Smooth Jazz 105.9 is gone

I couldn’t believe it. I turned to Smooth Jazz 105.9 around 4:00pm this afternoon at work and heard a song that I never heard on the station before. After doing some listening I noticed they mentioned that the station is now True Oldies 105.9. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was pissed. Why did one of my favorite radio stations have to disappear? I wonder if the ratings weren’t so good. I did a google and found this at Wikipedia.

Format Change

At 3:00 p.m. on February 29, 2008, Citadel Broadcasting changed the format of WJZW to oldies and moved the former “smooth jazz” format to the HD-2 channel. The first song on the new format was “Respect” by Aretha Franklin and, at least initially, no live on-air talent will be utilized. Before the change, a brief statement was read thanking the staff and listeners of Smooth Jazz 105.9.

Here’s a little more info I found.

Citadel’s Suleman Makes Management Changes

Mike Stern, Radio and Records

FEBRUARY 29, 2008 –

After Citadel Broadcasting reported a tough fourth quarter Friday, Farid Suleman, chairman and CEO vowed company-wide “management changes, format changes, programming changes and self-management changes.”

The company began instituting changes just hours after attributing losses to lower revenue in the group’s biggest market, including San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Chicgo, Atlanta, New York, Birmingham, Dallas and Los Angeles.

In New York, John Gambling and newsperson John Webber have exited talk WABC-AM. Curtis Sliwa will take over middays on Monday, with a possible syndication deal to follow.

In Washington, there are unconfirmed reports that Chris Core exited talk News/Talk WMAL-AM. Citadel also detonated the Smooth Jazz format on WJZW-FM. The station signed off Friday at 4 p.m. ET with a farewell note, also posted on its Web site, thanking listeners for their 14 years of devotion. The shiny-new “True Oldies 105.9, DC’s Greatest Hits” has already appeared in its place. Citadel’s own Scott Shannon, program director and morning co-host on WPLJ-FM in New York, cooked up True Oldies in his basement lab. WJZW program director Steve Allan remains as PD, but the station’s entire airstaff has been blown out.

Well I’ll be damn!!! I’m not too fond of most of the radio stations in this area. During the morning hours at work I listen to the Tom Joyner Morning Show on Magic 102.3 but if Tom pisses me off I would usually switch over to 105.9. I try listening to 102.3 after 10:00am but they have a new radio announcer, Olivia Fox, and girlfriend comes off somewhat rough. I don’t know what happened to the previous announcer but her voice was much more pleasant.

I can’t listen to WPGC or WKYS. Not fond of their formats. I don’t listen to WHUR too often after the Tom Joyner Morning Show left WHUR and switched to Magic 102.3. The Steve Harvey Morning Show doesn’t impress me that much. I might give WHUR a chance after 10:00am. I’ll also switch over to 94.7 The Globe once in a while. Now of course there’s always my gigabeat. I like to hook it up to my iBlaster so I can listen to my own music collection at work. From the way things are looking I might be doing that more often.

Smooth Jazz 105.9 may be gone but I’m still keeping the logo that I have on the sidebar of my blog. RIP Smooth Jazz 105.9. You will be missed.

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  1. It’s September 13, 2016 and I’m STILL saddened by the loss of this station. AL Santos was a neighbor when I lived out in Laurel. I remember those stress filled days on the job and all I could think as I neared the end of my work day was…” I get to listen to 105.9 on the way home, I get to listen to 105.9 on the way home.” It was the mantra that kept me sane until I got to my car.

    Reading through the comments let me know I’m not alone in my sorrow. Al, I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences. It’s my hope that you’ve gone on to bigger and better things.

    As for Citadel…bankruptcy eh? Yeah..that whole biblical principle of sowing and reaping comes to mind.

    Long live Smooth Jazz 105.9. One of THEORY VEST radio stations ever. Gone but NEVER forgotten.

  2. Al (yer pal) Santos

    Well, there I was sitting in my underwear, at my computer (checking my email) when I discovered (again) voices from the past…. Hi Teri (in Stanley, VA) and all who have and continue to keep me in your thoughts! I miss you all very much!

    al santos

  3. Teri in Stanley, VA

    Hooray! Found it online, and seems like it’s on HD2 radio also. Really miss hearing Al’s voice and comments, years later. I loved 105.9 for years, while living in the DC area in North Arlington. It was the soundtrack of much of my life during that time, and I am a loyal listener forever!

  4. Al Santos :February 29th, 2008 and about 1/2 hour before the end of my mid-day airshift on Smooth Jazz, 105.9, I was called into the boss’ office and told the news, “YOU’RE FIRED!” (Well, not actaully in that tone of voice but, none the less… Smooth Jazz and me had come to the end of a long and winding road)
    Here it is a little over a year from that time and while surfing the net, stumbled upon this site…. “Hi everybody!!!”
    For those who may believe in KARMA…. Citadel Broadcasting recently filed for bankruptcy…
    Later my friends!
    al santos

    Hello Al,

    Just wanted to give a big shout out to you for your up coming birthday…
    Have a happy and wonderful bithday…..
    I miss the hell out of your show and the station…
    Excuse my language….sorry..but it was such a shock and you talking about
    left field…..
    By the way, Happy New year to everyone on this site….

  5. Hi

    My name is Jack Fonte,and I am a classmate of Al Santos.

    I have been trying to contact Al , with no luck.

    I wanted to get in contact,so I could send him a card or E-Mail with

    my condolences on the passing of his father.

