Will smooth jazz disappear from the radio?

Smooth jazz fans, this ain’t looking good at all. Another smooth jazz radio station has flipped to another format. This time in Jacksonville, Florida. Smooth Jazz WJSJ 105.3 and WSJF 105.5 (they simulcast the same broadcast) flipped to a rhythmic adult contemporary format. And what is rhythmic adult contemporary you ask? According to Wikipedia:

Rhythmic adult contemporary is a format used on stations in the United States and Canada, similar to rhythmic top 40 radio. Like many adult contemporary radio stations, rhythmic AC stations often would not play rap. It usually gears toward an older audience, ages 25 to 54. Often stations using this format play a great deal of disco from the 1970s and early 1980s, dance/pop music, dance/freestyle of the 1980s and house music of the late 80’s/early 1990s.

Aren’t there alot of radio stations around the country playing a similar format?

‘Coast’ nudges ‘Smooth Jazz’ format to boost radio share

Two FM stations in Jacksonville change to adult contemporary.

By Mark Basch, The Times-Union

Jacksonville radio stations WJSJ (105.3 FM) and WSJF (105.5 FM) dropped their “Smooth Jazz” moniker over the weekend and became “Coast” 105.3 and 105.5, playing rhythmic adult contemporary music.

Terrence Rodda, general manager of the two stations that simulcast the same broadcast, said the change was simply a business decision made because the smooth jazz format didn’t have a big enough audience.

The latest Arbitron Inc. ratings show that WJSJ and WSJF had a combined 2.7 percent average quarter hour share of all listeners aged 12 and older in the Jacksonville market last fall. That ranked the stations 12th in the market.

“We gave it, I think, a fair shot,” Rodda said.

The stations are owned by Tama Broadcasting Inc. of Tampa, but operation of the stations was transferred in September to a Dallas-based firm called Straight Way Radio LLC under a marketing agreement. The Tama-Straight Way group also includes Jacksonville stations WHJX (105.7 FM), which broadcasts Latin Tropical music, and WFJO (92.5 FM), which has a regional Mexican music format.

The smooth jazz format appears to be losing favor nationwide. Industry news Web site radio-info.com reports that stations in New York, Washington, Atlanta, Houston and Denver have recently dropped the format.

Fans of smooth jazz will still be able to listen to the music through the Jacksonville stations’ Web site, http://www.smoothjazz1053.com, but Rodda is hoping the stations’ new rhythmic AC format will have more commercial appeal over the air. He said it’s a mass appeal format aimed at “thirtyish” women, and he said it’s music that many people will recognize.

“It’s superstars and it’s familiar,” he said. “We’re playing the hits.”

Smooth jazz radio stations seem to be disappearing almost every week. What’s a smooth jazz fan to do besides buy a satellite radio? Of course there’s always the option of listening to smooth jazz stations on your pc but you’re out of luck if the IT folks at work have blocked access to this function. I’m going crazy at work not having Smooth Jazz 105.9 playing in the background.

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