Want some anger with that espresso?

Last week I read an interesting article about a battle brewing over an order of espresso over ice. Apparently a visitor from Brooklyn was visiting Murky Coffee in Arlington and by the end of his visit he was ready to burn the place down. Jeff Simmermon ordered an espresso over ice and was told by the barista that they don’t do espresso over ice. It was store policy. So he accepted a triple espresso and a cup of ice instead. And without a smile from the barista. Well you can read it here:

The drink request Sunday, said Simmermon, who was visiting from Brooklyn, was denied by a barista who told him that Murky doesn’t do espresso over ice. Irked, Simmermon said he asked for a triple espresso and a cup of ice, which he said the barista provided, grudgingly.

Service. No smile.

Then — and this is Simmermon’s account — the barista scolded him, saying that what he was doing to his espresso was “not okay” and that the store’s policy was to preserve the integrity of the drink. The employee said that allowing customers to dilute espresso was not in keeping with said policy.

Coffee-rage moment in 3, 2, 1 . . .

Simmermon, 32, said that he interrupted the barista with an angry blast about how he would have his coffee any way he pleased, thank you very much, and that he told the barista he had his own policy about doing what he wants with the products he pays for. He mixed in a couple of expletives, but that was the essence of it.

Well Simmermon did what any internet savvy person would do. He blogged about it.

In a post on his Web site, And I Am Not Lying For Real ( http://andiamnotlying.com), Simmermon detailed the encounter, his anger and, somewhat befuddlingly, his order at Murky an hour later for the “strongest iced beverage your policy will allow.” He accepted the barista’s recommendation for an Americano with four shots “and light on the water.” (He said he enjoyed it.)

He also posted a picture of the dollar bill he left as a tip, on which he wrote “[naughty word deleted] you and your precious coffee policy.”

It’s amazing what a cup of espresso will cause some folks to do. Is the customer always right? Hell no!! Murky Coffee has a store policy and if folks don’t like it then they should find the espresso of their dreams elsewhere.

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