    If anyone can help me out,i would be very grateful.

    thank you



  6. Anonymous :Thank goodness for your blog, I thought I was going crazy….couldn’t figure out what happened to 105.9!!!!!It was me and husband’s favorie station. Al Santos left me a neat happy birthday message and on my answering machine (as a loyal listner) and I couldn’t bring myself to delete it, his voice is so cool! I will truely miss this station!

  7. Karma indeed. Thanks for the info Al.

    I’ve been listening to Pandora to get my smooth jazz fix. The smooth jazz format on radio seems to have disappeared in alot of cities.

  8. February 29th, 2008 and about 1/2 hour before the end of my mid-day airshift on Smooth Jazz, 105.9, I was called into the boss’ office and told the news, “YOU’RE FIRED!” (Well, not actaully in that tone of voice but, none the less… Smooth Jazz and me had come to the end of a long and winding road)

    Here it is a little over a year from that time and while surfing the net, stumbled upon this site…. “Hi everybody!!!”

    For those who may believe in KARMA…. Citadel Broadcasting recently filed for bankruptcy…

    Later my friends!

    al santos

  9. Smooth Jazz (the actual Al Santos & wonderful gang version) has been gone how long now? And I still miss it!!

    I discovered it sometime in the mid 90’s, I think, when I would make the drive from PA to NC to visit my sister and it was available to listen to for a nice long portion of the drive.

    When I got home, I discovered it could be streamed so through 2 moves within PA I listened. Then, I moved to TX but Al and the gang came with. The last office job that I listened to, I set my computer up and it provided a nice background of lovely soothing music, great DJ’s and perfect stress relief for a job from H****.

    The day that they vanished was truly one of my worst days at that job!

    These days I work from home a lot and of course, the closest thing
    that I can get is the Minus Al & gang streaming version.

    Sigh…it will do but I still miss the gang and hope that Al and the rest are doing well and if anyone can tell me where to find them elsewhere…internet wise that is…please let me know. I’d love to drop in and listen to them.

    A loyal listener until the end 😦

  10. I was devasted. A couple of times I actually tuned into 105.9 hoping for a miracle, that somehow it was just a dream, and that Smoothjazz is still on.

    Well to get my fix, 97.1 did put in about 3 or 4 hours of smooth jazz on Sunday mornings (only)… but it’s something. Also, 102.3 put in about 3 hours of a smooth jazz/r&b mix on Sunday’s only. Again, it’s something.

    The powers that be. I don’t believe it was poor revenue. This may sound crazy, but something tells me this was just a spiteful move.

    I read the Baltimore jazz station 104.3 was replaced also, for a format, rock, more appealing to the 18-34 year olds. At least that sounds realistic. C’mon I know there are people who like oldies, but how large (revenue generating) could that audience

    I will sign whatever petition is available to bring smooth jazz back to FM…peace

  11. Thank you, THANK you for posting the online link to 105.9! I’m listening as I type this.

    Also, to the folks who seem to be bashing those of us that miss the station – why? If a core group of people have collectively found some place to post our love of a show and format – why come and rain on anyone’s parade with your vitriol?

    I am happy to have 105.9 playing again :):):)

  12. To the person who posted the link to 105.9, thank you.

    To the last poster, there is interest in smooth jazz. One of the problems is that these big corporations who own these radio stations are going after younger listeners, especially those in the 12-35 age demographic.

    Advertisers and corporations seem to be writing off anyone over 35 in my opinion. You see the same thing on television.

  13. Just found out recently that another DC/Balto. area jazz station is gone – the Baltimore station WSMJ – 104.3. How about all of us Jazz buffs rally together and let our concerns be heard. I can’t believe there isn’t enough interest in Jazz in the area to generate revenue. I know the economy is suffering right now, but come on no Jazz station at all!

  14. Why don’t you smooth jazz lovers listen to some real (improvisational) jazz? WPFW 89.3 FM has been on in D.C. for years. They play real jazz, and not that sugar coated, so-called smooth “wannabe” jazz. My only gripe with WPFW is that they do have quite a bit of left wing programming. Also, Baltimore’s Morgan State’s station, WEAA 88.9 FM does sometimes play the real stuff. But, they mix in too much smooth stuff.

  15. At least we can still listen to them on the internet.

  16. Yes I read about 104.3 this morning. I blogged about it this morning too:

  17. As of May 23rd, 2008 Smooth Jazz 104.3 in Baltimore is gone as well. I am pissed because I fell in love with this format. In factr, all the Clear Channel Smooth Jazz sations have gotten the axe. I jusdt came back from Philadelphia and there smooth jazz 106.1 station is gone too!

    I guess its not a popular fornat for business.

  18. I just saw a commercial for “True Oldies 105.9” a moment ago, and I have to say, I’m shocked. I hadn’t even heard of a takeover or format change. The late Smooth Jazz 105.9 was the only station I could stand to listen to whenever I forgot my iPod. First WHFS, and now this…why can’t DC keep a good radio station?

  19. Smooth Jazz in Washington was one of the worst stations in the area.
    The quality of music played by them was terrible and usually consisted of sappy remakes of early 1970’s songs and boring Kenny G-ish garbage. Smooth Jazz did for Jazz what MTV did for Rock music. They were much more open when they first started but quickly deteriorated.

