Girls will be girls Part 2

Back in January 2007 I posted information about a group of spoiled, arrogant cheerleaders from McKinney North High School in Texas who were basically getting away with bad behavior.  One of the Fab Five as they were called was the daughter of the McKinney North principal.  The last thing I mentioned back in January 2007 was that Hollywood would come calling.  Well Lifetime recently premiered a movie based on these mean girls last weekend. 

The ‘Fab Five’ Revisited
Lifetime TV drama opens an old wound in Texas cheerleaders’ town.

The tale of the Fab Five always seemed like a drama made for TV. A group of senior varsity cheerleaders in a Texas exurb, led by the principal’s daughter, provoke a local scandal with their rowdy and randy behavior, culminating when they post sexy photos of themselves online that get passed around the internet. Now, not surprisingly, the real-life story has hit the small screen two years later—or at least the version that is told by the girls’ former cheerleading coach.

The coach, Michaela Ward, says she was ostracized and faced financial ruin as she fought school administrators over the clique of misbehaving cheerleaders at McKinney North High School. Ward eventually cashed in on the scandal—to much dismay in McKinney—when she told her story to the media and the Lifetime Television channel. “Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal,” a two-hour movie loosely based on the true story, premiered Saturday.

I recorded the movie and finally got around to watching it.  Have you ever watched a movie on tv and just wanted to reach inside the tv and slap the mess out of someone and kick their ass too?  Well that’s how I felt while watching this movie.  These girls were spoiled, arrogant and downright mean.  Their parents didn’t seem to care.  After all, girls will be girls. After the scandal broke out one of the Fab Five mean girls stated the following:

Back when the scandal broke, one Fab Five member brushed off her behavior, saying they were just five best friends whose goofy hijinks had been blown out of proportion. “We’re just fun girls. People make mistakes,” she said. “OK, some cheerleaders go awry. Why do people care? Let’s talk about Africa and blood diamonds, or something important.”

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2 responses

  1. I go to Mckinney North High School and I was there during this time period.
    The movie was wayy over the top, just like any other Lifetime movie.
    No one really even knew who they were except for the fact that they danced during pep rallys and football games.
    I hate that five stupid little girls ruined my schools amazing reputation.

  2. Well they are nothing but little whores. Where i live, about a year ago, This cheerleading coach was caught drinking, supplying alcohol and dates to some of her squad. These dates were local soldiers stationed at the local base. When the scandal came to light. The town being small as it is, The principle was the coaches 1st cousin, a school board member was also a cousin. Needless to say, there were several people fired, and the coach was arrested.

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