Angela Bassett interview with

Angela Bassett has a new movie coming out on Friday. She stars in Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Browns.” Miki Turner from has an interesting interview with Angela.

Angela Bassett is not too picky for Tyler Perry
‘I’m looking for opportunity and I’m looking for experience,’ says the star

By Miki Turner
Entertainment writer
MSNBC contributor

LOS ANGELES – Dressed in a form-fitting black pencil skirt with an off-white silk sleeveless blouse, Angela Bassett, star of Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns” still looked fresh and fetching even after a full day of interviews.

If she was at all weary it never showed. The ensuing conversation about her new film that hits theaters on Friday, her career moves, upcoming projects, her kids and approaching 50, was all light and lovely — even when we had some slight issues with semantics regarding the way she goes about her work.

Some folks might call her picky but Bassett, who is an undercover comedienne, was slightly taken aback by that notion.

“Really? Do I come off that way?” she said with a hearty laugh. After a little discussion it was determined that perhaps she had just been more “selective” in the past.

“Hey, there you go,” she said. “That is a better word.”

Regardless of the wording, the truth is that Bassett, best known for her Oscar-nominated turn as Tina Turner in “What’s Love Got to do With It”; as the cradle robber in “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” and as the scorned wife in “Waiting to Exhale,” has had to be less selective because she knows what time it is. When you’re an aging African-American actress working in a town that’s ready to wrap your still warm remains in yesterday’s newspaper, you can no longer afford to wait on those roles that will have critics comparing you to the last great thing.

“In the beginning I didn’t want to do the wrong thing and you want to get a little further up,” she said. “But then you start to think about how many more years of opportunity do I have, especially in this country. We’re not Paris or somewhere that reveres the wise and mature woman (laughs). Yeah, I’ll come over and do that with you. Just tell me that I’m wonderful!”

You can read the entire article here.

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