  20. To all of the loyal listeners out there, my Husband and I have been a loyal listener of Smooth Jazz for at least 14 years. And we feel as most of you do. We couldn’t believe the format and all of the Smooth Jazz team members were taken off of the station so carelessly so effortlessly by this company. Just amazing how a business can not have a heart! No warning, nothing. Not even a poll to see what the listeners out there think, like or want! What ever happened to customer is always right? We miss the Smooth Jazz Family (Ramsey Lewis, Al Santos, Vanniece Johnson and Jay Lang) and want them back on 105.9. The new format was a really bad idea in light that we already have oldies music being played other stations. Now we have no SMOOTH JAZZ MUSIC, no Al Santos with the Sunday Brunch, no more sounds of Brazil, no more Jay Lang’s Nightime Passion in Washington DC from 7pm to Midnight Lights Out Washington, which was so inspirational. The format and all of the team on 105.9 is sadly missed. Please bring back our Smooth Jazz team! We wish the Smooth Jazz team all of the best of luck in your new adventures and journeys! We truly miss you all!

    Miss Ducky and her husband.

  21. I am really upset that they took out 105.9, I miss the sounds of Brazil, the Sunday brunch… My husband and I are devastated, we were loyal listeners. This is a horrible thing. This was our number one radio station. We are so dissapointed. We will not listen to this oldies junk! Citadel, we don’t know who gave you or where you got your (statistics) numbers when you decided to take 105.9 off the air, but I can tell you that your statistics person really screwed up in the numbers he or she gave you. There is a big jazz community out there… you made a big mistake. We love 105.9 FM. To Al Santos and everyone else in Smooth Jazz, we wish you great success always… you are the best. How sad… this is very sad.

  22. I am personally outraged at citadel for taking smooth jazz off of the air. Why do all good things never last…

    B.bareell, would you please consider placing your clips online so everyone else here can share a piece of history. Also, anyone with past cd’s should post these online as well. I will personally check my computer for old recordings. I think I may have a few that I recorded on a Creative mp3 player a couple of years ago!

  23. Hi fellow Smooth Jazz fans ~ while looking on Harmon Rockler’s blog (he’s the guy who started the Save Smooth Jazz petition) he’s got a link where you can add a comment on Citadel’s poll about the new Oldies format:
    Click on the “Comments” tab and let them know how you feel… so far 35 comments on their poll – we need to let them know how much we miss our music!!
    The petition is up to 242 signatures… we need lots more – so spread the word to friends & family! We cannot give up!!!
    ~ Sad Smooth Jazz fan from Frederick, MD

  24. SOB!!!(I’m not cursing, I’m crying LOL!) I live in Alabama and I listen to it on the internet. Found the station like 6 months ago and loved it in the evenings and late at night. I haven’t been on in a while so not only am I mad but also quite late, lol. So it’s a beautiful Sunday, I’m chillin, the fam just came in from the park and I want to listen to some jazz from my favorite station. The Soul Train theme was on and I was like…hmm…ok. Then I heard something about “Greatest Hits 105.9”.
    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!” LOL! My husband thought I was crazy. I’m so upset. I really liked the station. Why does this keep happening to me!!!!!!! Thanks for the info though. It will be missed so much.

  25. The Smooth Jazz format was not only a good alternative from the standard Hip Hop/R&B, country and oldie stations, it provided an appropriate format for office environments as well. Let’s just hope that the powers that be will change their minds and revert to the old format, or that at the very least, another station will pick up the Smooth Jazz format.

  26. Dear “Thrilled at the format change” aka: Anonymous, March 11, 2008, 8:18:00 AM

    Each to his own, I guess. Most folks commenting at this blog site are mourning the fact that we lost something we find hard to live without in our listening area. Oh, and MY bird, a cockatiel, is miserable and has asked for TV to fill his days since his beloved Smooth Jazz 105.9 was taken away.

    Thanks classicRose for you this forum!

  27. This is something that has left me stunned to this day…
    I got a call the day the format changed from a friend of mine and I couldn’t believe it. I got hooked on Smooth Jazz at the age of 17 and to this day, I can’t listen to anything else. I really hope that another broadcasting company decides to pick up the format because there’s no need for 2 oldie stations in the same city.

    Although I also am an xm listener, 105.9 was the station that I couldn’t live without because the music was just right.

    Jimmy B.

  28. Not having a local jazz station is like waking up and not having CBS or ABC on TV. You’ve gotta have at least ONE jazz station!! I like a variety of music and enjoy R&B, Hip-Hop, Top 40 and Latin…but what the heck is supposed to keep me in calm in traffic? For the past few weeks, I thought I was going crazy and have been blaming my “broken” radio. And the LEAST these radio companies can do is give the loyal listeners AND their employees some forewarning. Bad business. You know, few radio formats bring together such a diverse listening audience…what are you people thinking?!!!

  29. My name is Linda I am 27 years old. I am intirely pissed. My son put pennies in my tape player, my cd player stopped working and now my smooth jazz station is gone they took everything away. Now I have nothing to listen to in the morning on my way to work. It used to make my day to stop by star bucks grab a cup of coffee and turn on my Smooth Jazz 105.9. So tell me what I should do. I just can’t get right in the morning time. So please please bring my station back. If you need donations I think we all loyal listeners can help you with that.

