Is McCain green with envy?

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd doesn’t bite her tongue with her latest column about presidential candidate Senator John McCain.

Not since Iago and Othello obsessed on the comely Cassio, not since Richard of Gloucester killed his two nephews, not since Nixon and Johnson glowered at the glittering J.F.K., has there been such an unseemly outpouring of boy envy.

Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson and John Edwards have all been crazed with envy over the ascendance of the new “It” guy, Barack Obama.

Unlike his wife, Bill Clinton — the master of fake sincerity — still continues to openly begrudge his party’s betrothed.

She later mentions McCain:

Now John McCain is pea-green with envy. That’s the only explanation for why a man who prides himself on honor, a man who vowed not to take the low road in the campaign, having been mugged by W. and Rove in South Carolina in 2000, is engaging in a festival of juvenilia.

The Arizona senator who built his reputation on being a brave proponent of big solutions is running a schoolyard campaign about tire gauges and Paris Hilton, childishly accusing his opponent of being too serious, too popular and not patriotic enough.

Even his own mother, the magical 96-year-old Roberta McCain, let slip that she thought the Paris Hilton-Britney Spears ad was “kinda stupid.”

McCain’s 2000 strategist, John Weaver, was equally blunt with Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter: “It’s hard to imagine America responding to ‘small ball’ when we have all these problems.”

Some of McCain’s old pals in the Senate are cringing at what they see as his soulless transformation into what he once scorned.

“John’s eaten up with envy,” said one. “His image of himself was always the handsome, celebrity flyboy.

“Now somebody else is the celebrity,” the colleague continued, while John looks in the mirror and sees his face marred by skin cancer and looks at the TV and sees his dashing self-image replaced by visions of William Frawley, with Letterman jokes about his membership in the ham radio club and adventures with wagon trains.

This perked up my ears. Especially the third sentence:

McCain could dismiss W. as a lightweight, but he knows Obama’s smart. Obama wrote his own books, while McCain’s were written by Salter. McCain knows he’s the affirmative action scion of admirals who might not have gotten through Annapolis without being a legacy. Obama didn’t even tell Harvard Law School that he was black on his application.

McCain ranked in the bottom ten of his class at the United States Naval Academy.  If this was Senator Barack Obama certain media folks would be spinning this 24/7.

Check out the entire column here.

2 responses

  1. Obama supporters need to let the swing voters know that the reason McCain is who he is and where he is, is because of who his father and grandfather were and who he married. As the son and grandson of four-star U. S. Navy admirals, John McCain was very privileged. He attended a private prep school.

    Even though John McCain was a very poor student, he was admitted to the U. S. Naval Academy. Even though McCain was a very poor student at the Academy, he graduated — fifth from the bottom of his class of 899 cadets.

    Even though John McCain had a very poor academic record, he was admitted to the Navy flight school. Even though John McCain crashed and destroyed three naval aircraft and it was clearly his fault, he was not grounded because his father was a four-star Admiral.

    Even though John McCain was still legally married to his first wife Carol, he applied for a marriage license to marry his second wife Cindy Hensley and they were married five weeks after his divorce from Carol.

  2. Cindy Hensley, who is now Cindy McCain, is the sole heiress to a beer industry distributorship. Cindy McCain has a net worth of greater than $100 million. John and Cindy McCain own eight private homes. Most of them are worth several million dollars each.

    How many of your friends own more than two non-rental homes? Probably none. How many of you or your friends wear $520 shoes? John McCain does. McCain’s favorite shoes are a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo “Pregiato Moccasins.” What do $520 shoes do that $75 shoes won’t do? Like most of the readers, I’ve never worn or even tried on a pair of $500 shoes.

    How many of you and your friends own a private jet airplane like John and Cindy McCain? Probably none.

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