine.

The Independent has an interesting article about Laura.  The Irish born singer’s cd Let The Truth Be Told is scheduled for release in June.

American dreams: Laura Izibor

Irish soul queen laura izibor is set to hit the top of us urban music. just don’t call her the next britney, by Ed power

By Ed Power
Friday April 24 2009

Laura Izibor is waiting for the jet-lag to kick in. “I stayed up until 3am writing a song last night,” she says in a super-perky tone of voice. “Which is weird ‘cos, the previous day, I took three separate flights and got four hours sleep. Shouldn’t the tiredness have hit by now?”

Izibor, christened the ‘queen of Irish soul’ by a swoonful international press, is just back from a tour of the US, her umpteenth of the past 12 months. She’s holding court in the penthouse of Dublin’s Morgan Hotel, a white on white orgy of bling befitting a hip-hop star who has lost the run of themself slightly. The topic of discussion is her long awaited first album, Let The Truth Be Told. For a debut, it’s an accomplished marriage of song-writing chops and sisterly sass — a balancing act that looks set to catapult 22-year-old Izibor from the Irish suburbs to the very top of US urban music.

Assuming, that is, America can get past the colour of her skin.

“It’s funny, the fact I’m black always, always comes up in the US,” she says. “It nearly helps win them over. But I have to acknowledge it, otherwise, it’s kind of hanging there. I recently did a gig at BB King’s in New York. It attracts a very mainstream audience. And they were all like, ‘what the hell? Black and Irish?’ So I acknowledged it and then they were like, ‘oh well, at least she said it’. They walk away thinking — hey, maybe there are black people in France, too? And in England’. They think the only black people are Africans or African-Americans. They way I see it, I’m educating them.”

She gets slightly giddy as she recalls a recent performance at Manhattan’s Nokia Theatre with Aretha Franklin. There wasn’t time to socialise with Franklin, whom the Dubliner has worshipped since she was a teenager. However, Izibor did find herself stepping into the elder stateswoman’s shoes at the last minute, when Franklin was forced to cancel an address to troops recently returned from Iraq.

“It was in Times Square and I had to go out there and welcome them home,” says Izibor, with a slight, but visible, shudder. “I was like ‘how I can I welcome these people home?’ Then I thought ‘flip it’. Standing up there in front of all those soldiers and their families, the whole thing suddenly became very real to me. I said ‘Ireland isn’t in the situation you’re in. I really feel for you. I get scared sometimes walking out on stage. But you guys — the fear your loved ones must be going through…’ It was pretty bizarre to be out there. It turned out to be a good thing for me.”

Izibor has been the subject of industry ‘buzz’ for years, but, this past six months, things have really moved up a level. Her songs — pitched somewhere between the 1970s confessional pop of Carole King and Beyonce at her more contemplative — have been placed on several prominent Hollywood soundtracks (The Nanny Diaries, PS I Love You), whilst everyone from Rolling Stone to Esquire magazine to MTV is currently pouring diesel on the hype bonfire.

Normally that sort of exposure comes at a price. And for a female artist operating in the infamously sexist world of America urban music that price tends to be personal dignity. Izibor, though, is determined to have success on her own terms and is quite blunt about refusing to degrade herself in the hope of wider exposure. Translation: no booty-call photo-shoots, no flesh-pot videos, no potty-mouthed lyrics. To her mild surprise, her PG-rating stance has turned out to be a strength rather than a drawback.

You can read it all here and check out her official site here.

2 responses

  1. To the contrary…Real people want to hear real music! I am so glad Laura, like we say her in the USA, kept it 100!!!!!

  2. Laura Izibor: The Rise Of Irish Soul?…

    I know, Tyrone and Imani. The words “Irish” and “soul music” sound like an oxymoron. I was skeptical at first when I came across her today over at Talking Stuff blog. However, Laura Izibor is the real deal, even if Irish soul does sound like Americ…

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