Brittney Exline

Well here’s some good news:

Springs girl the youngest African American female ever accepted to Ivy League school

High schools in Southern Colorado are getting ready for graduation. One Palmer High student is receiving special recognition. Brittney Exline, 15, is graduating from high school three years early. In the fall she’ll head to the University of Pennsylvania to study political science and chemical engineering. Brittney is the youngest African American female ever accepted to an Ivy League school.

The level-headed student is taking the changes in her life in stride, “Some people would think that being 15 and going off to college is a big deal, but I’ve been with my class here so long, I’m just as mature as any other senior who’s 18.”

Brittney will be recognized at a special presentation tonight at the District 11 administration building.

Congrats to Brittney!!!

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  1. Go Brittney!!! You are a great inspiration for Mothers with children everywhere!

    I think you’d be interested in my blogsite, Check it out!

  2. Congrat’s!Congrat’s!Congrat’s! You’re parents must be giddy with pride. While searching for info for my 7 yr old daughter (who also attends an IB school) I came across your story. I am so excited and have been spreading the word. I can’t imagine how it must feel to have so many strangers pulling for your success but just look as it as “our” success. Enjoy college and keep breaking records!

  3. Great job! As a former Penn student I can only recommend, #1: Don’t stay in Dubois House until at least your junior year, I recommend Hill House for your first year. #2) Don’t pledge until your Junior year at the earliest. #3) Take full advantage of everything Penn has to offer. Keep in mind that at such a large school nothing is going to be handed to you on a silver platter; for the most part you will have to reach out for what you want/need. #4) Do NOT be ashamed to ask for help if you need it! Use the resources that are available to you outside the classroom; at the end of the day, these are the resources that are what separates Penn from many other schools.

  4. A 1400 is OK for a score out of the general population…but don’t the ivy league colleges have averages in the high 1400s? Not to rain on her parade, but UPenn is not exactly the most top tier Ivy school…she would have been better off waiting a few years and coming in at the same time as older peers who will be more mature and prepared. I predict burnout.

  5. That’s great, but don’t you think that all of this media attention will hinder Brittney’s ability to make friends?

  6. Brittney, I must say I am as proud of you as your family is. ” Brittney is the youngest African American female ever accepted to an Ivy League school.” That is something that OUR community has to be proud of and we have you to thank. I was reading on CNN this morning and I came across your article and at first glance you are not certain if you are African American, Spanish etc. But I had to know because every point that we can get for “our” team we deserve. CNN does not give the proper credit that is due to you. People do not expect these accomplishments to hail from the Black community so it is very important that you have that recognition. So again, I think I can speak for us all. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! Keep Pressing on and have FUN!

    I am going to IMMEDIATELY post a bulletin on MYSPACE, so yes we are ALL BRAGGING about you! Hope your family does not mind 🙂

  7. The Policy Analyst

    Great job Brittney! You are an inspiration to adults as well as young people.

  8. Congrats……… maybe my 5yr old daughter will break your record and make it to college at 14.5yr. WISHING YOU THE BEST IN COLLEGE!!! Stay grounded young lady.

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