Belmont almost beats Duke

Ahhhhh damn!!!! Belmont University almost pulled the ultimate upset. They almost defeated Duke at the Verizon Center in D.C. You know I was rooting for Belmont. I can’t stand Duke!!!!!

Duke Survives Shock
Blue Devils Overcome 15th-Seeded Belmont on Henderson’s Layup : Duke 71, Belmont 70

By Barry Svrluga
Washington Post Staff Writer

It is exceedingly difficult for a college basketball player, particularly one from a place such as Belmont University, to sort through the mess in his head in the situation the Bruins found themselves last night. Their locker room at Verizon Center was quiet, a complete overhaul from the raucousness they had created in the crowd only minutes earlier, when they had Duke — the three-time national champion, the second seed in the NCAA tournament’s West Region — beaten in the final seconds.

Fifty-nine minutes of possibility put the Bruins on the edge of history, because just four 15 seeds have won games in the tournament. But in that last minute, Duke’s Gerald Henderson grabbed a rebound, dribbled the length of the court, laid the ball in, and the Blue Devils somehow withstood two more last-gasp Belmont attempts — but barely.

The final: Duke 71, Belmont 70. The emotions, for the losers, toggled between pride and misery.

I’m rooting for anybody to beat Duke and North Carolina. Especially Duke :-()

Check out this Newsweek Magazine article on Why Everybody Hates Duke.

But the chief reason that Duke, and Duke fans, are so despised is the perception that we are too arrogant about our winning ways. And you’re right. We are. But so what? This is college basketball, not international diplomacy. Did we hurt your feelings? Are you maybe taking this a little too seriously? Because we don’t hate you back. (OK, Maryland fans, we do hate you, but that’s only because of that time at Cole Field House when you beaned Carlos Boozer’s mother in the head with a water bottle. So you deserve it. Oh, and best of luck at the NIT next week!)

One response

  1. I sooooo disagree with this website duke is the best team ever i love duke and hope one day ti be attendeing duke university. GO DUKE!!!!! #30

    love another cameron crazie!!!!!!!!!!

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