  30. My name is Earnest and I am from Stafford Va I am 29 years old and very pissed that you took 105.9Smooth Jazz away. Bring my station back!!!! I didn’t know what had happened I thought that the radio in my car was on a frits or something. I was banging on the dash board wondering what is going on. Then I here Oldies crap. I then began to scan through the radio station and could not find the station. Then I went to work that day and asked my coworkers what the h… happeded to my station. They didn’t know what to make of it either. I should’ve known something was going to happen when Marcus Johnson and the others left the station. Its kind of sad that you didn’t have the odasity to say GOODBYE because you had some loyal listeners. I am very pissed and I can’t just let it go. You made a terrible mistake. So fix it. BRING MY STATION BACk ASAP!!!!!

  31. I, too, was so disappointed when I turned on my car radio and heard the format; I thought I had a different radio station but the station had been programmed for a while. I’m from the “old school” and love jazz such as the jazz that Smooth Jazz 105.9 played, also love Sarah Vaughn, Diana Krall, Shirley Horne, just to name a few. If there is anything I can do to get a smooth jazz radio station back into the dc metro area please let me know; in the meantime, I will continue to listen to jazz on internet radio.

  32. I am just learning that Smooth Jazz has been pulled off the air. My gosh this means no more Ramsey Lewis or Sounds of Brazil – my favorite on Sunday nights – no more afterwork parties – talking about taking the fun away for the professional in DC. I loved that station and I started to listen to it when it first aired in 1995. I am really hurt behind and not to mention never hearing such professional on the air talent – Jay Lang, Al Santos, Vaniece Johnson – I am going to cry

  33. Personally, I am thrilled that they’ve changed the format. They played the same lame songs over and over and since this is one of the few stations I can actually receive in my home, I was feeling guilty for forcing my birds to listen to this stuff day in and day out!

    They needed to change something, whether the entire format or the programming of “jazz” – it just wasn’t cutting it.

  34. I was listening to 105.9 when it actually went off the air. I listened to their spill about change and so forth. I couldn’t believe it. One morning I decided to listen to the station and give the new format a chance. Well, I got another shock when I heard Don Imus (Don Imus Morning Show) on the radio. I quickly changed the station.

  35. I’m so disapointed with this format change. I’ve been listening to Smooth Jazz 105.9 for at least 9 years now and always enjoyed the hosts and the great selection of music. Now we get that crabby guy Imus! Sorry guys. I’m going elsewhere for my music now!

  36. As a dj who plays and enjoys smooth jazz, now i have no choice but to listen to 104.3 in Baltimore. I’ve been a fan of WJZW 105.9 for the past 8 years. Man what a bummer…I also had to listen to 97.1 WASH FM to hear their smooth jazz brunch. Not bad at all but it isn’t Smooth Jazz 105.9

  37. I’m so glad I found this site and that Al Santos is visiting and adding comments. Last Sunday I tuned in (10 minutes early) to hear the Sunday Jazz Brunch expecting to hear Dave Coz and didn’t, and then didn’t hear Sunday Morning by Spanky and Our Gang (I have the cd but still love to hear the clip Al plays). I wondered what’s up? Then a few minutes later after a few REALLY tired oldies I learned the format had changed. WHAT?!!!! Man, what a disappointment. I got up, turned on my laptop and found 1 of 2 5-hour Jazz Brunch recordings on my laptop–YES!! There is a device out there that allows you to record from streaming radio onto your laptop. It’s called RadioShark (NOT radioshack). So I listened to Al’s show that I recorded back in January of 2005–here it was a lovely warm day in February 2008 and he’s forecasting cold weather and snow! Imagine that! Al, I miss your voice so much and your wit, humor, candor, insight and knowledge of the music community. Please tell us where we can find you–soon.

  38. What a bummur – Where has all the good jazz gone – WJZW will really be missed – Bring it back please!

  39. This has completely disrupted my life! I liked to listen to smooth jazz every morning on my way to work…I hate oldies!!! what the heck is that station all about?? Hopefully another smooth jazz station will come about and soon!

  40. The sad thing is this is a major metropolitan market and there are no alternatives! I think it was a bad, bad business decision and it will come back to bite them. In the meantime, everyone suffers.

  41. I like many of you jazz afficiandos was shocked to learn smooth jazz 105.9 had been pulled. I have my radio keyed to 105.9 so you can image my surprise when I heard oldies. My first thought was, “What is this crap?” I thought my teenage son had changed my dial. I was completely unaware that the station format was changing. Bad decision by Citadel! Smooth jazz did just that-it soothed your nerves after a hectic day in the DC area. DC a hotbed of jazz players needs a jazz station. Where’s the petition. I will gladly add my name to the list.

  42. I am so upset – How can you do that to us jazz lovers! Not a decent station out ther now as far as I am concerned.

  43. My Wife and I are among the masses regretting this unfortunate decision,

  44. I had just picked up my vehicle from being serviced and thought one of the technicians was trying to be funny by resetting my stations. Of course I tried to reset the channel several times only to realize the call letters was the same but the music was really old. I’ve been a loyal fan for years and used the music to as a relaxer during rush hour traffic. This is just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG…

  45. This is outragious!!!!!! Smooth Jazz was an important part of this metro area. Why would this happen. There is no other jazz stations here. There are more than enough oldies stations in this area. This is definately a big loss and a big disappointment to the DC Metro area.

