Khandi Alexander leaving CSI: Miami

I read last weekend that actress Khandi Alexander is leaving CSI: Miami.

Is this a good thing or bad? Well another black actress is out of a regular acting gig and they will probably replace her character with a white male. But they underutilized Khandi’s talent. As usual with most black actresses she was relegated to a supporting role and the few scenes she was in she just talked to dead bodies.

Well I wish Khandi the best in her career. Watch out Hill Harper!! You might be next, lol.

3 responses

  1. Khandi Alexander and the few black actresses that have appeared on CSI Miami are the norm. White Hollywood likes to portray white women as the dominate females. So it’s no surprise to see so few sistas in dominate roles on network tv. Thank goodness for Zoe Saldana in her action movies or Angelina Jolie would continue to own those type of roles. Zoe is Angelina’s equal in the action movies. As for the reality tv shows like those real housewives programs. They don’t showcase a black actresses acting skills. I mean not every one of the sistas on those shows are legitimate actresses. Let’s face it, how many chick fights can those ladies have before it gets old and boring? Which is why i don’t follow them anymore. Black Hollywood is not doing enough to get black programs on network tv. But when white Hollywood is the owner of nearly everything then i can see why it is the way that it is. BET would be a great place to start but are they even black owned anymore? The Will Smiths,Denzel Washingtons,Queen Latifah’s,etc etc could really put together a black owned tv network if they really wanted to. Heck Oprah Winfrey has created her OWN network,thanks to her White audience and white sponsors. They are the reason for her successs. Remember together we stand,divided we fall. Let’s come together black Hollywood.

  2. With the decreasing number of black actresses on a scripted tv series (most being relegated to supporting roles), especially compared to the 90’s, seeing a black woman talking to dead bodies just doesn’t appeal to me. Her acting is better than that.

    And when I say a regular acting job, I’m talking about her current series role. Sure she will find other work, but for now she doesn’t have a regular acting gig on tv.

    I would love to see Khandi in a starring role on tv, but with reality tv dominating network television her best bet would be to find a quality role on a cable series.

  3. patrioticgirl71

    I love Khandi’s character and will miss her. Sh is a beautiful woman and talking to dead people is what I (and my family) love most about her. However, you should not assume that she is being replaced against her will. All of the buzz indicates that she is leaving on her own as she did on a previous show. Also, how do you know that she is out of a regular acting job. Maybe she has something better for herself on the horizon.

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