Teacher beaten by student

This is just pathetic. A Baltimore teacher, Jolita Berry, was beaten by one of her female students at Reginald F. Lewis High School. Ms. Berry is an Art teacher at the school. One of the students recorded the beating.

The trouble began, Jolita Berry said, when she asked a girl in one of her art classes at Reginald F. Lewis High School to sit down.

The student did not obey, coming closer to confront the teacher. “She said she’s gonna bang me,” Berry said. “I said, ‘Back up, you’re in my space. If you hit me, I’m gonna defend myself.'”

But Berry, who is 30 and started her job teaching art at the Northeast Baltimore school in December, did not defend herself. The girl caught the teacher off guard as other students cheered her on and screamed, “Hit her!”

“She just started beating on me relentlessly,” Berry said, recalling the Friday morning incident that left her with a sore shoulder and a broken blood vessel in her eye.

As it turned out, one of the kids in the class was recording what happened on a cell phone. Video footage was posted on the social networking site MySpace and aired on local television news, showing a teenage girl hitting a woman lying on the floor.

The woman’s face is not visible.

By yesterday, the head of the Baltimore Teachers Union and Mayor Sheila Dixon were pointing to the incident in calling for the city school system to dedicate more resources to reducing classroom violence.

State Superintendent Nancy S. Grasmick told WBAL Radio that she was “horrified” and said that increased character education, community partnerships and parental responsibility are needed.

It’s bad enough when you have young folks beating each other up and filming it like the recent incident in Florida. But to beat up your teacher? Who’s raising some of these young folks today? Some of these young folks act like they were raised in the wilderness.

It doesn’t surprise me that girls are involved in these incidents. Some of these young girls today are more violent and angry than the young boys.

2 responses

  1. Sadly, this is not shocking. I am also a teacher who sees little to no real consequences or solutions for the situations that Ms. Berry brings up. This is a societal issue that is at a crisis point in some areas. Blaming teachers is outrageous and morally wrong. What they need is greater support. We need to defend education for those who are ready to learn and teach, or we are losing the point education.

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous. It angered me to no end when I heard about this nonsense.

    They need to work hard labor for a few years.

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