  46. Hi classicrose, wow… just when we thought it couldn’t get any uglier, it did… especially if Imus will be on their station…

    I’m happy to see that the petition and your blog site are GROWING! It’ll take some time, but it will happen…

    Hey “Me & my three dogs” – It dawned on me when you wrote about your dogs liking the station… my 10 year old, 18lb. lay-around-the-house black cat LOVES Smooth Jazz too! We leave it on for her when we go away on weekends and even if I’m just playing the station while we’re hanging out… she ALWAYS lays on the floor in front of the speakers – on her back with paws & belly up! 🙂 This awful decision even affects family pets too!!! Thank goodness for my CDs and my MP3 player…
    ~Sad Smooth Jazz fan in Frederick

  47. What the heck just happened ? These management guys are nuts man. Why did the pull such a lovely Jazz station off the air. Are you guys crazy. We have enough oldies channels. I would wake up to Smooth Jazz, sleep with the Smooth Jazz station playing and when I would get bugged of NPR on my drive to work, would switch to Smooth Jazz. We want it back !!!!

  48. I am truly insulted that they are replacing 105.9 with Don Imus. Mr Imus represents to me all that is wrong in this world, especially in light of his racist comments. To have him replace a station that brought peace of mind, hope, soothing sounds with his type of nonsense is appalling to me. I will never listen to 105.9 and have already deleted that station from my cars and radios in my home. And I will not support any venue by Citadel – ever. I was so upset to find my favorite radio station gone and now to hear that Don Imus is going to assault the local airwaves is enough for me.

    I will switch to listening to my IPOD and going back to my jazz CDs on my drive home from work and during my long painting sessions on the weekends.

    I just can’t believe how upset I am over this.

  49. Mr. Santos, thank you for stopping by and leaving a message. As you can tell the Smooth Jazz family is missed terribly.

    I wish you the best in whatever you do.

  50. Smooth Jazz fan from Frederick, the link to my first post about Smooth Jazz has already been placed on that blog. I just checked it out.

    Also more news. Don’t know whether it’s bad or good depending on the listeners taste. I read that Don Imus is coming to 105.9. I will blog about that in a few minutes.

  51. The outpouring of such nice comments is very heartfelt.. I’m speechless (and when has THAT ever been a problem for ME!?)

    Since my termination from Smooth Jazz, 105.9 this past Friday (02/29/08) I’ve run a roller coaster of emotions… uplifting joy at the former listeners like I’ve found here on this BLOG, sadness at the prospect of not be invited into you houses on Sundays for the “brunch” and into your workplaces during the week…

    What’s next in this radio soap opera… as they say in the business, “Stay tuned!”

    Humbly yours,

    Al Santos

  52. O no IMUS, I must strike 105.9 from my preset list.

  53. It sux that smooth jazz is gone. I signed the petition. Maybe someone in radio will see it. Is it true of the HD format if so I’ll have to get me a HD radio asap.

  54. Subject: WJZW-FM Smooth Jazz Format is Gone * Thanks and Sadness*

    To All it may concern,

    I am so very sad and disheartened to have learned learn that there is no more Smooth Jazz 105.9 in DC metro area making up my days and nights. There is no other station to go to. I think one has to move to Seattle, WA to get another jazz station like the beloved Smooth Jazz 1059. Even the smooth jazz station in Orlando (affiliate?) closed and format is now ‘Oldies’ and thanks to blogs like one (thank you!) I know Citadel changed many stations.

    Smooth Jazz never gets old! E-V-E-R. DJs or station owners may think that there are not as many new players or new jazz songs and that remains to be heard and SO WHAT. It works and remains fresh and will always work and always remain FRESH just like the talent being it! You can’t beat smooth jazz anytime, all the time, forever. Please bring it back!

    Adding insult to the bruising, the new format is “oldies” – but only if your repertoire extends back to the 60’s. I guess you are “old” IF and when “oldies” means circa 1960 and after. Nothing from before that time made the cut. Smooth Jazz= Fresh; oldies = stale.

    If that isn’t enough tuned into 105.9, 3/1/08 to hear the new format “canned” v. hosted. That changed this week. Tuning in this AM I heard they brought back Don Imus. God help us. Plan on loosing listeners 105.9.

    I regret that as a loyal listener I did NOT buy “any” of the Smooth Jazz 105.9 CDs. I will desperately be looking for them NOW, to duplicate and play for years to come. No hosts were as good as you all, the DJs on Smooth Jazz 105.9 WJZW-FM and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the years you were with me.


    Barbara B.
    A very loyal listener

  55. I couldn’t understand what happened when the music changed. I loved that jazz station. It was a staple for me and my three dogs. My eleven year old shepherd used to lay in front of the radio, which was tuned to 105.9, and sleep. She loved it!! Why can’t Washington support a jazz station?? It seems that all the good things in this city never last. Doesn’t this town have enough oldies radio stations???
    How passe.

    – ME and my three dogs

  56. I cannot believe that DC is so backwards. Coming from Los Angeles we have a wonderful smooth jazz station 94.7 “The Wave”. When I first got here I was elated that DC had a smooth just station and I really felt at home. I come back from California on the 1st of March to find an OLDIES station. What a horrible backwards decision. If marketing and advertising were the problems, the stations owners should have done more to reach out to the community to listen (concerts, give-aways)and learn something from their bretheren stations in other stations. It’s a shame, of all places, not to have a smooth jazz station. SHAME ON YOU.


    Here’s a petition link started by someone. 7 signatures and counting….

  58. Hi classicrose – just a thought – If and when this Save Smooth Jazz blogspot site comes up, maybe you can send them the link to your site so they can see all of the input from the fans who’ve posted here. My husband and I are definitely up for signing any and ALL petitions.

