The black man’s burden

Boston Globe columnist Derrick Z. Jackson has an interesting column relating to Senator Barack Obama. He compares the burdens of black men and white men when it comes to politics.

The black man’s burden

Derrick Z. Jackson

A week has passed since a black man’s burden was nailed to the podium. The burdens of white leaders are never nailed down.

The most gracious reactions among presidential rivals to Barack Obama’s speech on race came not from Hillary Clinton. She has yet to personally characterize the speech. Asked the day after if Clinton had seen excerpts of it, communications director Howard Wolfson said, “I believe that she did, and I think she thought it was a good speech.”

Mike Huckabee, the former GOP candidate, who is an ordained Baptist minister, said enough was enough of the tarring of Obama with the incendiary sermon excerpts of Obama’s former minister Jeremiah Wright.

“Obama has handled this about as well as anybody could, and I agree, it’s a very historic speech … ” Huckabee said on MSNBC. “He made the point and I think it’s a valid one. That you can’t hold the candidate responsible for everything that people around him may say or do. You just can’t. Whether it’s me, whether it’s Obama, anybody else. But he did distance himself from the very vitriolic statements.”

And check this out.

John McCain, the assured Republican nominee resisted the attempt by FOX News’s Sean Hannity to whip Wright’s remarks into a pyre for Obama. McCain said coolly, “I do know Senator Obama. He does not share those views … I’ve had endorsements of some people that I didn’t share their views … My life has been one of reconciliation. If people want to put their past behind them, to apologize, to say, ‘Look, we made mistakes in the past but we want to move forward,’ I respect that and embrace it. Because all of us have made serious mistakes in our lives and I am certainly one of them.”

Thank you Senator McCain. I’m not surprised that hypocrite Sean Hannity is trying to whip McCain into a frenzy when it comes to Obama. Hannity’s head is gonna explode one day from his Obama hatred.

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