The war on aging

The New York Times has linked to an article about our country’s pursuit of youthful looks.

Pursuit of youth isn’t always pretty
By Julia Sommerfeld
Senior Health Editor

Wrinkles have become optional. So have age spots, forehead furrows and baggy eyelids.

Name a badge of aging and there’s a fix being peddled by your local dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Crow’s feet? Freeze them with Botox. Laugh lines? Inject them with Restylane. Saggy neck? Tighten and tuck with a scalpel.

But is all this really making us look younger? Or just weirder?

Tamara O’Connor, 48, says the latest and greatest in the anti-aging armory helped her win the battle against wrinkles. But the victory was nothing to smile about.

A couple of summers ago, O’Connor visited a shiny new medical spa in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for a consultation about the frown lines sprouting between her brows. She was starting to fret about such things since she’d recently gone through a divorce and was dating again.

After taking a series of close-up photos of O’Connor from every angle, the nurse proceeded to pick apart her every crease and crinkle. “I had never even noticed all this until they pointed it out. But after that I felt like jeez, I look old, I’ve got crow’s feet and apparently the corners of my mouth droop; I need some serious help,” recalls O’Connor, a project manager for an interior design company.

By the time she left, her face had been pumped full of $1,500 worth of Botox and the wrinkle-plumper Restylane. Within a day, the corners of her eyes and mouth were frozen and her smile lines were vanquished.

“Oh my God, I looked like a zombie. It wasn’t my face anymore,” O’Connor says. “You know when you’re mad and somebody tells you to smile so you flash them that purposely fake smile, where your lips move but you keep the rest of your face frozen? Well, that’s what my smile looked like all the time.”

Check out this picture of Priscilla Presley.

I remember watching Priscilla on Oprah a while ago and I was shocked. She looked so plastic looking it was almost scary. Another actress who shocked me was Lara Flynn Boyle. I saw her on an episode of Law & Order last year and talk about looking different. Why do white women who have naturally thin lips insist on constantly plumping up their lips and overdoing it? It looks so unnatural and all you can do is stare at them.

Anyway the article from MSNBC has a slideshow of different celebs who have been under the knife or who might just be aging gracefully with minor things like chemical peels. Dr Tony Youn, a Michigan plastic surgeon gives his opinion on what he thinks each celebrity has gone through. You can check out Dr. Youn’s site, Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery.

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