    Just curious ~ how many of you on this site have actually sent an email to Citadel Broadcasting – if so, did you get a response? I haven’t done this yet and wasn’t sure if it would be a waste of time…

    Even though emotions are running high for many of us, please remember what Al Santos requested of us in his email message: We should all exercise *respect and class* when we petition for the return of such a classy and sophisticated station!

    ~Sad Smooth Jazz Fan from Frederick, MD

  59. Thanks for posting the link to the blog and letting me and everyone else know about the online petition.

  60. I just did a google search about 105.9 and found a blog that’s starting to deal with the problem: Apparently this person is putting a petition together, I’m signing when it’s put up.

  61. Thank you for posting the email you received from Al Santos.

  62. Hi classicrose, I’ve posted twice – most recently w/the Al Santos email. I feel remiss that until now I have not actually told you “Thank you” for your blog! Your blog site is really great and I’m grateful that it’s here for us to use as a sounding board. I have a feeling that as more listeners discover the station is no longer in existence, your main blog topic will continue to receive posts about the situation. Thanks again, Sad Smooth Jazz Fan from Frederick, MD

  63. Dear fellow Smooth Jazz 105.9 fans,

    Yesterday morning when I went onto the 105.9 website, I saw that Al Santos’ email address (and Jay Lang’s) were still posted. At the time I wasn’t sure if Al would even get my email, but I figured I’d write to him anyway to see what happened. Well, thankfully, he did receive my message and wrote back last night around 7PM. I wanted to share this with you today… (This is copied directly from his reply – the only edit I made was to remove my own personal email address in the “To” field.)

    Sent: Mar 3, 2008 7:18 PM
    Subject: Re: The future of Smooth Jazz in the DC area

    The recent changes at Smooth Jazz, 105.9 have brought so many emails of inquiry… Where are you? (“you”, meaning the entire staff which this past Friday, was terminated) What happen? Did they move the station? Where can we hear Smooth
    Jazz? Will you ever return? What of the Sunday Brunch and Lights Out Washington?

    The music, which was played at 105.9 (Smooth Jazz), is no more. That came to an end this past Friday afternoon (Leap Year Day) at 3 PM with the announcement of
    the new music format, “True Oldies”.

    None of the air-staff saw it coming, until, one by one we were called into General Manager Jeff Boden’s office to be given the news. Actually I was the only one who had a suspicion of what was going to happen, when at 10:30, during what would be my last shift on Smooth Jazz, a listener emailed me with something he’d read on DCRTV.COM about an impending format change. I can assure you,
    the final 2 hours on the air for me were anything BUT, “Stress-Free”!

    The decision to take 105.9 in a different direction was, more then likely, made by the company which owns 105.9, Citadel Broadcasting. Several emails from listeners have suggested mounting a letter writing campaign but, my suggestion to those would be to show the same respect and class in your letters and/or emails you’ve demonstrated in your years with the old format.

    I echo Chris Core’s feelings about not having any bitter feelings toward Steve Allan, Jeff Boden or even Farid Suleman, the head of Citadel Broadcasting and wish them well.

    Smooth Jazz has been a part of the Washington, DC radio landscape for 14 years… a long run in the world of radio formats… will it return? Perhaps. Radio is an ever- changing landscape with companies breathing live into music formats some thought DEAD! Case in point, in “Jazzy100” which in 1993 was displaced by “Oldies100”, was resurrected, 2 years later on 105.9 as, “Smooth Jazz”. (I hope it doesn’t take THAT LONG for some other radio company in town to breath life into it again)

    As far as, “what next?”… As for myself, I’ll take some time to try and figure that out. I’d like to remain in the DC area, which has been home since my arrival here in late 1995. The others effected by this situation (Jay Lang and
    Vanniece Johnson), have expressed the same feelings so, hopefully you’ve not heard the last of us but, in what capacities, God only knows. (Hey, wasn’t that a Beach Boys “oldie”? Grrrrr…just kidding!)

    >Respectfully yours,
    >Al Santos

  64. O.K. Now I know I am not going crazy. My two year old daughter and I drive in to work listening to Smooth Jazz 105.9 every morning. I enjoyed the Ramses Lewis show. When I turned on the radio on Friday morning, I knew I had the right spot on the dial, but the music was just not right. I kept looking at the radio figuring maybe my husband was playing with my settings. I kept cruising up and down and I found 104.3 which seems to have a similar format and music, but not as strong in terms of its signal. I am deeply disappointed; I feel as if I lost a good friend or something. I hope Citadel is reading all this.

  65. I looked at Citadel’s site – they have a mailing address/phone number:

    7201 W. Lake Mead Blvd.
    Suite 400
    Las Vegas, NV 89128
    Phone: (702) 804-5200

    This is their main offices. I also contacted: Paul Taylor, Brian Culbertson, and Michael Lington (all three artists had strong connections to WSJZ)to ask them if they had any advice or if they could help at all. I also emailed Jay Lang (one of my favorite hosts) to find out what was next for him, and to thank him. So far I haven’t gotten any responses, but I will certainly post them. If someone wants to start a petition it’d be great.

  66. Amen on all the comments. First day back to work after the disappearance of Smooth Jazz and it was strange not having 105.9 playing in my office. I just listened to my mp3 player for most of the day.

