Scholarships for Caucasian Americans

I saw this headline about scholarships for caucasian students at MSNBC but they only had a video. So I did a google and found this article, GOP group at BU offers aid to whites at

Boston University’s Republican students group has started a scholarship for white students, to spark debate about race-based programs.

“We are trying to convey the absurdity of any race-based scholarship,” said Joseph Mroszczyk, a senior from Danvers who is president of the university’s College Republicans. “I don’t think race should be part of any scholarship. It should be based on merit or economic need.”

The $250 scholarship, which will be funded by the chapter and will do little to meet the university’s base tuition of $33,330, has ignited a debate on campus about whether it is the right way to address views on race-based scholarships and affirmative action.

Kenneth Elmore, BU’s dean of students, said in a statement that the scholarship goes against the university’s goal of increasing diversity on campus. He agreed the issue of race-based programs is worthy of debate, but questioned the group’s approach.

I could have sworn there are scholarships based on one’s European ethnicity. Like scholarships for those of Italian, Scandinavian, Polish or Armenian descent. Then there are other race scholarships for whites who attend HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges & Universities).

The scholarship requires the recipient to be at least one quarter white and to have at least a 3.2 grade point average. Applicants have to submit a photo of themselves and write two short essays about their race. The first question asks applicants to describe their ancestry and the other, what it means to be a Caucasian-American today.

So a multiracial/biracial person who has one white parent and one biracial parent (black or asian/white) can apply for this scholarship? So someone like Wentworth Miller can apply for this scholarship (his mother is white and his father is biracial-(black/white) but according to Wentworth III, Wentworth II considers himself black). But what would they say when it comes to what it means to be a Caucasian-American? Especially if they consider themselves more multiracial than Caucasian.

A note in the three-page application explains that the scholarship has been created to shine a spotlight on racial preferences, calling it one of the worst forms of bigotry in America. The National Center for Education Statistics reported that in the fall of 2005, among BU students, 2.6 percent were black, non-Hispanic; 5.3 percent were Hispanic; 11.9 percent were Asian or Pacific Islander; 0.3 percent were American Indian or Alaskan native; and 53.4 percent were white, non-Hispanic. Of the university’s students, 67 percent received financial aid.

So 2.6% of black students and 5.3% of hispanic students are taking away college admittance from white students?

Is this type of scholarship something for blacks, hispanics and asians to get upset about? I don’t think so. Like I stated previously there are already scholarships available for whites but they don’t specifically state white/caucasian. They’re based more on European descent or they’re for other race students at HBCU’s. If you’re going by economic need, yes there are low income whites in this country, but you wouldn’t know it if you read the news. They make it sound like the only low income folks in this country are black and hispanic. And all whites are middle and upper income. The media needs to check itself for telling that lie.

You can read the entire article here. Registration may be required so if that’s a problem you can check out Bugmenot.

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