Michelle Obama charms the Brits

With President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in Europe attending the G-20, looks like Michelle is making the big news splash.



Brits go bloomin’ wild over First Lady Michelle Obama

BY Jane Ridley

London- Forget the global financial crisis or how the G-20 plans to solve it.

A far more pressing question is occupying great British minds: Does Michelle Obama wear Spanx under her pencil skirts?

Such is the obsession with all things Michelle that readers of London’s Daily Mail must ponder whether the First Lady’s “toned physique is [due] to more than just hours in the gym.”

The newspaper speculated on a so-called visible panty line across her right thigh – a tell-tale sign that the invisible support system slimming bottom and thighs has miserably failed in its job. Oh, the shame! But this alleged victim need not worry one bit.

The succession of chic outfits Obama has showcased here has won universal approval in the British press.

For her daytime appearance, she wore a springlike ensemble – a green gingham skirt, white top and cream-colored cardigan – from J. Crew, complemented by classic pearls and elegant bracelets.

Of course most folks are focusing on what Michelle is wearing. Being the proud non fashionista that I am, what Michelle wears isn’t a big deal to me.   In my eyes she looks nice in just about everything she wears.   Some folks are going batshit crazy over what she’s wearing. Hollering that this and that is so wrong and screaming about being sleeveless again.  Lord have mercy, the economy is in the tank all over the world and some folks are worried about what outfit Michelle is wearing.

Anyway Michelle is causing a frenzy again with another J. Crew outfit.  Their website saw a huge spike in visitors this week.  Then there’s the controversy over the hug Michelle gave Queen Elizabeth II.  Apparently the Queen placed her arm around Michelle first and Michelle returned the gesture.  And of course some folks went batshit crazy.



She is not renowned for public displays of affection. Which made the Queen’s decision to put a friendly arm around Michelle Obama’s waist at a Buckingham Palace G20 reception – prompting the U.S. President’s wife to return the gesture – so utterly astonishing.

Finding herself next to Mrs Obama, the Queen remarked on their height difference. As she did so, her hand edged towards the small of Mrs Obama’s back. Mrs Obama responded – and even rubbed the Queen’s shoulder – before both women moved gently apart after about ten seconds.

The sight of the Queen publicly hugging another woman astonished other guests. An onlooker said: ‘It was a pretty simultaneous gesture. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.’

It was an electrifying moment of palpable majesté: A breach of centuries-long protocol when the friendly and outgoing Michelle Obama put her arm round the Queen.

It now appears, however, that it may have been the Queen who made the initial move. In any case, it was the first time that anyone can remember in her long public life that she has put her arm around another woman.

‘A mutual and spontaneous display of affection and appreciation,’ was how a Buckingham Palace spokesman hastened to describe it.

Maybe the Queen was in a friendly mood.  It would have been hysterical if Queen Elizabeth had given Michelle the so called terrorist fist bump.  Oh the horror!!  The British and American media folks would have been in a frenzy, lol 😉

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