    I don’t know if there is a petition to protest this move. I will post the Citadel link and Contact information later this evening for those who want to email Citadel and express your disgust at this move.

  67. I was also very shocked that this happened. I’m going to be writing to Citadel to express my disappointment to them – I don’t care what they write back. This is the second Smooth Jazz station that’s been replaced in my lifetime, and I hope it’s the last. Thanks for posting this.

  68. I’m with my fellow listeners. I got in my car this morning and turned 105.9 like I always do, expecting to hear Ramsey’s morning show and instead I hear some oldies crap. WTF?????? How the hell can they do this to us? Those idiots at Citadel definitely didn’t do their research. They’re gonna put another oldies station, which DC definitely doesn’t need, in place of the only super jazz station in the DC metro area???? Obviously somebody doesn’t have an ounce of brain in their head. Now what are we all supposed to listen to? Certainly not that oldies crap. I hope the station fails.

  69. I was so disheartened to find out that 105.9FM has changed formats to Oldies. Actually, I feel almost like I’m going through WITHDRAWL from not being able to listen to the wonderful songs and hear the great on-air personalities (Ramsey Lewis, Al Santos (LOVE HIM!!!) Vaniece Johnson and Jay Lang. Has anyone heard if the Smooth Jazz team will regroup and surface on another station in the DC area?
    I would never have thought that this outstanding station would vanish, POOF! Just like that. This music and the Smooth Jazz on-air family were such an integral part of my days and especially my Sunday mornings… Like so many others have mentioned, it is one of the only stations that DOES NOT get on my last nerve with all of their nonsense, chatter, babbling and huge overdose of ads.
    I am grateful for being exposed to such great artists and songs through their station… Over the years, I’ve learned so much about a music genre that I’ve come to love, but am sincerely disappointed and feel like I’m in mourning over this absolutely ridiculous and absurd decision to take Smooth Jazz 105.9 off the air. Way to go Citadel Broadcasting… Maybe you should look within your own organization and oust the bozos that made this decision… I hope the new Oldies station faily miserably.

  70. Although I know the songs and can sing them word for word . . . . . I MISS and WANT my smooth jazz station. Like many others who’ve comment on the format change and the options left to consider, there isn’t really anything out there. I’ll miss Ramsey in the morning, sounds on Brazil and all the upcoming jazz concert announcements. Who’ll promote the Capital Jazz Fest at the Merriweather Post this year? Ok, ok, I’ll admit I’m old and set in my ways as I don’t like the format change and what it’s now forcing me to do. Can someone tell tell me where I can write to voice my disgruntled attitude to the change?

  71. This one was a hard pill to swallow, as everyone blogging in can attest. To ease the pain a little, 89.3 FM plays old-school and international jazz and music. It’s not on all the time. The best time to catch is around 4PM, maybe during your drive home from work. Mind you it isn’t contemp. jazz, but still soothing. Stuff like Max Roach, Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, true jazz etc. Enjoy.

  72. What happened to my station??? That’s my wake up call every morning and I listen online at work everyday. I thought it was a mistake, but I just read the message from their site. Is it true that Smooth Jazz is no more??? How can this be??? I do hope there’s a petition out there. I’d gladly sign it several times over it that’s what it will take to bring Smooth Jazz back!

  73. I got up Saturday morning and as usual turned on my radio that is always tuned to 105.9 and had to do a bouble take. Blaring from my speakers was some abrasive foreign sound that was nowhere even remotely close to smooth jazz. Apparently, I must still be sleeping and am suffering from a bad nightmare! So, I pinched myself and after a whelp, realized that I was fully awake standing in my bathroom listening to my radio and hearing an old rock tune. Naturally I assumed that somehow the dial had been mysteriously moved, so I went to adjust it and just at that moment I heard this stupid radio jingle announcing the new oldies station on 105.9. Oh Sweet Jesus!!! Say is ain’t so! I was devestated! I, like most of the other people on this page have been listening to WJZW since its inception in 1994. As a matter of fact, I had never really been into jazz prior to this station and after hearing those smooth, almost caressing notes floating out of the radio, I have been hooked ever since. I think the thing that has bothered me most about this issue is the fact that it was so suddent. At know point prior to the change did I ever hear an announcement that the station would be ending and that they were moving to HD radio. I didnt’ think it was possible, but that really sucks and blows at the same time. I like oldies in moderation, but I love jazz to excess. I am willing to sign or do almost anything to get some smooth jazz back on the radio here in DC. Where do I sign up! And to Citadel Broadcasting, yall are just fowl! I have never wished anything bad on anyone, but because of the almost underhanded way that you went about this change, I hope the station fails and that your losses are even greater.

  74. Gloria aka Sunshine

    I can’t tell you how upset I am. I couldn’t find my smooth jazz this morning and had to do a search to find out what happened. I just read what Citadel has done. I had to go to Tennessee on Thursday, February 28th to my sister-in-laws funeral and when I came back I thought there was something wrong with my radio. I do not like True Oldies; I love Smooth Jazz. I am truly disappointed that Smooth Jazz is gone from my life. This is a huge mistake. I know so many people that listened to and loved Smooth Jazz. I am so upset. I listened from 5:00 a.m. (my clock radio was set to 105.9) until evening (listened by internet at work, car radio and back home again) and will miss every one of the radio personalities on this station. I am still in shock! I am now searching for another smooth jazz radio station…there will never be another like 105.9, but I am not into this oldies thing and refuse to listen. I can only wish all the 105.9 Smooth Jazz personalities all the best. Gloria aka Sunshine

  75. Well, like the rest of my jazz aficionados, I think this was a big mistake!! What am I going to listen to now? Did anyone take a survey to see how many people listen to Smooth Jazz? Why in the world would you put on ANOTHER Oldies station? This was the only station that soothed me and gave me pleasure after a hard day of work. All those other stations out there don’t even come close to what this station offered. I truly hope someone reconsiders this move and caters to the PEOPLE!!!!

