Who’s the sexiest black woman alive?

According to TvOne Access it’s Halle Berry.

Yesterday TvOne gave their countdown to the Sexiest Woman Black Alive. I didn’t see it since I was too involved in the Nadal/Federer match 😉

Halle Berry chosen “sexiest black woman alive” by TV One; Michelle Obama receives a special mention

There’s actually a list called “The 16 Sexiest Black Women Alive.”

And “TV One Access” will be counting down the names on the list. But here’s the headline: Oscar-winner Halle Berry takes the top slot.

The program will debut at 2 p.m. Sunday on cable channel TV One. Doing the counting down will be co-host Jamal Munnerlyn and guest co-host Tatyana Ali.

The sexiest list also includes model/host Tyra Banks, singer Alicia Keys and “Deja Vu” star Paula Patton. There are other categories, such as “sexiest athletes” and “sexiest sense of style.” Michelle Obama, wife of Sen. Barack Obama, receives a special mention for “quintessential complete package.” Wouldn’t you like to know what she thinks of that?

“TV One Access” didn’t mention Oprah Winfrey — proving that you can’t be on every list.

But wait …

“The women selected as our 16 sexiest black women aren’t just pretty faces,” said Monique Chenault, senior producer of “TV One Access.” “Each one of them is uniquely talented, strong-minded and self-assured. Now what could be sexier than that?”

Is strong-minded and self-assured are the keys, where’s Oprah?

Here’s the list of the “16 Sexiest Black Women Alive”:

16. Alek Wek

15. Beverly Johnson

14. Tyra Banks

13. Alicia Keys

12. Jada Pinkett Smith

11. Janet Jackson

10. Vanessa Williams

9. Iman

8. Angela Bassett

7. Lauren London

6. Paula Patton

5. Rihanna

4. Naomi Campbell

3. Beyonce

2. Gabrielle Union

1. Halle Berry

Yes, I can hear it now. What about the sexiest white woman or sexiest latina woman? Well in most mainstream polls when it comes to the sexiest anybody the majority of folks listed are white or white latinas, especially when it comes to women. They don’t call it the sexiest white person lists cause it’s expected that the majority of folks on the list are white. If half of the women on the mainstream lists were black, some white folks would go ballistic, yet those same folks get upset when black folks create there own lists. Halle and Beyonce are usually the only black women who make the mainstream list. There are a slew of beautiful black women out there but they never recieve the attention that Halle and Beyonce receive. TvOne’s countdown gives other black women the opportunity to make these type of lists as well.

You can check out the photo gallery here.

One response

  1. Kellita Smith has to on the list. Beautiful, sexy and Smart

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