Cynthia Tucker ambushed by Faux News idiots

This is one of those what the hell moments.  While checking out the Atlanta Journal Consitution (AJC) I saw this column by Jay Bookman.

Bill O’Reilly’s Faux bravado

By Jay Bookman
Saturday, September 6, 2008, 11:55 AM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

On this peaceful, pleasant Atlanta Saturday morning, my colleague Cynthia Tucker, syndicated columnist and the AJC’s editorial page editor, was returning from a trip to the grocery store when she was “ambushed” on the sidewalk in front of her home by a three-person crew sent by Fox’s Bill O’Reilly.

Here’s a little background:

In a recent column, Tucker noted that Bill O’Reilly had skewered the parents of 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears after she became pregnant. “The blame falls primarily on the parents of the girl, who obviously have little control over her,” O’Reilly said. Yet as Tucker noted in her column, O’Reilly seemed to have a different set of standards for the parents of Bristol Palin.

As Tucker stopped outside her house to pick up her mail, the Fox camera crew emerged out of a car parked across the street and advanced on her, yelling questions. At this point, I’ll turn it over to Tucker for the blow-by-blow account, as she recalls it:

O’Reilly guy: “Cynthia, in your column, were you comparing Bristol Palin to Jamie Lynn Spears?”

Cynthia: “In my column, I was criticizing Bill O”Reilly. And I stand by that.”

O’Reilly guy: “Bill pointed out that Jamie Lynn Spears was running around unsupervised. You know that. So you were saying that Bristol Palin was running around unsupervised.”

Cynthia: “If I said that, read that part. You’re holding the column (in your hand). Read where I said Bristol Palin was running around unsupervised.”

O’Reilly guy: “You inferred (sic) it.”

Cynthia: “I inferred O’Reilly is a hypocrite. And I stand by that. Good day, gentlemen. I’m going inside to finish my Saturday chores.”

(They ran behind me, shouting, “Why weren’t you in Minneapolis? You went to the Democratic Convention. Why didn’t you go to the Republican Convention?” I didn’t look back — just got in my car and drove into my driveway.)

Check out the entire column here.

You can read Cynthia’s column about O’Reilly’s hypocrisy here.

Bill O’Reilly has got some nerve to have his flunkies harass Cynthia in front of her home.  All she did was tell the truth about O’Reilly’s hypocrisy.

10 responses

  1. Excuse all the typo’s and misspelled words-I’m a little….flustered with people such as ‘Annette’.

  2. To Annette~

    You are not an Independent. You are an extremist Conservative. The most dangerous, deadly kind. I would be more scared of people like you than all these accused put together.

    I am a Hollywood mother with five children. (From 16 on down.) My top three children are strait A’s, award-winning, Congress winning, State winning students and community volunteers. They are bright, aware and know right from wrong.

    You said, “There is a difference between raising your children on PURPOSE in the Hollywood world of sin, drugs, self indulgence, promiscuity, agnoticsm, atheism, narcism and no self resposibility or self accountablity AND showing and raising your children in the way of the Lord and morals.” This sends shivers up my spine. Out of the hundreds of thousands of people who make a living in Hollywood and raise normal, sane children shame on you.

    As far as bring bringing them up in “the way of the Lord”…there is more violence, hypocrisy and self serving condemnation from the extreme Christian “lifestyle” than you could imagine. (I was one-I know). ‘Self responsibility’ and all the other things you listed are not saved just for the religious, but non religious equally.

    I know more non religious people that have more upstanding morals than all the religions combined. The most judgmental, mean spirited, and narrow minded people have come from Christian based, and religious based organizations. Exception proves the rule.

    As far as quoting Dr. Phil (wow)…here is some information for the sheep:”

    A complaint has been filed against Dr. Phil with the California Board of Psychology.

    The complaint reportedly accuses Dr. Phil McGraw of practicing without a license when he visited Britney Spears at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after her meltdown earlier this month, according to

    1/18/Dr. Phil has never been licensed to practice in California, and he is no longer licensed in his home state of Texas. “

    And do us all a favor, save your poisonous prayers for yourself. Spare the rest of us with your curses. We’ll all pray for YOU.

  3. To the person who believes winning a Pulitzer Prize gives anyone credibility, you are sadly misguided. Even Bob Dylan won a Pulitzer Prize. Arafat won the Peace Prize! That tells you how much credibility those awards mean.

    It is because of the AJC’s staff that many, including myself have stop buying the newspaper. If you have a different view from Cynthia Tucker, then she paints you as a racist. If you do not vote Democrat, you are a racist. If you have conservitive views, you are a racist.

    Cynthia Tucker deliberately attacks anyone who dares takes a different stand other than her own personal views and the AJC does not permit another employee/ columnist to have a counter viewpoint from hers. Why, because Tucker is the editor. There is no balance on the AJC. The newspaper has been caught several times publishing lies and distorsions – one has to only remember the Richard Jewel incident.

  4. Ms. Tucker,

    Kudos to you for your recent editorial on that sissy O’Reilly.

    Contrary to the oppinion of the right, you were right in what you said. If it were O’Bama choosing a women with the same issues as Sarah Palin , the republicans would talk about him .
    I guess because they know that McCain is boring and old as the dickens,

    Hold your head up and keep on writing. They think that they are the only ones to have an oppinion, I doubt it!

  5. Ms. Tucker is a Pulitzer Prize winner. The AJC is grateful to have her on their staff. She certainly is more qualified than for her job than BillO is for his. This country is in trouble

  6. Uncle Joe Mccarthy

    are the first 3 posters in this thread serious?

    the country is being overrun by full retards

    we are doomed

  7. Wow, really Annette, I’ll pray for you!!

    How does anyone really know how these people raise their children whether that child is being raised in Hollywood or in Alaska?

    BOTH sets of parents in this case dropped the ball somewhere and BOTH sets of these parents have their children in the public eye.

    If O’Rielly feels the need to criticize one set of parents the other set should not be immune because they represent his lame political views.

  8. It is so sad that people like Cynthia Tucker are employed at positions in journalism that they are unqualified to hold. A professional journalist reports the facts in a balanced unbiased manner. This person is so transparent that it is amazing that any thinking person would read her dribble.

  9. Cynthia Tucker is an absolute BLACK woman/racist who does her utmost to act and pass as white so she will not APPEAR to be the bigot that she is.
    You will note that, on most of the sites that carry her racist/bigoted column, there is no room for comment.
    She, like a lot of other people would vote for Obama/Osama (as Teddy Kennedy calls him)/Oprama JUST because he’s half black.
    And, she delights in implying that all of the rest of us, who are more concerned about his vetting and the REAL issues, of being racist JUST BECAUSE we won’t vote for him.
    Get a clue!

  10. I am an Independant. NO O’Rielly was not hypocrit. There is a difference between raising your children on PURPOSE in the Hollywood world of sin, drugs, self indulgence, promiscuity, agnoticsm, atheism, narcism and no self resposibility or self accountablity AND showing and raising your children in the way of the Lord and morals. In the words of Dr. Phil to David Letterman….the best parents with the most Godly guidance can not control the hormones of their children. When you purposely and intentionaly show your children that the Hollywood world is what life is about…then a Hollywod child filled with sin is what you will get.
    God be with you M’am and may he open your eyes to what and who you really are. I will pray for you.
    May God bless and forgive you…In Jesus name I pray…Amen.

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