  76. This morning, they played a song by the Beatles entitled “HELP” How appropriate. Who ever decided to change the format needs help!

  77. I can’t tell you how upset I am. I couldn’t find my smooth jazz this morning and had to do a search to find out what happend. I just read what Citadel has done. I had to go to Tennessee on Thursday, February 28th to my sister-in-laws funeral and when I came back I thought there was something wrong with my radio. I do not like True Oldies; I love Smooth Jazz. I am truly disappointed that Smooth Jazz is gone from my life. This is a huge mistake. I know so many people that listened to and loved Smooth Jazz. I am so upset. I listened from 5:00 a.m. (my clock radio was set to 105.9) until evening (listened by internet at work, car radio and back home again) and will miss every one of the radio personalities on this station. I am still in shock! I am now searching for another smooth jazz radio station…there will never be another like 105.9, but I am not into this oldies thing and refuse to listen. I can only wish all the 105.9 Smooth Jazz personalities all the best.

    Gloria aka Sunshine

  78. What in the world was they thinking!!! I don’t know anyone who didn’t listen to Smooth Jazz 105.9! I turned on the radio to listen to Sounds of Brazil and I heard this Oldies 105.9 crap!!! I am so heated that now I can’t go to sleep! I listen to smooth jazz all the time during the day while I am at work. If the citadel thinks they made a decision that was in the best interest of the station, they bumped their heads on this one! They are going to have absolutely NO listeners on this format!

  79. I find the fact that a major city like Washington, D.C., no longer has a smooth jazz station appalling. Didn’t 105.9 host the Capital City Jazz Fest? How many oldies stations do we need? Is there a petition somewhere?

  80. Thank goodness for your blog, I thought I was going crazy….couldn’t figure out what happened to 105.9!!!!!It was me and husband’s favorie station. Al Santos left me a neat happy birthday message and on my answering machine (as a loyal listner) and I couldn’t bring myself to delete it, his voice is so cool! I will truely miss this station!

  81. I totally agree! What a mistake! Wrong Wrong Wrong! Smooth jazz 105.9 kept my friends and me going through the week and weekend! Now this station is no longer unique and just another ordianary oldies staion. Boo Hiss. BRING BACK SMOOTH JAZZ!. Citadel thinks they had a bad quarter last period?? Wait until the loyal listeners turn off all of their radio stations! This group exhibits only bad management and bad decision making. They have definitely lost me and my group of listeners until Smooth Jazz comes back. Anyone know where we can write or protest to someone sensible that will listen?

  82. Logged on to 105.9 to enjoy my Sunday Brunch and lo-and-behold! Now, I am an oldie but a goodie and I do enjoy a bit of B-Bopp but CItadel – I think you made a bad business choice on this one.
    Hey, why don’t all us Jazz lovers get together and lobby for the return of Smooth Jazz. I for one will not be tuning into their oldies station – I miss my relazing morning commute and Sunday’s of quiet sophisticated Jazz. This certainly is a bad read on the greater DC area and our tastes in music. Maybe it is time for Serios Satt radio?

    Keep the faith and keep voicing your protest to this affront to all the classy, artistic and sophisticated Jazzy folks out there.

  83. I don’t know who’s bright idea it was to put “another” Oldies station on the air – but they are crazy. Smooth Jazz 105.9 brought sophistication and style to the airwaves and spoke to a large number of listeners. I’ve been a Loyal Listener for the past 14 years and was shocked and so sickened when I turned on my radio at 5pm after work and heard some idiotic song on the air. I was feverishly searching to see if the call numbers had changed, but unfortunatley that was not the case. Smooth Jazz 105.9 brought excellent talent line ups to the area, sponsered the Capital Jazz fest and just played the best music on the air. It especially touched those in their 30’s and up. I hope that this new station fails and that the community at large will complain. I can’t express my disappointment in words enough without being vulgar. I hope that ABC radio will see the mistake that they have made. Many of us don’t care for rap, oldies, or the typical R&B on a regular basis. Smooth Jazz speaks to us, and is who we are. Smooth Jazz 105.9, you were the best! Hopefully, the DJ’s and management can get picked up by another company and start a new station. This is just a devasting blow.

  84. I hope another station picks up the smooth jazz format.

    For those who live in the Baltimore area there’s Smooth Jazz 104.3.

  85. I’m very disappointed with Citadel, too. Looks like the new folks in charge aren’t off to a good start. This is DC, not the Mid-West…the last thing I want to hear after a long day at work in rock from the 60’s/70’s.

  86. I too was shocked when 105.9 was suddenly pulled of the air. I really liked the radio station. I’m very disappointed with Citadel. They really made a mess of things. Oh well, guess there’s always XM.

  87. I am really pissed about that too!!!!! I tured it on tonight around 10:03 pm after work and heard that oldies crap! Mind you, I am a 27 year-old female that is really into R&B and all types of jazz. I will be very lost without this station. It will sorely be missed.

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